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Here Sudhir Bhushan an enthusiastic web entrepreneur provides you with an awesome Infographic that will help you. with this task.  In this guest post, he provides helpful tips and pieces of information. 

Thank you, Sudhir Bhushan

The world of blogging is made easier with the super-efficient content management system WordPress. Starting as a blogging system, WordPress has evolved to be the most sought-after open-source platform to build visually appealing and responsive websites. From WordPress themes to an extensive library of plugins, from inbuilt SEO to social media, WordPress is the best blogging platform for beginners and businesses. It needs a powerful CMS, which is easy to use, manage, and update. The best part, unlike other sites, WordPress websites are also hassle-free to maintain. Thus, if your website is WordPress-powered, then this guide is just what you need.

The below infographic covers the 50+ website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake to optimize your website and to improve its performance. The #1 WordPress website maintenance task is to strengthen your site’s security. This includes monitoring your site for malware, spam, and other threats. You can easily accomplish this task by installing a WordPress security plugin such as All In One WP Security & Firewall, among others.

Website backup is important

Also, website backup is important, which will ensure that in the event your website gets hacked, all your database and site/customer information is safe. This will enable you to get your site up and running in no time. Website security is just a single part of the overall website maintenance. There are other major and minor tasks that you need to do. These tasks will improve your site’s functionality, providing your customers/readers with a superior experience, which will help boosts your revenue.

The infographic below you can also download/print for free and used for reference purposes. Thus, go ahead and check it out. Also, for more information on how to do each of these website maintenance tasks, you can read the complete guide here.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the Team at BigRockCoupon.in

WordPress Website Maintenance – The Complete Guide (Infographic)

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist


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