Do you want positive changes in your personal life?

Then here I want to introduce you to a Coach-friend of mine. He focuses on personal coaching, which is different than the coaching you can get from only following online courses.

Personal coaching is more personalized and focuses on your particular problems.
As a personal coach, he works with clients in almost any area, including personal relationships and personal growth, business, and career. He tries to help a client set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and make use of their natural strengths.

A personal coach can carefully listen, customize help, and elicit solutions and strategies. He provides support and guidance to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have. He also provides feedback and an objective perspective so you can take steps to produce the desired results.

personal coaching

See here what he offers you:

Make 2024 your noticeable year!

Here comes the new year. As every year ends, we say the same thing and make some huge promises for the next year, but things don’t change much. 

Do you want to make 2024 your noticeable year?

These are 5 things that will help you see a significant change in your life (if you follow them)

Before sharing this, say, “I promise myself that no matter what, I will follow through with these shared 5 things daily. I will actively, in a disciplined manner, and with enthusiasm, do it daily without blaming anyone.”

1. Prioritize your day

This is a crucial one; at the start of the day, write your top priorities (not everything but the important ones), and before going to sleep, tick the ones you accomplished. This will help you track your progress, keep you motivated and help you remain organized.

2. 30 Mins Physical Activity

The human body needs movement; without this body and mind won’t work as effectively as they should. You don’t need gymming as such, but some sort of physical activity/ yoga will be great to do regularly.

3. Forgive your past

Moving forward is difficult if you have your mind stuck in your past. Forgive yourself and people who hurt you; let them go, MoveOn. Look, many opportunities and people are waiting for you. Forgive your past. Look in the future, but focus on the present.

4. Replace a Bad Habit with a New One

We all have a habit we want to get rid of. Don’t try to work on all of them at once; take one that is keeping you stuck and work on it; create a new and less damaging habit; this will be a more practical idea.

5. Invest in Experiences

Invest in learning something new. Break that comfort zone. If you have a fear of something, DO IT. You will feel good about yourself.

Let this year be a memorable year in your Transformation for the Good.

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Personal coaching


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