Basic Diet

                     Basic Diet

A basic diet provides us with basic minerals and all nutrients and vital substances needed to keep our body in a healthy balance. It avoids all those acid and waste products which are build in our body with a normal diet. The acid-base balance will be harmonized and the body will be in a proper and healthy pH level. This results in an active and healthy person full of energy and zest for life.

Staying young, slim and fit with an alkaline diet .

The basic diet

The alkaline diet is a diet of alkaline foods and the acid-forming foods are completely avoided.

The alkaline diet prevents naturally excessive acidity (which can be blamed for almost every known chronic conditions ) and helps to reduce an existing acidification
The goal of the basic diet is a balanced acid -base condition in the body.

The alkaline diet and pH level
The pH value of our body indicates how basic or how sour we are. The measuring scale of the pH value is from 1 to 14, values over 7 are basic below are acidic, 7 is considered neutral .

A hyperacidity does not necessarily mean that the body entire is acidic and has all pH values below 7 .
In an acidification the balance is disturbed. those areas of the body that should be basic in a healthy state have excess acids and those areas of the body which should be acidic in a healthy state , have a elevated pH.

For example,the pH value in the blood , should always be basic,the lymph should be basic and the bile also the connective tissue and a large part of the small intestine .

The large intestine should have a slightly acidic pH in healthy people and a healthy acid -base balance and also the stomach should be acidic.

The alkaline diet regulates the acid -base balance
An alkaline diet does not put the whole body in an alkaline state, which would be just as unhealthy as an over-acidified body.

The alkaline diet deacidifies the connective tissue , the lymph, the small intestine and all other organs and body areas that need a basic pH .

At the same time , the basic diet ensures that the stomach acid production is not too weak and not too strong and that in the colon, beneficial bacteria can settle again.

Chronic acidosis: The difference
The hyperacidity is not just about the acidity in the blood ,on the contrary ,even with a chronic acidosis , the blood is still basic.
The body tries to keep the correct blood pH level of about 7.4 . Because even a small change in the blood pH value of less than 7.35 can be life-threatening.
Some areas of the body can be chronic acidic.

If the pH level of the blood suddenly drops it can be a life- threatening condition , like for diabetics as a result of insulin deficiency or kidney failure when dialysis is needed.

Conventional medicine calls this dangerous drop of pH acidosis. But  a chronic sour condition of the blood has nothing to do with acidosis.
So conventional medicine believes , that the acidification hypothesis is nonsense.
A chronic acidosis is NOT a acutely life-threatening acidosis,but a chronic condition – often over many years and can manifest in chronic diseases.

Because of their chronic property , the chronic acidosis can be influenced by a basic diet.In acute acidosis this would not be possible. In acute acidosis there is no time for diet change and rapid action is needed.

Prevent chronic disease with an alkaline diet  

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