Do You Lose Yourself in the Past and Future?

Are you lost in the illusion of past and future time?
Is time the construction of the ego which holds you back from creating the life you want? If so, training your mind is crucial. Only we humans received the gift from the divine to create through our minds. Mary Morrissey said: Everything in this world is created […]

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Do You Know What Your 2 Most Valuable Assets Are?

Do You Know What Your 2 Biggest Assets Are?
What are your 2 biggest assets?  In this guest post, Romil Rambhad will tell you about the most valuable assets you own in life. See, if you are aware of them?  Learn to use them to your benefit.

Thank you, Romil


Your 2 Biggest Assets
We usually associate the term […]

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Why Is Trying to Find Time to Do Anything the Biggest Illusion?

Do you have Time?
Are you trying to find time? Or is your excuse I have not enough time to do something for myself? Many seem not to find time for a little practice of yoga, exercise, meditation, serenity? Why not choose to take time for yourself?

Another guest post from our friend Ryan Biddulph. This time […]

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Time Management Is Nonsense – Better To Be In the Time

If you are in sync with time, you need no time management

In my opinion, the term “time management” is nonsense and misleading because you can not manage time; it always runs in the same cycle, and you can only manage your activities. Regardless of what we do with it, every day has 24 hours for […]

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