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To be honest, I would not write such a letter as I conspire only with like-minded people. And I do not mind if anybody calls me Covidiotin. It will not affect me as a human being.

This article is a very comprehensive view and facts about the situation we experience. I post this article to honor the immense work done by Dr. Harald Wiesendanger.

Thank you, Dr. Wiesndanger, for your tireless genuine educational work! May it help to save our future generations.

“When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.” – Rudolf Bahro

“Concerned about you” – A Covidiotin presents 10 arguments to a vaccinated

“Hello again! You are covid-vaccinated; I am not. But I respect your decision – you, on the other hand, insult me ​​as a Covidiotin, a conspiracy theorist. I am irresponsible, lacking solidarity, and stupid. That is why you want to” have nothing more to do with me from now on.”, or so you say.

After all, when you say goodbye, you still ask me about my motives. (Why not before?) So let me pick up on what I wrote you a few days ago. Please take the time to do this for our sake. Because I’ve already taken even more time: for the longest letter, I’ve ever written. The hope to regain your understanding and your respect is worth the effort to me. “

“Anyone who injects you with something that he assures you is for your own good will perform a medical procedure on you. To weigh up the benefits and risks against each other, the legislation stipulates that you must inform yourself beforehand. And Only then can you “give informed consent.” Without such consent, the injection would be a criminal offense.

Has such an explanation taken place with you?

If so, it should have lasted longer than a few minutes, followed by an offer of a period to think about. Because it would have answered at least the following questions:

  1. How dangerous is this corona pandemic really, also compared to the seasonal flu?
  2. How high is your risk, depending on, among other things, your age and your physical condition? After all, you are not an older woman with multiple illnesses, immunocompromised in the nursing home, but a reasonably fit woman in her best years.
  3. Are there any alternatives to vaccination that you could use to protect yourself?
  4. Are you possibly already protected?
  5. What does it mean that the vaccine has not yet been regularly approved?
  6. What do we know so far about how effective it actually is? How big is the risk a vaccinated person has? Will she nevertheless become infected, infect others, become seriously ill with Covid-19, or die from it?
  7. What type of vaccine is it? What’s in the serum?
  8. How long does the vaccination last?
  9. How common and how severe are side effects?
  10. And last but not least: How trustworthy are the manufacturers on whose information regulatory authorities, governments, and the media rely?

Dearest ex-girlfriend, I doubt that you were truthfully and comprehensively clarified even on one single point before you had the syringe stuck in your arm.

Let me go through the ten points in order. Did the informative talk before your “prick” deal with the following questions:

1. How dangerous is this corona pandemic really?

According to surveys, the population overestimates how deadly Covid-19 is by 300 times and the number of people sick by 46 times. (1) You don’t?

Covid-19 is neither Ebola nor the plague. Even the World Health Organization has recently admitted that the corona pandemic is “not necessarily the big one”.

Indeed, the WHO proves to be a “trustworthy source” for once. Of a thousand infected people with the so-called “killer germ” from Wuhan, 995 to 999 survive in most countries – even before vaccination. The “lethality” of Covid-19, i.e. the proportion of those who died in all infected people, is on average 0.1% to 0.5% worldwide – and thus in the range of the moderate flu pandemics of 1936 and 1957. According to a new antibody study, even in the as “Corona hell” hyped India died, only 0.058% of all SARS-CoV-2 carriers. The country record is held by Japan, with six deaths among a million (!) Infected – as few as among Swiss teenagers.

Have you been informed that the already manageable corona risk is likely to continue to decrease? Viruses want to multiply. To do this, they have to become more infectious, but by no means more deadly. Killing your host would be your own end. The phylogenetic development of SARS-CoV-2 confirms every textbook for evolutionary biology: Of the more than a thousand known variants, none caused more illness and death than the original Wuhan virus. Incidence curves shot up in waves before they crashed again – nevertheless, at no time did they overcrowd clinics, intensive care units, and cemeteries.

This applies particularly to the oh-so-bad “Delta,” which continues to stir up fears and justify restrictions on fundamental rights. Wouldn’t the “overload of the health system” have long since occurred if the alarmists were right? While the delta variant was only found in just under 3% of all test-positive samples at the beginning of June, it was already prevalent in this country three weeks later, at 59%. The proportion of new infections is now a whopping 97%. Is that why public health is worse than before? Continuous even tightened travel restrictions, compulsory tests at borders, and the obligation to quarantine to lock out “Delta” seem to me to be hard to beat in terms of ridiculousness. Hasn’t the whole of Germany been a high-risk area for a long time, the degree of contamination of which no import can increase anyway? Can you still get sandbags in front of the house if the water inside is already up to the ceiling?

