Another Guest post of Ryan Biddulph on a subject which many have problems with it in our time. Fear and scarcity thinking holds many people back from finding their true potential and thrive. Read about Ryan’s experiences and see how it is to overcome scarcity and live in abundance.

Either you notice abundance or scarcity.

Since where your energy goes, grows, what you choose to notice, grows.

Have you moved from scarcity to abundance? Do you notice abundance? Or do you notice scarcity? Here is your answer; if you largely feel whole, complete and cared for, you have moved into an abundant frame of mind. 2 minutes ago, I pondered whom I could help with a guest post. Erika came to mind. I love driving passive blog traffic for my dear friends. I felt rich – aka abundant – with guest posting opportunities with all the blogging buddies I made over the years. More abundance. I also saw an abundant opportunity to promote one of my eBooks.

from scarcity to abundance

Opportunities. Abundance

Opportunities. Abundance. Feeling whole and complete. Feeling rich. Guys; most of us have to make choices regularly to enter into this energy because we were raised by folks who focused on scarcity. Our parents did the best they could. Some tried to point us in the right direction, advising us to live our dreams and to do what makes us happy. But in the next breath, most of these loving but misguided folks would talk about Murphy’s Law (whatever could go wrong, does go wrong), the negative news, negative politics, and a general scarcity mindset they acquired from their parents.

This scarcity thinking and feeling bit runs SO deep that you need be consciously aware of when you think and feel scarcity versus thinking and feeling abundance. Be gentle with yourself. Be patient. Being patient and gentle with self allows you to carefully feel and root out scarcity feelings from your being, to shift toward feeling abundant, whole and complete, more so than you are now.

Beware this Mistake

Most people try to robotically or logically change their vibe, murmuring affirmations to self, looking for tips or hacks for being abundant, wishing to root out fears through a non-messy, clean as can be, inorganic, quick process. Sorry; it doesn’t work that way.

Beware making this common mistake of believing you move from scarcity to abundance via a robotic, clean, logical process. How it REALLY goes: feel the fear-pain emotions fueling your scarcity mindset to clear these energies from your being, and choose to patiently and steadily see abundance and feel abundance in your life.

Greater happiness, wholeness, and abundance

Making the shift toward abundance is no nightmarish, ghastly process but you will need to feel deep fears, sadness, grief, embarrassment, and anger, along the way. Nobody enjoys feeling these terrible-feeling emotions but like all sensations, if you feel ‘em, the emotions pass, quite quickly.

Greater happiness, wholeness, and abundance sits on the other side of feeling fears. Don’t you feel more abundant, right now, reading these words on Erika’s rocking blog? How about your fridge filled with food? Do you live in a cold-weather climate, with a constant heating source, via HVAC or oil burner? Do you have countless opportunities to help other human beings, right now?

See abundance. Notice abundance around you. List 5 or 10 people or things or events or circumstances to expand your abundance consciousness, allowing a rich, abundant vibe to slowly but steadily overtake your being. Being abundant means noticing abundance versus noticing scarcity. I feel you are up to it. I mean, you stuck around this long, right? All it takes is some fear-facing, fear-feeling and using your power to shift toward feeling abundant, predominantly, by noting opportunities and riches around you.

The upside? Feeling happy, healthy, wealthy and at peace, as you experience greater worldly success in your endeavor of choice.


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