What makes people panic? Are you aware of this sinister game?

Who is behind the Corona fearmongering? For me, it is sometimes astounding to see people scared and believe everything that TV or mainstream media reports. Maybe it does not influence me because I never watch TV or read newspapers and only see people’s reactions?
For example, they talk about how crowded hospitals are everywhere, but when I ask friends and family working in hospitals or nursing homes, they say nothing is going on. Do not others know nurses or doctors as well?

The mind is powerful, we know, and fear can make us sick and even kill.
Many had difficult times with sickness and lost loved ones.
Groups where people share their experiences and seek advice, social media bans or restricts and they disappear.

When I was in other crisis situations, I saw how this works and how media can manipulate people into a panic.

But in our time, there are even more powerful tools to manipulate people.

As I read books and information about AI, I realized it is already active and working for the media in this situation.

Usually, I do not believe in coincidence and know it is for a reason, like everything in life. But I came over an article in “Stiftung Auswege” by Dr. Harald Wiesendanger and his blog “Klartext”

Following the page for a while, I never saw any post, maybe because social media restricts everybody doing research and wanting to help bring clarity and truth. But right when I was curious, the article showed up. Coincidence?

So I reached out and asked for permission, and here is the translated article for you to read.
Thank you, Dr. Wiesendanger.


Corona scaremongering with bots – who is behind it?

Posts are piling up on social media from doctors and nurses who claim their hospital is overcrowded with unvaccinated Covid-19 patients. They are mostly not based on real people, but rather bots: Artificial intelligence uses fake accounts to create fear.

The US physicist and computer scientist Patrick Bailey has tracked down typical bot farms that spread fear and horror around the clock via Covid-19 millions of times over, incite against the unvaccinated, and advertise hygiene dictates. Here is a selection:

Twitter user “James” shows what a bot farm looks like, for which even the imagination of “1984” author George Orwell was not enough:

Algorithms in social media are not only to detect and eliminate “fake news.”

This scandal confirms what insiders have long known: algorithms in social media are not only used to detect and eliminate “fake news” – but also for propaganda to brainwash the public. We should accept lies as if they were self-evident, evidence-based, widely accepted truths.

Unscrupulous vaccination lobbyists use bot farms to scare us and encourage government control over our lives. They advertise lockdowns, incite against the unvaccinated, demand vaccination certificates, and exclude healthy people endowed with natural immunity. And they make unvaccinated people feel guilty, put them to shame, and try to force them to submit. They demoralize and discourage people from expressing themselves critically and taking action because they see their fundamental constitutional rights threatened. They are supposed to believe that they have neither a right, adequate means, nor sufficient expertise to take a stand and object.

Few social media users are starting to see the infamous game for what it is: psychological warfare against the free world. They begin to understand that the cleverly personalized messages are being spread en masse to convince the population of certain narratives.

With these bots, the anonymous clients pursue a single goal: to provide “disinformation” and hypocritically accuse critics of the Corona regime. Suspected doing this are Governments, secret services, PR agencies on behalf of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and multi-billion dollar “philanthropists.” 

KLARTEXT readers who notice other such bots, please report their discovery to Redaktion @ klartext-online.info.

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