Fear of the virus is more dangerous for you than any virus.

The whole world in fear of the coronavirus and in an exceptional situation. It is scary for many people. The news, social media channels, and many conversations focus on uncertainty, social distance, and fear. We have the feeling that the whole world has gotten out of joint. And it’s not just a feeling.

It even surprised me, as I knew what is coming and that some would like to make vaccines mandatory. But I did not expect that it will lock down the whole world. For more than 40 years, I notice these games.
As long as it does not affect my personal life, I am most only a witness and stay away from negativity. Most of the time, there is nothing I can do about, except maybe making aware.
Because I take care of myself, have no ailment whatsoever, I am not scared of a virus. I eat healthily, do exercise, meditate, and walk every day at least for an hour. I rely on herbs and the healing ability of my body.
A long time into natural healing, I can not rely on mainstream science and learned differently.
But I know not everybody is aware and many are in a panic.

fear of the virus

My Opinion

What problems does COVID-19 cause?

This situation affects all humanity. Some harder, others less.
There is fear, panic, confusion, misinformation, and the lock down.
At home, it is existentially safe. Not everyone is bored by the log down. Not all people in this world have this luxury. But many have significant problems with starting something and dealing with themselves.
The problems in this situation are very complex and individual.

Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?

If you, too, are struggling with fear, both existential and of the virus, anxiety that your loved ones will die, fear of the uncertain future, fear of conflicts, and so on, here are some suggestions.

What can you do to deal with the fear of the virus?

Be aware that the body always plays a significant role in every state of mind. The body is always involved and releases chemicals if we have anxiety. It becomes acidic; breathing becomes shallow, the pulse increases, and it weakens our immune system.

As soon as you notice that fear overcomes you, involve your body, and change your posture. Take a few deep breaths and sit straight. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach below the navel, this calms the system. Breathe deeply and evenly.

The upright posture is an essential sign for our body and our cells because when we are afraid, we become tense. Straighten up your body, concentrate on your breath and consciously relax the facial muscles, eyes, forehead, and jaw. Let your body know that it is safe. Be in the present.

Most fears are triggered in the head by thoughts and terrible visions of the future.

Realize that you are entirely safe; there is no acute danger. The danger arises mainly in your imagination.
It is a good and easy way to get out of any panic right away is to close your eyes, straighten up your body, and realize you are safe in the here and now.
What is the problem with fear and negative thoughts?
Too often, we imagine all kinds of horror scenarios. The bad thing is that our bodies, our cells, know no difference between reality and imagination. Therefore your body thinks it’s a reality if you imagine horror scenarios.
Unfortunately, we humans are very skilled at this kind of thinking.

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Our body reacts to our thoughts. For example, imagine biting into a lemon. Immediately you will feel your mouth watering.

fear of the virus

Be Mindful

Therefore, when there are so many reasons for worry and fear, we should all encourage ourselves to be more mindful of where your thoughts are. Better to make sure you instead envision where you want to be!

If you talk to friends, acquaintances, partners, and family about this horror, the madness, and the possible scary results., you put your entire system under increasing stress. When you are stressed and scared, you weaken yourself. You may react more impulsively and thoughtlessly than if you keep calm in the here and now.

Focus on the right things because one terrible thought will attract the next one, especially in times of Coronavirus.
You are mostly a victim in these thought cycles; you hardly can do anything and feel helpless.

Now would be the best time to start to meditate regularly. It balances, brings harmony, and helps to deal with fear effectively, but it is also efficient for your health and immune system. Make walks and notice the beauty of nature.

Also, ask yourself: “Where and who can I help?
Shift your attention to something you like to do?
What can you do now and here to make you feel better?
Learn a new skill?


The more you go into self-pity or deal with all the worries, grief, delusion, and bad news, the worse you will be. It is not the situation outside that makes you miserable; it is how you react to it.
Is there someone you can help, someone you can make happy?
When we help others, we automatically feel better.

fear of the virus


If we look for the good in everything, even these times have something positive.

It makes us more aware of bonding with each other. Help and support each other. Friendship, commitment, cohesion, understanding
All of these are positive aspects that many forgot.

Finally, it is no longer just about success, higher, faster, further. This log down is a wake-up call for all of us, apart from how good it is for nature. Many realize that the only thing we have is ourselves, our body, and this present moment and with whom we are.
It is about change and getting in another direction, hopefully, more conscious and the realization that all is connected.
Listen to your heart and actively do something positive for yourself and your health. Fear will vanish.

If you are a healthy person, it is better not to be scared and take care of your mind. Do your research.

No fear of the virus

I am 70 years young, came myself from travel before the virus took over, a family member came from China right before the borders were closed. A friend of mine was on a cruise in South America and could not get home. She came over different airports right before the lockdown and stayed with me. I even sold my house and moved to a new place during this time.
We all are in good health.

I never wear a mask. I do not stay in line at the grocery store. Whenever necessary, I speak up. I do not conform. I know all this is about control and taking away the freedom of the future generation. But I have faith that it will not work out as planned. This too will pass. It is an opportunity for a positive change.

But this is me. Everyone can decide what to do.

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Are you in fear of the virus?

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