2. How high is your personal risk?

You are not a multimorbid Methuselah. Covid-19 is most likely to endanger the elderly, seriously ill, and have immune deficiencies. The average age at death is over 80 years. Outside of nursing homes, 99.74% survive an infection. (2) SARS-CoV-2 infection is fatal in only 0.068% of 35 to 44-year-olds and 0.004% of all younger people. (3) There is a similar probability of death on the daily drive to work, breaking your neck in the shower or falling downstairs, or being struck by lightning.

Is such a risk still too significant for you? You can cover the whole surface of the earth with leather so that nobody gets injured on their feet. Or you can put shoes on those who are afraid of injury. The number of road deaths would drop to zero if we introduced a speed limit of 20 on country roads and highways, walking pace within cities. Are you pleading for a fully comprehensive existence, guaranteed free from any danger? Would less be not enough for you? Isn’t human life in itself an inevitable high risk that leads to death with an incidence of 100,000 per 100,000 inhabitants?

3. Are there any alternatives to vaccination that you could use to protect yourself?

Your risk of getting infected with SARS-CoV-2, therefore getting seriously ill, even dying from it, could be reduced by over 80% even without a vaccination: with a combination of measures that would have long deserved emergency approval. (4)

I’m thinking of vitamins – especially D. Of trace elements, especially zinc. Quercetin is a plant pigment mainly found in vegetables such as red onions, capers, and red-leaved chicory. () On bromhexine, a cough remover that has been in use for over half a century. (5) On corticosteroids such as prednisone and budesonide to reduce inflammation. The antiparasitic drug ivermectin, which has been tried and tested a hundred million times over for decades. To the wrongly bad-talked hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). (6) To antiviral mouth and nasal rinses. Of atomized hydrogen peroxide. High-quality air filters and regular ventilation. Last but not least, to lose weight.

For over a year, the American medical association FLCCC has been providing three proven concepts of this type: to prevent Covid, treat it at home and inpatient, and prevent Long-Covid. The prevention and therapy concepts of the Ukrainian doctor Vladimir Zelenko have also been offering highly effective alternatives to vaccination since spring 2020. (7)

Instead of shedding crocodile tears over inadequate data, epidemiologists could have used research funding to ensure that this deficiency is rectified as quickly as possible from the start. But the vaccination lobby does not give potential business harmers a chance.

To suppress the knowledge of all these options, to prevent their use, to delay and block their research, to threaten users in order not to endanger the multibillion-dollar business with vaccinations: in my opinion, that is highly criminal. Those responsible are guilty of negligent homicide in hundreds of millions of cases. According to my legal feeling, they belong behind bars.

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4. Are you possibly already protected?

Why did a global average of 5 out of 1000 contract Covid-19 before each vaccination by 2020? Because they were by no means “defenseless,” as we were led to believe. What distinguished the other 995 was an intact immune system, which succeeded in rendering the pathogen harmless. No vaccine tops this success rate: so-called “recovered” people are far better protected than those who have been vaccinated.

At least one in five of us, possibly even over two-thirds, owes this fabulous defense to an existing basic immunity: acquired through an unnoticed, because of symptom-free SARS-CoV-2 infection, or through the previous contact with related coronaviruses. And this naturally acquired immunity, unlike a Covid vaccine, protects us in the long term, probably even for the rest of our lives. Those who were infected with the first pandemic SARS virus in 2003 still proved to be immune to SARS-CoV-2 17 years later; the genomes of the two pathogens, the total of around 30,000 nucleic acids that encode their genetic information – are 80% identical.

Viruses are constantly mutating, and the resulting variants scare the population as hell. In fact, the genetic makeup of all previous SARS-CoV-2 viruses, including the dreaded beta and delta variants, differs from one another by a maximum of 3%. Our immune system easily recognizes them as related – and fights one like the other.

Accordingly, you should have been refused the vaccination first to first clarify an existing immunity through a blood test. It might have turned out that you no longer needed the syringe; because you would have been protected long ago even without it. So you would have been persuaded to expose yourself to incalculable risk without the slightest added value.

5. What does it mean that the vaccine has not yet been regularly approved?

Was it pointed out to you that not a single so-called corona “vaccine” is regularly approved? They are all used experimentally because of an allegedly catastrophic “emergency” that never was. (See point 1.) It means: Scientific evidence that the vaccinations are effective and safe is not yet available; the approval studies are still ongoing – with all those willing to vaccinate as daredevil guinea pigs will not be completed until 2022/23. Would you ever get on an airplane whose designers have yet to prove that it won’t crash?

You would be even more reluctant if this aircraft had a completely new propulsion system that has never proven itself in flight operations. And if its development had not taken several years, as usual, but had been completed after just a few months, at “Warp Speed.”

