Do you always tell the truth?

Sometimes we are afraid of telling the truth; maybe we do not want to hurt someone in a difficult situation. But the truth will always appear, maybe a little bit later. I always like to tell the truth, and not everybody likes it; sometimes, I had hard times and was rejected by people, but after years heard that they did not dare to look at the truth. Always tell the truth without fear, even if we live in a world full of untruth which wants to create fear.

Here is another post by our friend Ryan Biddulph. He tells us about his experience and why we should not lie and always tell the truth. Thank you, Ryan

Never Lie and Always Tell the Truth

Something funny happens if you never lie and always tell the truth; peace of mind floods your being. Expect to sleep well at night. Slow down, calm down, and enjoy all life has to offer. No more straining and striving to force things. No more awkwardness in dealings. Of course, if you dodged the truth for years, telling truths to self and people feels uncomfortable, unpleasant, and rough in moments, but fears pass, and truths surface, and goodness reigns. Peace reigns. Calm reigns.

I only offer truths solicited and never offer truths unsolicited. Someone needs to ask me the truth for me to offer truth. I never force truths on anyone who asks not for it. If someone doesn’t want to hear the truth and never asks me for truth, I do not offer because no one asked. But I only sleep well and live with myself by being straight with every human who comes across my path, asking for honesty.

I also do not lie to people. Point blank, most humans fear facing truth and prefer to be lied to. But someone asking me to tell my take or truth gets the truth to me. I do not lie to coddle egos or to avoid ego-bruising or to enable someone to duck their fears. Please, guys, always tell the truth and never lie. Live well. Be well. Sleep well. Live richly. Be free.

Why Few Tell the Truth

Sometimes, we know truth but fear telling truth. Why? Telling truths to folks who lie to self, who avoid truth, triggers fear-pain in these individuals. Usually, triggered fear-pain manifests as anger, rage, disgust, embarrassment, shame and a whole litany of wicked emotions that you and I rather would not face from another human being. I tell people truth sometimes but do not relish people screaming at me, skewering me and flipping out on me, projecting their fear-pain onto me versus owning their lies and their truth and liberating themselves.

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6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

Read it. Learn how to conquer your fears. Guaranteed, the split second you see self in the light of truth, by facing and feeling deep fears, life feels unpleasant in moments, but you stop lying to self. What a feeling. And what an experience. What emotions to savor. But telling truth and ceasing lying to self gives you these peaceful emotions. Plus, you tell the truth to people who ask for honesty and even if pained people flip out, you remain peaceful in response to their projection. We know truth sets you free but sometimes pisses you off.

Hey, this is part and parcel with living. Be with the truth. Stare at yourself in the honest light of truth to be free of fear, shame, embarrassment, delusion, sickness, illness, mental problems, dis-ease, and insanity. Take clarity, peace of mind, and calm with you, as well as the ability to spot truths and to never lie to yourself again. Life gets sweet if you tell the truth to self and others. Life gets sour if you lie to self and others. Tell the truth. Never lie. Even if telling the truth feels painful and scary, do it. Liberate yourself. Give folks a chance to liberate themselves.

Tell the truth.

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