Do you allow negative people to bring you into fear vibes?

Here is another inspiring post of our Friend Ryan Biddulph.
He is right, do not allow anybody into your life who drains your energy and good vibes.

In our time, many people do not even realize that they are only blaming and complaining and expect to have a good life. Ryan tells here why this does not work. If you want a pleasant life and have a dream, every negative thought and feeling throws you back, and you will never get to fulfill your dream.

Stay away from negative people! Comparison competition, blame, and judgment brings you out of your good vibes, and fear comes up. Be aware that fear rules the world while living in the present, gratitude, and generosity keeps you in love. Good vibes attract the right people and make your life pleasant, no matter where you are.

Never allow negative people, negative vibes into your life


Never allow them in

You know exactly who I mean.

Never allow those folks in. The negative nellies. People who doubt themselves and who doubt you.  Also, people who live 100% confined to the prison of logic. As well as people who worry about 5 years down the road and people stuck in Survival Mode. People who tell you all that is impossible and never, what is possible. People who see people living their dreams as being lucky.

Never allow these people into your life or into your mind. I walk away from such folks the moment chats turn down fear-filled roads. What if someone asks me my plans for my blog 5 years down the road? Hell; I do not know what 5 MINUTES down the road holds for me. How in the heck could I actually plan for 5 YEARS down the road if I do not know what will happen 5 seconds down the road?

I have a vision. But I live in the moment. Having a vision is a clear factor allowing me to live in the moment. I do not suggest everybody who asks you about a 5-year plan is fear-filled because having a vision keeps your head out of the clouds and out from being buried in the ground. But most folks who are hellbent on what may happen 5 years down the road vibe from fear predominantly because the split second you become heavily focused on the future, you leave the holy moment, and its loving, abundant vibe.

The split second you leave love and presence, you move toward fear and time. So….move away from people who attempt to move you out of love and now toward fear and future….or fear and past.

Let go anybody who does not emit a loving, compassionate, uplifting vibe.

Surround yourself with generous, loving, abundant human beings. Allow this crowd in routinely. Hobnob with these folks. Co-create with these folks. Go to where you are loved. Give most of your attention and energy to folks who love you and show you, love.

Dole out love to your customers, clients, fans and loyal buddies. Be generous with generosity because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Why do you think I write posts for Erika? She is a generous, dear friend who shares my content, who inspires me and who provides high energy content whenever she pops up in my Facebook feed.

Where your attention goes, energy flows

I never ever ever ever give more than a few seconds of energy to someone vibing super duper low. I respect how humans experience a wide range of emotions. But I also know; where your attention and energy goes, grows. 

This is a point I stressed in my law of attraction eBook for beginners;  being hyper-aware of how you vibe helps you change course more easily. Being unaware of how you vibe ensures you get smacked around on a sea of circumstance, being blindsided by situations in your ignorance, versus manually and deliberately changing your vibe to set a different course toward living your dream life.

Never allow negative people, negative vibes into your life

Never allow negative nellies into your mind or into your experience because doing so instantly pulls your vibe lower into fear, scarcity, and poverty, allowing each energy to grow in your life experience. Never allow skeptics into your camp. Skeptics vibe fear, doubt, and closed-mindedness, priding themselves on their dastardly delusions, wearing their foolish, arrogant ways like a prideful badge of honor. But as the sages say, twice your pride and your fall will be doubled too. OK; Count Dookoo of Star Wars fame uttered the prior quote.

Never let fear-vibing folks into your energy field.

Surround yourself with loving, generous, compassionate people to take on their qualities and to move toward your dreams.

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, paperbacks, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

Never allow negative people, negative vibes into your life

Take advantage of Ryan’s experience. He had up and downs in life and did overcome fear and lives in the present. Reading his books will help you to get into the right vibes.

Thank you, Ryan, for this awesome inspiring post 🙂

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Are you aware that negative people can hold you back from having a successful and pleasant life?

What is your experience with negative vibes?