Do you know that joke about two lab rats? “Do you get vaccinated?” Asks one. “Are you crazy?” Replies the other. “The experiments on humans are not yet finished.”

6. What do we know so far about how effective the novel vaccines actually are?

The Covid vaccines are said to be “up to 95% effective”. Was it explained to you in front of the syringe what that means? Vaccination research doesn’t mean what an average person would take for granted: 95% of all vaccinated persons are protected from infection, severe illness, and/or death.

So what? In truth, the impressive percentage stands for a somewhat secondary value: the so-called Relative Risk Reduction, or RRR for short. (8) Using the example of the study with around 43,500 test persons, with which Pfizer / BioNTech obtained emergency approval: In the vaccination group, eight out of 21,750 participants had positive PCR tests and symptoms such as coughing and runny nose; in the placebo group of the same size there were 162, i.e. 154 more. According to this, there were 95% fewer “infected” people among those who were vaccinated.

The absolute risk reduction is much more meaningful to assess the individual benefit of a vaccination: How much fewer people are test-positive after the vaccination? Only 0.71%. How many people need to be vaccinated to prevent a single case? 141. (“Number Needed to Vaccine”, NNV: 100 divided by 0.71.) For an individual to benefit from the risky measure, the other 140 must uselessly free their arm to expose themselves to the imponderables of the vaccine.

So what are the chances of being that lucky for you personally? And if it were you: How wonderful does happiness seem to you, which, according to the approval study, is at best that you are spared a completely symptom-free infection or a harmless cold?

Incidentally, the vaccination studies of the pharmaceutical companies said nothing about the actual risk of illness and death – this is yet to be found out in the “rolling approval process”, with all those willing to vaccinate as test objects.

So how far away can it be with the “full vaccination protection” that you were hoping for? More and more studies show what governments, authorities, and the media insolently dismiss as “disinformation”:

  • Vaccinated people are also infected – not less often than those who have not been vaccinated. Apparently, higher and higher vaccination rates do not prevent the number of cases from increasing. Gibraltar, vaccination world champion with a whopping 232.7 vaccinations per hundred inhabitants, reports an incidence of over 600. Since June 1, 2021, Covid cases there have increased by 2500%. The same phenomenon can be seen in Israel and Great Britain, as well as in Seychelles. In Iceland, 255,000 of the 357,000 inhabitants are now fully vaccinated (as of August 8), i.e. 70%, in the age groups over fifty at least 89%, in the over 70-year-old 99%. (9) Nonetheless, the number of infections has skyrocketed, even topping the “third wave” of October 2020. (see graphics). At that time, the 14-day incidence was 292 per 100,000 population – on August 13, 2021, it was 396. (10)

How eager would you have been for the promised “full vaccination protection” against infection and transmission if you had known that it would collapse after a few weeks if it ever existed?

Worse still: Vaccinated people even seem more susceptible to infection, possibly because the syringe ensures “immunosuppression,” ie, weakens the natural defenses, also against other viruses. Israel reports that people vaccinated with Covid are 6.7 times more likely to be infected than those who have recovered. In Iceland, the vaccinated are clearly in the majority of those who tested positive for Corona. (11)

Iceland daily infections since beginning of 2021

Iceland total vaccinated of all corona infected

fully vaccinated – partly vaccinated – red = unvaccinated

Iceland- 14-day incidence per 100,000 population since March 2020

Is Iceland’s chief epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason more stupid than you when he draws exactly those conclusions from this situation that a “Covidiot” like Wolfgang Wodarg had suggested to us in spring 2020 ?: “We have to try now, a herd immunity against that Reaching coronavirus by letting it go” but at the same time “trying to prevent serious diseases by protecting vulnerable groups. (…) We really can’t do anything else.” Why only now? What could this tried and tested approach to disease control have saved the world from everything!

. Vaccinated people also infect others – no less than those who have not been vaccinated. Why do you think immunologists are now calling for mandatory tests to be reintroduced for vaccinated people? Their viral load is by no means lower, as data from the USA, Israel, and Great Britain show – so vaccinated people are just as contagious. (12) Fully vaccinated healthcare workers had a 251-fold higher viral load than infected people in spring 2020.

And so there are increasing reports of violent outbreaks among people who are completely poked – for example on cruise and navy ships (13), at concerts, at parties (14), in restaurants (15), clubs and discos, in old people’s and nursing homes (16). Vaccinated “super spreaders” unsuspectingly contaminate their surroundings. To give you privileges with an immunity card, to spare you tests, quarantines, and other restrictions on fundamental rights is therefore hard to beat in terms of absurdity. Even the Robert Koch Institute has recently started calling for PCR tests for vaccinated people, and the CDC, the US epidemic authority, recommends wearing masks for them.

