A Story about a Beautiful Gift

Read my story about a beautiful gift that a grateful old man did give me on Valentines Day. Years ago, while still living in Germany, my mother still alive, but not well.

It was winter, and I took her every day for a walk, but she was depressed, and I asked her how about a little vacation in the south? She was not very interested, and I thought about how to make her happy.
I looked at a travel agency for magazines and found one about Malta. Malta is every part history, and this was something I could make my mother maybe interested.

A Beautiful Gift That I Receives From A Grateful Old Man

We took off to Malta,

I did it, and we took off to Malta, it was February and not too cold over there. In Malta you can go everywhere by bus, only you have to know the schedule and bus numbers.

We had a lot to see, but sometimes she wanted me to go alone. There are two little islands which belong to Malta one Gozo and an even smaller one with the mane Comino.

One day I took off by myself to find out about how to get to Gozo. I took a bus to the ferry. There were not many tourists yet, and the bus arrived more and more empty. I asked the driver with my little English about and how to get to Comino.

He said, look over there, this older man he takes people by boat to Comino. I said, there are no people, today, just me. He started to talk to the older man in their own language. After he told me, you go, he is taking you there. I said, but nobody else is here, the driver said you go it’s ok. In Malta, it was very safe to travel at this time. I do not know how it is now; the people over there have not been pleased to join the EU.

Comino and the Blue Lagoon.

I went, and he started the motor of the boat in the direction of Comino and the Blue Lagoon.

A Beautiful Gift That I Receives From A Grateful Old Man


It got a bit cool on the way, but in the lagoon, it was warm, protected from the wind.

It was fantastic turquoise water, and Comino just like a very high Rock. He stopped the boat and said, sit and relax, look at the bird and the seagulls flying around the rocky wall.

He started to talk, and I did not understand all, but he said that he is very grateful and thinks he is the luckiest man on earth. Whenever I feel like, I take the boat, come here and enjoy, he said. It was amazing how peaceful it was.

A Beautiful Gift That I Receives From A Grateful Old Man


The Valentines Day Gift

But I was concerned it got late, and I told him to get back because of my mother waiting for me, and he started the boat to get back. I got out of the boat and saw the bus is there.

I wanted to pay, but he said no, today is Valentine’s day, this is my gift to you. Will you be back, I take you around the Island? I said I do not think, because we only have a day and then go home.

Have you been at the Grotto of the Madonna, he asked, I said yes with my mother. He said well then I will see you again, whoever was by the Madonna will be back. Ask for me in the Bistro over there at the ferry station, ask for David.

I said, thank you and goodbye and did not think about much; I had to run to the bus. On my way to the Hotel, I felt so uplifted and happy to know somebody grateful like this old man, and it was the greatest gift ever for me.

My mother was upset and with me and said she got scared what should I do if you would not come back, she said. I tried to explain how amazing it was and why it got late, and it was not even 7 pm. Also, I told her this beautiful story; she did not get what I wanted to make her understand.

It really does not need much to be happy if you are grateful for what you have.

And David was right; I have been back, but this is another excellent story. Next time.

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