Like every year in spring, I am going to do a detoxI learned this from my grandma, it was common in Europe in the past, as well.


After a long winter is good to detox and to start eating fresh greens. One of the best

herbs, easy and everywhere to find is the stinging nettle. It can be used as a detox tea

and it has a lot of benefits not only as a detox tea.


There are many traditional uses for the stinging nettle. Scientifically proven is that the nettle has a positive effect on arthritis, prostate problems, bladder problems, and inflammatory bowel disease. The seeds of the nettle can be used as a Vitality tonic for hair loss. In form of so-called nettle manure, it replaces plant fertilizers and pesticides.

Stinging nettle is also ideal as food – not only because of its abundance of nutrients but also because of its fantastic taste.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle: medicinal and food in a plant

The stinging nettle has been used since immemorial time in many areas of life. In medicine, where it is one of the oldest medicinal herbs of humanity.

For vegetable cultivation, used most successfully to fertilize vegetables with the so-called nettle liquid manure.

In the kitchen, where she has saved people from starvation in old times and even in the textile industry where it was once used to produce cotton fabric from the fiber-rich stems.


With all this versatility it surprises, that many people are against the nettle. With a hoe, spade, plow and chemicals people fight against her – usually unsuccessfully, because always new plants arise from its root. It would be very much smarter to use the incomparable gift of nature just for our health.

When I moved to Canada, the first thing I did was looking for the stinging nettle , because I use to dry the leaves as a tea as well, but in my area not easy to find. My neighbours thought I am crazy .they did not know about the benefit. They looked at me like something is wrong with me. But in between after 10 years I saw some vegetable farms are selling them.

Medicinal plant nettles

The stinging nettle is a medicinal plant, at least many areas of application are known such as the famous Chamomile, the pretty marigold, or the bitter dandelion. In folk medicine, nettle is for detoxification and cleansing in the context of spring cures and diets. At least in Europe. It is recommended against fatigue and exhaustion as well. The latter is often the result of iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia (anemia). The iron-containing nettle may fix especially iron deficiency with ease.

It provides – depending on the growing area – two to four times as much iron as a sirloin steak and up to three times as much iron as spinach.

The nettle affects the liver and the bile positively. Paracelsus prescribed the plant in the form of nettle juice in jaundice (hepatitis). This medicinal plant maintains, the liver and gall bladder and can also optimize digestion and helps eliminate existing indigestion.

Even the pancreas is reacting to the stinging nettle because it balances the blood sugar level. Nettle tea as facial water helps with allergies of the skin and improves even pimples, eczema, and acne.

Together with a millet diet, it cleanses and detoxifies the whole body and helps also with weight loss.

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