Does my freedom “have to end” where it “threatens” your health, as you make clear to me? In the meantime, it turns out that you are more likely to endanger me: as a “fast breeder” of new virus variants that would not exist without the vaccination campaign. From the beginning, experts – in vain because censored – warned urgently against injecting masses into the middle of an ongoing pandemic instead of limiting themselves to the most endangered. IT creates an artificial selection pressure: Viruses counter the attack by mutating. More aggressive species can develop that would not have emerged without mass vaccination. In you too. 3G, 2G, 1G? The most dangerous are those who have been vaccinated, as newer data suggests. Do you know her?

What do you care about my vaccination status anyway? Why does he still worry you? As a vaccinated person, you think you are completely protected, even from people like me – why else would you have been “poked”? If I remain “at the mercy of SARS-CoV-2,” – kindly let that be my business. Or do you worry about everyone around whom my evil Wuhan microbes may attack because they cannot be vaccinated themselves? My kind can expect him to take care of himself if he feels like it; if you like, he’s allowed to wear three masks on top of each other and keep them ten meters away from me. I don’t see why millions of people who don’t like vaccinations like me should lose their fundamental rights or take on unforeseeable consequences of experimental pricks just so that certain high-risk groups can feel 101% safe from Corona anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it mutual?

  • Vaccinated people can also become seriously ill. Do you know that fully vaccinated people have recently even predominated among the Corona infected people who have to be admitted to hospital? When the CDC investigated a violent outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between June 6 and 25, 2021, they found that 74% of the 469 infected and 80% of those hospitalized with severe symptoms were fully vaccinated was. (17)

The list of such cases is getting longer every day. A major hospital in Jerusalem reports that they account for 95% of their seriously ill Covid-19 patients 95%. Across Israel, double-vaccinated people now make up 65% of all hospitalized Covid sufferers. “I don’t want to scare you,” said Israel’s drosten, the Covid Pope Salman Zarka, just in the parliament in Jerusalem. “But that’s the data. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie”- any more than “Covidiots” who know and quote such figures.

Vaccinated people also die of Covid-19. (18) In Israel, the United States, and many other countries, mortality has risen significantly in most age groups since the vaccination campaigns began. Official data from Scotland shows that 87% of people who have died of Covid-19 since early July have been vaccinated. Figures from the UK health authorities show that double-vaccinated people who tested positive for the Delta variant were more than four times more likely to die than those who had not tested positive. It appears that vaccination makes those who do become infected dramatically more susceptible to a fatal outcome. (19). Even among the elderly, 85% of reported deaths are thought to be due to vaccination.

At least for me, it follows from all of this: that the vaccines are “90 to 95% effective” was a brazen PR lie from the start

7. What type of vaccine is it? What’s inside

Do you actually know exactly what’s in the syringe? In the case of Pfizer and Moderna, it is by no means just the mRNA code. It is enveloped by synthetic lipid nanoparticles. They are supposed to protect the mRNA molecule from enzymes breaking it down too quickly and help penetrate the cell membrane. At first, it was said that they would remain at the puncture site. However, new research from Japan (20) shows that they are distributed throughout the body. They reach the spleen, colon, liver, lungs, heart, and even the brain. They also reach the ovaries and testicles. How do you rule out that this is fatal?

What do you think of the fact that graphene oxide was found in samples of several Covid vaccines? (21) Is this just an exceptional impurity – or is it an intentional addition? This substance can cause blood clots and damage the lungs. Graphene is magnetic. Countless videos and reports are circulating on the Internet from people who have been vaccinated and whose arms have been stuck with metallic objects since the injection, from nails to coins and scissors to cutlery. This is how a chunk of graphs reacts to cell phone radiation. Are you sure that it would do you good if billions of particles of this substance, shrunk to nano size, do something like this inside your body?

Did you find out before the vaccination that your vaccine may contain polyethylene glycol or PEG for short? 70% of all people develop antibodies against this substance. Therefore, violent allergic reactions could occur, which could be fatal.

Nobody knows what other adjuvants, “auxiliary materials” that Covid vaccines contain – and what they can do to us in the long term. Not even the regulatory authorities have knowledge of it, let alone the doctor who should explain to you. The manufacturers guard the ingredients as “trade secrets” as if it should not concern anyone what they inject under their skin. Should I care? If vaccines disappeared from the market in the past, it was mostly because it became clear too late that some additive was causing immense damage. This is how it was with Pandemrix, once celebrated as the savior of the swine flu: It caused over a thousand cases of narcolepsy, with sudden sleep attacks in broad daylight, mostly among children.

8. How long does the vaccination last?

Before the vaccination, were you warned that in all probability, you will not be protected forever, but only for a short time?

This disaster does not come as a surprise. It was foreseeable from the start. Experts who were silenced warned against this from the start. It is now clear how right they were.

