Comfort or Growth? What do you want?

Most people would say both. But growth never happens in the comfort zone. If you want to grow and expand and have the life of your dreams, you must stretch out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears.

Our friend Ryan Biddulph shares his experiences with us. Thank you, Ryan

Do You Seek Comfort or Growth

Do You Seek Comfort or Growth

Hey; I used to love living in my comfort zone.

Work a job. Get a steady paycheck. Hang out on the weekends. Watch TV at night. Hit the gym daily.

Everything felt….comfortable. Safe. Secure. Predictable. Days seemed like clockwork. Do this. Get that. Feel comfortable.

But about 13 years ago my employer fired me from my security guard job. Wow. I felt freedom but the strangely uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to do next. I never sought growth. I simply wanted to be comfortable in knowing I had a few bucks, my bills paid, a roof over my head, and food on my table.

I decided to receive unemployment for a bit. Eventually, I made a fun, freeing, and absolutely terrifying choice; I decided to go into business for myself as a professional blogger.


I struggled horribly with blogging for years. I did go pro but the ride seemed rocky. Deep fears triggered in my being made me feel terrible. But clearing deep fears influenced me to grow like a weed.

Do You Seek Comfort or Growth

I have grown to unimaginable levels over the past 13 years of my life because I chose growth over comfort. I chose freedom over being bound. I chose faith over fear. I decided to seize life versus allowing life to happen to me. I decided to be a victor versus being a victim.

Do you feel comfortable but stagnant?

Choose growth. Freedom awaits you, Fear does too. Every growth decision unearths fears to feel and release in order to grow. I faced deep fears over the years but grew through every experience because the skills and talents I unearthed and developed would have remained buried if I did not get fired from my security guard job.

Why would I need to become a skilled, confident blogger, author, and speaker during my security guard days? I didn’t need to grow. I comfortably read numbers on shipping containers, typed a few numbers into a computer, and handed receipts to truck drivers in order to get enough money to cover my basics. Comfort.

But of course, making comfortable choices made me feel depressed. I envied people who lived their dreams. But I feared making freeing, fun, growth choices to live my dreams. Getting the pink slip forced my hand although I could have sprinted back to the shipping terminal to land another security guard job.

Thank goodness I chose freedom and growth over being bound and comfortable.

Do the same if you want to live a fun, freeing life of growth and discovery as you leave your comfort zone on the regular.

Life gets easier after you make scary, freeing, uncomfortable choices because you grow like a weed through these decisions. I had to grow or else I’d never developed the skills, exposure, and credibility necessary to become a professional blogger who circled the globe. I had no other choice. If I refused to grow and scurried back to my comfort zone the only way to survive would have been to work a job for the rest of my life.

I had it with handing over 51 weeks of my life each year to my shipping terminal employer.

I chose to be free, even if I had to face many uncomfortable feelings fears to grow into the person I am today.

Follow my lead to taste the sweet, freeing life of liberation and growth.


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Do You Seek Comfort or Growth

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