What do you have to fear?

Fear of losing money or time is losing a life. Let’s say it with quotes: As Napoleon Hill said: “Life has no bargains. Everything that you get that’s worthy of having has a price upon it.” and Author: J.R. Rim: “Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time”. So: “Don’t just bargain for success. Pay the price”! – Israelmore Ayivor  But Bruse Lee is right:

Do You Have a Deeper Fear of Losing Money or Time?

Let’s see what our friend Ryan Biddulph tells us.

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your thoughts and experience.

Do You Have a Deeper Fear of Losing Money or Time?

Being a blogger for 14 years, I have observed most bloggers cling to a deeply bizarre fear while being utterly blind to life’s greatest tragedy.

Bloggers feel a sense of terror at wasting, losing, or spending money. Investing money in a domain and hosting, a premium theme, blogging education, or outsourcing scares the little daylights out of these people. But the same bloggers literally cannot see how these individuals waste 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000 hours of time by not investing money in outsourcing, or in their blogging education, or in buying a domain and hosting, engaging in failing strategies for 5K, 10K or 20K hours.

Do You Have a Deeper Fear of Losing Money or Time?

This is madness!

No human being has discovered the way to buy back 20,000 hours of time. If you waste 15 years struggling with your blogging campaign because you fear spending a few bucks, you never get back those 15 years. The 15 years you spent blogging on a free platform, with free blogging education, with no outsourcing, all because you felt terrified to lose money, cannot be bought back. Do you know how to buy back 15 years after you waste 15 years? Do you know how to purchase 20,000 hours wasted blogging during those 15 years after the 20,000 hours have passed?

Time past vanishes forever. On a worldly level, at least, be absolutely f*cking terrified at wasting your time because time gone is gone permanently.

However, money spent, invested, or even lost can be re-earned, replenished, and even multiplied into an ever-increasing supply. Imagine investing $300 on your domain and hosting for 1 year. Generous, smart, trusting bloggers can earn $300 through their blog and far more within a reasonable time frame. Smart bloggers who generously serve people can earn $3000, or $10,000, or more, based on a simple $300 investment in their domain and hosting.

Invest in Life

But if you blog on a free platform because you feel horrified to spend even $1 on blogging, you will never get back the 365 days you wasted each year you blogged on a free blogging platform. No one buys back 365 days at the end of the year. Be very, very scared on a worldly level about losing, wasting, or piddling away your time. Allow the fear of time loss to clarify your thinking; invest money to gain free time. Invest money to blog intelligently. Also, Invest money in your mindset training education to be free, have fun, trust, be at peace, and free your time.

Do You Have a Deeper Fear of Losing Money or Time?

Ultimately, you and I are infinite beings who appear to live in a human body for a little bit. I am writing this blog post to get your human ass into gear now by facing your money fears to realize that time in your human body is, in fact, a limited commodity deal. Lose your terror of poverty by understanding that squandering time mindlessly, aimlessly and distracted-ly is the biggest human tragedy, by far. People possess the gift of time but fritter away time doing dumb stuff, silly stuff, or worthless stuff. Meaning, the same people feel horrified to go $30 into credit card debt.

Do You Have a Deeper Fear of Losing Money or Time?

Doesn’t it sound insane to fear owing $30 to a bank but not to fear wasting 20,000 hours of your life? 

Step out of this madness. Invest money in your freedom. Treat time preciously. At least during your human experience, you cannot get time back, but you can invest your money and, yes, time to live your life by design.

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