How you treat your mind determines the quality of your life.

The mind is a mental muscle. People sometimes focus exclusively on training their bodies to be fit, muscular, and lithe. But the same people rarely if ever train their minds to be fit, strong, and flexible.

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Treating your mind like an opulent mansion leads to a fun, freeing, liberated life because as within, so without. How you choose to think, feel, and act determines the life you live. Treating your mind with care, reverence, and meticulousness by meditating, doing yoga, exercising your body, and removing all negative influences from your life makes your mind incredibly powerful. Strong-minded people see through the illusion of fear, live from energies of love and abundance, and remain calm, poised, and balanced in virtually any situation.

Don’t treat your mind like a trash heap

But on the wrong side of the tracks, we have people who treat their minds like a stinking, festering, vile dump. Treating your mind like a trash heap by never meditating, by never doing yoga, and by feasting mentally on fear-influences like the news, politics and void gossip guarantees your mind becomes squishy, like a hacky sack. Weak-minded people live in a perpetual state of fear. Fear-filled people who seemingly lose complete control of their minds become easily manipulated by other human beings.

your mind

Observe the news.

Watch politicians closely. Pay particularly close attention to how most governments around the world use fear to scare citizens into obeying laws. Since people tend to treat their minds like a trash heap, most people walk around like sheep. The general public blindly follows orders from anyone with perceived authority because fools openly trust people who fool them with fear.

However, mentally strong people who treat their mind as their inner estate ignore virtually all negative influences like the news, politics, or fear-based government, all while living within the confines of the law. Why do strong-minded people ignore these negative forces? Imagine owning a 30 room mansion sitting on a rolling estate spanning miles.

Would you allow 50 sloppy kids to run around your house with muddy shoes? Nope. The 50 sloppy kids running around your mansion with muddy shoes are the news, and your mind is the mansion. Would you let a rugby league play on your meticulously cared-for grounds? Nope. The rugby league is collective politics, and your mind is the lawn.


Treat your mind with awe, reverence, and respect.

Genuinely, treat this precious gift like the most opulent mansion, where everything is clean, pristine, and tended to with precision. Never treat your mind like a filthy sewer, raw waste flowing through its stinking, festering drains. Turn off the news permanently.

Any life-death circumstance occurs within. Stop following politics. Politicians literally live on their control over you; all of their power is derived from the belief that you need them for some vital aspect of your life. Let them do as they do but never play the role of the victim because the mind of a victim becomes as weak as jelly.

Spend at least 30-60 minutes daily going within. Give yourself time to explore your inner world. Make your mind strong by seeing yourself from the inside-out. Wise beings implore you to practice observing yourself from the inside-out, carefully watching your thoughts and feelings arise from time to time during the average day.

your mind

Your mind is not some airy, transient, worthless, weak thing. Literally, your human experience follows your mind. Treat it like crap and you will have a miserable human experience. Treat it with reverence, respect, and care and you will have a fun, freeing, fascinating human experience.

Everything depends on you and how you treat your mind.

Commit fully to your goals.

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Commit fully to your goals.

Another guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph. And I agree with him. Be careful what you let into your mind. Choose and think, and do not let fear rule your life. Be you the ruler of your mind, and do not make it a dump.

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.

Thank you, Ryan

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