Why do most people believe that they are defenseless against the Virus?

We need a better health education. It is sad to see how little people know about their bodies and health, even health professionals. Because of this, they believe everything that mainstream media is telling them. It is evident if we read comments on social media. Nobody asks questions, and whoever tells the truth is censored and banned. How could we survive until now? Because our body is a miracle and the most sophisticated gadget on the planet.

Nothing can happen to us if we have a robust immune system because diseases can only develop when the immune system is weak. We can do a lot to strengthen our immune system ourselves. 

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Strengthen Your Immune System!


From a holistic and naturopathic point of view, it is not bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that make you sick. It is a weak or out-of-balance immune system that can no longer fully protect the body. Pathogens or cancer cells can affect us and make us sick. We can always do something to help regulate and strengthen our immune system.

In conventional medicine, there is only one thing able to strengthen the immune system: vaccinations! They make people believe that they cannot do anything for their health themselves; only doctors and the pharmaceutical industry can.

We can strengthen our immune system very well with naturopathic and holistic methods. Also, it would be best if you did everything to keep the immune system in balance and empower it to better cope with illness. A robust immune system keeps the body free from infections, cancer, allergies, intolerance and autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory processes that can promote chronic diseases in the long term.

But fear, stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and isolation reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.



Dr. H. Wiesendanger writes:

The best protection against epidemics: good health education

And he should know because, in his Foundation, the people make the seemingly impossible, possible

health education

How could a large part of the population be led to believe that they were “defenseless” from a “killer germ” from Wuhan and that only a vaccination could save them? The real Covidiots are those who take such non-scientific nonsense at face value. Their panic, obedience, and seductiveness show how miserably their health education has failed and how urgently they need a better one.

Do you know that there is such a thing as an immune system? That you have one too? How does it cope with pathogens of all kinds? It is developed and proven over millions of years? Whoever knows how to strengthen it can no longer be scared, locked up, put on a mask, withheld fundamental rights, made a guinea pig. The “Coronoia” of our time points to an unparalleled educational policy failure. Who is responsible for it, who is it suitable for, how can it be remedied?

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We are not defenseless

How are such Infection Fatality Rates (IFR) possible when we were supposedly “defenseless” before the Corona epidemic before Big Pharma gave us new types of vaccines?

On a global average, a maximum of 5 in 1000 will contract Covid-19 because the remaining 995 are not previously sick enough. Your immune system works! It succeeds in rendering the pathogen harmless. If it is weak, it can be strengthened – non-pharmaceutical, in a natural way. 

It also applies to the much-cited “risk groups”: the elderly, the overweight, the immunocompromised, diabetics, hypertensive, respiratory, and other chronic sufferers. Even among them, most of them survive contagion; It would do even more if they could finally find out what they could do for it themselves.

Blind Trust

The ongoing mass panic, the blind trust in lying politicians, experts, and the media, the willing submission to the dictatorship of hygiene, the unconditional willingness to make the guinea pig in the most giant, riskiest medical experiment in history: ultimately, all of these are symptoms of an educational emergency without equal. 

They reveal a lack of health education, especially about the importance of a wholesome diet and plenty of exercise. A state that cares about public health enables its citizens to take care of their health as much as possible, independently and in an informed manner.

The tragedy of nutrition

We need to teach about nutrition as early as possible.

With the help of health self-help, a genuinely caring state cannot begin early enough. Because the course for behavior patterns that promote or help avoid chronic diseases is set in early childhood: also, but not only, through improper nutrition. 

That is why health education must take place in daycare centers and kindergartens, but at the latest from the first grade onwards – not on the fringes, but as the main subject. Best of all, it transforms every educational institution from the ground up across disciplines. A new spirit is needed.

And Dr. Wiesendanger is right: If the urgency does not make sense to you, you should look around Schoolyards during the breaks. One in five children already is obviously overweight, and almost one in ten has crossed the line to become obese. Every sixth child and fourth adolescent already have a chronic underlying disease that lasts longer than a year. 

Health education is the responsibility of the parents, some say – as well as education on personal hygiene, how to dress independently, how to control aggression, about basic social skills such as manners and empathy.

But are the parents today able to do this?

Maybe they need education about health and nutrition themselves?

The fact is that health education is becoming less and less common at home. Children learn on the model. What role models offer parents who regularly serve fast food and soft drinks, frozen and ready-made products and have snacks and snacks ready in front of the television every evening?

The emancipation movement made it possible for women to achieve self-realization at work. It took away the person responsible for carefully planning meals, conscientious shopping, and freshly prepared food at home. Fewer and fewer families are cooking, and hardly anyone has or takes time for it.

Hardly anyone can do it like their grandmother once did; More and more adults have shocking gaps in their knowledge of the preparation, origin, and variety of foods. The modern household is characterized by microwaves and freezers, industrial-processed meals, nimble delivery services, and hasty eating on the run.

With their eating and cooking culture, subsequent generations lose the ability to eat independently and in a balanced way. Anyone who seriously believes that home is still the right place for health education has apparently never paid attention to what mothers and fathers fill in their shopping trolleys in the supermarket in a hurry – and what meals are mainly on the table.

It is correct, and it is even to see that people with a lot of processed food and chips in their shopping cart are primarily obese.


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People accepted pills as part of their diet.

Recently, I saw comments on this quote on a page about healthy food: 

What you find at the end of your fork is more powerful than anything you’ll find at the bottom of a pill bottle quote.- Dr. Mark Hyman

health education

Copied and pasted comments:

“It’s definitely DEFINITELY not.”

“In some cases yes in others no. Don’t pill shame people. Some eat right, exercise, and still need medicine”. answer: haha, my exact thoughts 

and: “I dunno, there’s some pretty powerful pills out there” – 

So so true.!

Another one: “Nonsense” and answer: I’m with you…

There were many more of these comments.

It seems taking pills is not the exception anymore, like in the old times. People accepted pills as part of their diet.

And it seems this quote is in our time correct:

health education

I remember times when the change happened, and the pills came. But this would be another story 🙂

Since then, people have become sicker and sicker. And nobody asks why?

Processed food and GMOs made it even worse. Today, some farmers do not even know what they do.

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Is it a wonder that we got in this situation?

But I think it is maybe necessary to wake people up, and I have faith that change will happen for the better.

Because in the Bhagavad Gita is said:

Whatever happened,
happened for the good;
whatever is happening,
is happening for the good;
whatever will happen,
will also happen for the good only.
You need not have any regrets for the past.
You need not worry about the future.
The present is happening…