The Chicken and the Eagle – A Story About Self Awareness

Do you realize you can be free and soar like an Eagle?
Many of us grew up with belief systems, unaware that we can use our minds to free ourselves and fly. Most people rather live in their comfort zone, like the chicken in this story. It needs effort and responsibility to use the freedom and fly.

In recent times many […]

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Being A Misfit And The Story Of An Elephant

Being A Misfit And The Story Of An Elephant
Updated Aug.27. 2023

Last week our friend Philip V.Ariel posted this video of a mad Elephant on Facebook.


It was a Temple Elephant who started to damage whatever machine he saw on his way, and nobody could stop him. This reminded me of a story my friend Mary Morrissey told, […]

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I love Conspiracy but not the Theory.

How do you perceive Conspiracy?
These days, we hear the word Conspiracy often, and in families and circles of friends, people use it against each other as a judgment.
But do they even know what the meaning of the word Conspiracy is? Or is everybody only repeating the slogans politics and the media bring up?
Do we realize […]

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How To Be Successful By Taking Responsibility For Your Life

Take Responsibility for your life and  create your dream
It is always the others who are to blame! These stupid politicians, the economy, the parents, spouse…. The weather is terrible as well. Everything annoys you, and there is not enough money either.
Many people complain and moan about everything and point their fingers at others.

But this is […]

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The Law of Gratitude One Of The Universal Principles

Gratitude – No room for discontent!
Gratitude has become truly rare. We live in a consumerist society in which only superlatives count.
People quickly become dissatisfied with what they have because there are always others who have more.

“The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. […]

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