Because the new vaccines target a single component of SARS-CoV-2: its spike protein, as a result, the virus, which is extremely susceptible to mutations, only has to change this one protein to escape the artificially generated immunity. This is exactly what is happening now with the Delta variant and is likely to repeat itself with all future varieties up to Omega, following the seasonal flu pattern. Data from all over the world show that the supposed vaccination protection decreases rapidly in the face of new mutants. The manufacturers are incredibly pleased because it ensures them a fabulous follow-up business with “boosters.” On the other hand, it gives you more “pricks”, with an additional risk of side effects. You get into an endless freshening loop.

And so your best health protection would probably have been to infect you with the supposed killer germ. With 99% visibility, you would have developed a natural immunity – symptom-free, cold, or, in the worst case, flu – that would have given you robust, complete, long-lasting protection against all variants. Your terrific defense system would have developed antibodies against all viral proteins, as well as killer and memory cells.

But what if you were seriously ill? In this case, if you don’t belong to a high-risk group, you would have been in bed at home for a week or two while a doctor who knows the true state of research would have got you back on your feet with a simple combination of tried and tested means. See my point 3. You can find a summary of successful but suppressed treatment protocols here.

9. How common and how severe are side effects?

How detailed was your information about possible side effects before the vaccination?

Several official reporting systems officially record them. The Uppsala Monitoring Center in Sweden collects data from all over the world for the WHO. Your “VigiAccess” list comprised almost 1.5 million “Adverse Drug Reactions” by July 21, compiled on no less than 196 pages.

For the United States, the CDC’s VAERS recorded 595,000 cases of adverse events from all ages – including 13,068 deaths and 17,228 permanent restrictions – of approximately 200 million partially or fully vaccinated US citizens as of August 13 – “Permanent Disabilities” -, a further 13,811 life-threatening incidents, around 54,000 hospitalizations, 72,000 medical emergencies.

The EudraVigilance database of the European Medical Agency (EMA) registered over 665,000 “suspected cases” by July 3, 2021 (22). Of these, 167,000 were “severe” side effects: life-threatening (13,230), requiring hospitalization (45,379), associated with ongoing secondary diseases (12,829) or even fatal (10,188).

In the UK, Covid vaccines had killed 79% more people than the virus by mid-July 2021. Australia has reported one death from Covid since January, but 77 deaths from vaccinations.

What the media you trust does not research in these databases can be found here compiled on an ongoing basis.

Always calculate with “underreporting”: Only 5% of all actual vaccination damage is reported by doctors at all, statistically recorded by authorities. (23) According to this, there are already over 200,000 vaccine deaths within the EU alone. This means that Covid vaccines have already killed more people than the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Based on the VAERS figures from the USA: If the actual vaccination damage exceeds the officially registered twenty-fold, then the Covid vaccinations are likely to be dead within nine months, after 200 million fully or partially vaccinated US citizens, there alone 340,000 permanently disabled people. What does that mean extrapolated to the world population? If all 7.8 billion people got that “prick” that Bill Gates raved about at the beginning of 2020, then the most unnecessary vaccination campaign of all time would cause ten million deaths – that is how many soldiers died worldwide in the First World War. In addition, there would be 62 million permanently disabled vaccine victims.

Do you find that reassuringly little? Twelve years ago, US authorities stopped the swine flu vaccination after registering the 53rd (!) Fatality; In 1976, after 32 suspected vaccine victims, pulled the emergency brake. Independent vaccination researcher Virginia Stoner recently stated: “More deaths from Covid vaccinations have been reported to VAERS than from any other vaccine in the last 30 years combined. (…) The number of Covid vaccinations [in the US] so far given in 2021 (309 million) is roughly the same as the number of all other vaccines given in 2020 (316 million). But this year, a shocking 36 times more deaths from Covid injections were reported than from any other vaccine last year. “

Reported deaths after vaccination per year 1990 to August 2012 Vears data

In doing so, I fear that manufacturers and authorities are concealing the true, possibly far worse extent. As a previous New York Times reporter revealed in early August, Moderna alone received 300,000 reports of corona vaccine side effects within three months, the majority of which were not reported to the state database VAERS. The CDC has just been caught falsifying death numbers in a brazen manner: Anyone who dies within less than two weeks of receiving a first vaccination dose with a Covid-19 finding is considered “unvaccinated” by the authorities. Bad joke, isn’t it?

It’s not just the likely frequency of side effects that makes my hair stand on end, but also its severity. Experts like Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Michael Yeadon, and Stephanie Seneff, and even the co-developer of mRNA technology, Robert Malone (24), warned of imponderables early on and urgently recommended an immediate vaccination stop. (25) Their suspicions include the spike proteins, the production of which the inoculated code is supposed to stimulate and thereby stimulate the formation of antibodies. Every Moderna-Jab shoots 40 trillion mRNA molecules into your body. Only one in four remains at the puncture site. What will happen to the remaining 75%? A video illustrates this that an American family doctor produced, deeply concerned about the families he looks after.

Watch this interview with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi

Among other things, the spike protein can lead to the formation of countless tiny blood clots as it is deposited in the cell wall of the capillaries.

Experts who have been silenced are equally concerned about the fact that the spike proteins produced contain syncytin-1 – a protein molecule that plays a crucial role in the development of the placenta. If the vaccine causes an immune response to syncytin-1, it could render women permanently sterile.

Critical doctors also point out the danger of “antibody-dependent amplification” (ADE): an excessive immune reaction that caused all mRNA-vaccinated cats to perish after they caught the wild virus in animal experiments. “If the vaccinated come into contact with wild coronavirus a few months after the vaccination,” warns the Irish virologist and molecular biologist Professor Dr. Dolores Cahill of University College Dublin, “In many cases, your immune system will react with a deadly cytokine storm. This is because the vaccine mRNA genetically modifies the body’s cells so that they produce the coronavirus spike protein. If a new coronavirus later activates the immune system, it recognizes the self-produced spike proteins as a danger and starts a major attack against its own body cells. As a result, those vaccinated suffer septic shock with multiple organ failure, resulting in death. “Cahill’s fears are shared by English virologist Vernon Coleman and his US colleague Sherry Tenpenny, who sees particularly black:” Covid vaccines are perfectly designed Killing machines … people who have received this vaccination will die within the next few months or within the next year.” A new study by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), according to Wikipedia “one of the world’s leading universities,” also closes the danger mass extinction is not enough.

And numerous other side effects are possible. None would be harmless.

No, it doesn’t have to be apocalyptic; even people who see black eyes are sometimes color-blind. But isn’t it wise to try out the worst possible scenarios instead of imposing a thought prohibition? Even if things only turn out half as bad in the end: Half of them already makes it run cold down my spine. Instead of listening to cautionary voices, they were ignored, ridiculed, and censored – and sprayed on. 32% of the world population are meanwhile “pricked,” around 2.4 billion people. (26) Do you have to turn it into just under eight billion quickly?

Even if, in the end, some gloomy prognoses should turn out to be too pessimistic, they are all so plausibly justified that caution would have been advised. There are growing concerns that they were at least partially justified. (27)

Incidentally, no one foresaw many vaccine damage, which is only now beginning to get around, at least not to this extent. For example, they are piling up

Pulmonary embolism

  • severe rashes (28, see also collage below)
  • Eye disorders, from bleeding to blindness
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS): an autoimmune neurological disease that causes severe paralysis. In the UK alone, over 400 vaccine-related GBS cases have become known, and in the US it could be up to 10,000. (29) See here, here, and here what it means to be affected by it.
  • Shingles, one in five cases with painful neuralgia as hell
  • tinnitus
  • Typical symptoms of “Long Covid,” which the vaccination is supposed to prevent
  • Anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening. Check out this video that shows an affected person immediately after the Covid vaccination.
  • Permanent disabilities – more than 14,000 in the US alone by late July 2021.

For too long, it has been said that Covid vaccines “seem completely safe for pregnant women” and “pose no risk to breastfeeding women and their babies.” In fact, VAERS had already counted 1,381 miscarriages after the vaccination by August 2021. Since March, it has been clear that injected Covid mRNA, or the spike protein it produces, gets into breast milk, making babies sick and killing them. Gradually, birth defects such as an enlarged heart become known after vaccination.

Shouldn’t the sweat of fear that the “killer germ” brings to your forehead flow in rivers if you, as a mother, realize that an experimental vaccine could do such a terrible thing to your own children? Covid-19 has been shown to put minors at even less risk than ordinary flu. Covid vaccines, on the other hand, can wreak havoc in this age group too – from myocarditis to blood clots in the brain.

“Contergan is harmless,” pregnant women heard from their doctors 40 years ago. “Trust science.” The result was 10,000 malformed children.

We have to prepare for more nasty surprises in the coming months, of which you and I have no idea. We really do not know anything about long-term effects for the time being.

Many known risks are listed on the vaccine package inserts. Did you see such an overview before the vaccination? Were you able to go over it point by point with a doctor to understand what to expect if you were unlucky? Did he tell you about the “Rote-Hand-Letters”, in which pharmaceutical companies later inform him about newly discovered side effects of vaccination?

You could have proven to your vaccination doctor that you are much smarter than Covidiotes like me. Why didn’t you have him sign a certificate like this in advance, in which he assumes personal liability if his claims that the injected vaccine is effective and safe turn out to be untrue, and you become seriously ill?

Do you want to protect yourself? Then please do not fail to get your own impression of what Covid vaccination risks mean as soon as statistical improbabilities become clinical facts. Let the affected people, relatives, doctors, nurses, and other witnesses work on you for an hour, for example, at (36,000 members), for Corona vaccination damage Germany (18,000), for vaccination damage Corona vaccines (9000), Corona- Vaccination damage Switzerland (20,000), nursing staff for education (65,000). The Corona blog had collected almost 400 reports by mid-August. Reports from abroad include CovidVaccineVictims (more than 131,000 members, CovidVaccineInjuries (36,000 members), CovidVaccVictims (around 8,000) and the “CovidBlog”. Shocking experience reports are arbitrarily deleted from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube before someone like you sees them and closes them. It is the same for doctors and scientists, lawyers and journalists as soon as they dare to warn.

Watch here

and here

You are seriously sticking to the fact that it is my moral duty to overlook all of this and sacrifice my basic right to physical integrity on the altar of public health? Never ever.

Why is the vaccination campaign stalling, although participants are rewarded with privileges, and refusers are being blackmailed more and more blatantly with the withdrawal of their fundamental rights – when, according to surveys, nine out of ten German citizens wanted to be vaccinated “in any case” or “probably”? (30) Why have not fewer than 23,000 general practitioners stopped vaccinating, even though they could still make a lot of money from it? Because word gets around that the side effects are far more common and worse than they are claimed. And because not all doctors want to be complicit in it. Despite massive pressure and threats, more and more of them are gathering in protest initiatives such as Doctors for Enlightenment and Doctors Stand Up. Have you ever heard of them? Why not?

“We have to take good care of each other”: With this mantra, the state has justified constitutional violations of all kinds since the beginning of the crisis. No matter how unlikely they are: Would a probability calculation give you the slightest consolation as soon as you or your loved ones were affected?

And I, dearest ex-girlfriend, would be heartbroken if you had to pay for your trustful participation in the largest medical experiment that ever took place with the loss of your health. Believe it or not, I am very worried about you.

Would it be true that the Covid vaccines are safe: why then do the manufacturers categorically reject any liability? Why did they insist on clauses like this in the top-secret but luckily leaked supply contracts with governments: “The buyer acknowledges that the long-term effects and effectiveness of the vaccine are not currently known and that the vaccine may have undesirable effects that are not currently known are known … The buyer hereby agrees to indemnify Pfizer, BioNTech (and) their affiliates (…) from and against all lawsuits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, severance payments, penalties, fines, costs, and expenses to defend and to hold harmless. “(31) Is the former SPD chairman Oskar Lafontaine wrong when he says: “The real Covidiots are politicians who conclude such contracts with pharmaceutical companies?”

10. How trustworthy are the manufacturers?

Shouldn’t the shiny virus panic business sound familiar to you from previous pandemics? The excellent documentary “Profiteure der Angst” (Profiteurs of Fear) could provide you with a déjà vu. Have you forgotten the hair-raising false alarm about the “swine flu” that the WHO gave in 2009 under the influence of pharmaceutical lobbyists? Take a look at the documentary “The WHO – In the grip of the lobbyists”. Do you see no parallels to 2020 ff.?

Don’t you know how closely the widely courted “experts” whom you trust – Oskar Lafontaine (32) calls them “Covid howling buoys” – are allied with Big Pharma: from Christian Drosten to Norbert Wieler and Karl Lauterbach to Neil Ferguson and Anthony Fauci? Don’t you wonder how these people can still dominate the headlines even though their predictions and warnings were hair-raising wrong in previous pandemics? On the other hand, why is Drosten’s level-headed predecessor at the Charité, Prof. Detlev Krüger, not allowed to have his say?

In the case of the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine, there are increasing indications that the manufacturer has falsified the official efficacy data. (33) How can I blindly trust that, at least at Pfizer & Co., fraud is completely ruled out? “Vaccination studies could be carried out improperly – up to falsifications,” warned a former member of the German Vaccination Commission, Gerd Antes, in the summer of 2020.

Would you buy your next car from a dealer who routinely ripped off their customers? Would you believe the drug mafia that their products are definitely not addicting? The list of pharmaceutical companies that have been sentenced to fines and billions in damages for falsification of data, corruption, withheld knowledge of dangerous drug effects reads almost like the who’s who of the industry. Also there: Corona profiteers Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson. (34)

Is it impossible for history to repeat itself?

Why don’t you consider all of these aspects? “There is nothing to gloss over”, declared Federal Minister Heiko Maas on August 16: “All of us – the federal government, (…) the international community – have misjudged the situation. Honesty demands that we admit this in all forms.” (35) Unfortunately, he was only referring to the takeover of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan. His statement would have fitted at least as well with the corona crisis. From your mouth too.

I do not doubt that you informed yourself about Corona in detail from the beginning, on television, in the press, on the Internet. And from everything you found there, you drew completely logical conclusions.

There is just one thing you didn’t consider: your sources of knowledge could be poisoned. You trust them, especially since they mutually confirm: the spokesman for the news program, the editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper, the invited guests of the TV talk show, your preferred online news portal. You do not expect that they might systematically withhold from you what you need to know to be able to judge and decide in an informed manner.

We both know from history: It is possible to deceive an entire people with mass propaganda and censorship – including journalists, heads of authorities, members of parliament, judges, police officers, teachers, employers.

However, it seems inconceivable to you that this story could repeat itself right now.

Not me. Every crisis has winners, it has always been the case, even in world wars. Hundreds of billions of euros can be earned from a pandemic. Some managers and investors walk over dead bodies for this. A pandemic opens up great opportunities for more social control – totalitarian regimes seize it, others are tempted to move closer to dictatorships. Secret services are likely to get involved.

I began to rethink as soon as I began to draw from truly independent sources of information. For a continuously updated overview of the entire state of research, I recommend, for suppressed expert opinions the books by Sucharit Bhakdi (36) and Wolfgang Wodarg – both at number 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list – on selected aspects of CLEAR TEXT, for daily reading reitschuster .de. The Express Zeitung Nos. 32, 33, and 40 provide insights into the political and economic background of the corona crisis. Also, take a look at this short documentary: On the trail of Covid vaccines – A crime against humanity. And suppose you want to get an illusion-free impression of who is really pulling the strings in health care. In that case, I recommend these three books: Peter C. Gøtzsche (a Danish medical professor and former pharmaceutical researcher): Fatal Medicine and Organized Crime – How the Pharmaceutical Industry Our Healthcare System corrupted (2014); John Virapen (an ex-manager of the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly): side effect death (reprint 2013); and Peter Yoda (another medical professor, pseudonym): “A medical insider unpacks” (2007), including the chapter “Timothy’s story”.

Aren’t you the more dangerous of the two of us?

No, my dear – in truth, I fear that the far greater danger comes from you. For my health. And for my human rights. For our future. If you don’t open your eyes quickly, you could soon find yourself in a world that we both wish for our worst enemy – but certainly not for our children and grandchildren. Doesn’t it worry you at what breathtaking speed the familiar free world, the ideals of Western democracies, give way to a “new normal” before our eyes? How would you name a form of government that restricts our basic rights forever new reasons, censors unpopular opinions, spreads fear and horror, threatens and intimidates, coerces and blackmailed, incites and divides, prohibits demonstrations or dissolves by force, disempowers parliament, intimidates judges, blind obedience required?

Do you see easing on the horizon? Wikipedia defines “horizon” as “an imaginary line that retreats further and further the closer you get to it”.

Why do I have to type all of this into a keyboard instead of speaking to you in private? How could Corona split the “best Germany of all time” into two camps that not only have different opinions but are unable to endure the differences? What is left of the mutual respect and tolerance that should be taken for granted in a democratic society? Who is the use of when we fall upon each other in anger, abuse, despise and avoid one another? Who will tempt us to look down on each other? What does it get if we forget what binds us together? Who wants to poison the spiritual climate in such a way that it becomes impossible to exchange thoughts? Staying healthy, protecting ourselves and others, neither exaggerating nor underestimating risks, not making mistakes with serious consequences: we both want that equally.

Please do not misunderstand this letter. Far be it from me to teach you and proselytize you. Conversely, I expect the same from you. Even if not a single one of my arguments convinces you, you should at least acknowledge that I have some too – and not just think outside the box. Everyone must be able to make such an individual, momentous decision as to the corona vaccination themselves, after weighing up all the pros and cons, depending on their own situation – without being insulted, blackmailed, or marginalized. It is not about a license for reckless ego trips, but a basic right anchored in the constitutions of all free democracies.

So let’s stop functioning like puppets in the game of crisis profiteers. Let’s not give anyone the power to turn us against each other.

Only then will we find our way back together. That is what I continue to wish with all my heart. “

Note: KLARTEXT does not claim any copyright on this text. If you want to use it in full or in part for your own letter, you can do so free of charge.

(Harald Wiesendanger)

With permission from Dr. Wiesendanger from Stiftung Auswege translated from German Klartext

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Thank you, Dr. Wiesndanger, for your tireless genuine educational work! May it help to save our future generations.

Here is what I also added:

Why are articles, videos, and free speech banned?

The earth is supported by the power of truth; it is the power of truth that makes the sun shine and the winds blow; indeed all things rest upon truth.- Chanakya

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