Do you know that Meditation is powerful, activates your abundance, and helps to develop your full potential?

The Meditations you will find here simplifies the process of aligning with the abundant energy of the universe. They are very effective and powerful. To develop your full potential through these meditations, you should practice regularly.

Do not think too much, and do not question if these practices will do you any good. If you allow positive changes, then they will come.

Move out of the feeling of lack and separation into the energy of wealth and abundance!

For Meditation to be effective for you, you choose the most suitable way to experience it for you.

How to use these meditation exercises to experience miracles and realize your dreams

Listen to the Meditation, remember the most important key points, and try to visualize. Whether you meditate in the morning or evening after your work is done, you can decide for yourself.

It is a feast for the soul and a joy for the mind that will help you achieve your greatest goals. 

activate your abundance The most important thing is that you make Meditation conscious. It will help you achieve your highest goals. This is not just a dream – it’s the process of creating your own new reality!

And another tip, especially for women. You can consider Meditation as time only for yourself. If meditation permits, put your feet up so that you rest your body. In this way, you have multiple benefits in the time of Meditation. You work on yourself, take care of your body, and let it come to rest!

Meditation that you can do to activate your inner magnet for abundance.

Take a comfortable position; If you are lying, put a small pillow under your knees. Relax and close your eyes.

And now imagine that your whole body is enveloped in the golden light. You are in the middle of the light; there are security and peace. No matter where you go, you are always protected by this golden light.

activate your abundance  

When inhaled, this light golden substance enters your body, filling it and each of your cells. As you exhale, all worries, fears, and sorrows leave you. You breathe in the light and exhale everything negative so that your body is thoroughly cleansed of all negative things.

Breathe for a while. Now you are completely relaxed.

And now, imagine you see a golden ray of energy coming straight down from space. This ray comes closer until it flows directly through your head, through the Chakra Sahasrara, into your body. You feel the energy flow very slowly along the spine. The energy finally reaches the solar plexus, the center of life energy.

activate your abundance  

And now, try to feel the movement of the golden ray as it moves clockwise in your solar plexus. It feels very comfortable for you; maybe you can even feel a tickling sensation in this area. If you feel something, then rejoice over it! It’s a sign that you’re doing everything right.

Concentrate on this energy, and try to work with the energy. Now imagine that a golden ball comes out of your solar plexus. It starts to grow and expand; It gets bigger and bigger.

Meditative energy is effective.

If you need material wealth, send your energy to the things you want. The most important things are peace, security, love, harmony, and strength. Anything is possible if your intentions are pure.

Stay in this energy for as long as you want and then gradually return to reality. Open your eyes, smile, stretch, and realize that you have significantly increased your strength and your inner magnetism to activate abundance.

Guided Meditation to Activate your Abundance

Here is a powerful meditation for you to experience more abundance and freedom and get into the flow of life.

Listen to a 10-minute guided meditation by Mary Morrissey

“Activate your Abundance Meditation,” with which you can draw absolutely everything in your life, what you dream of. And it is free.

Whether you’ve never tried meditating before, or if you have, but it didn’t work for you, you’ll find this audio Meditation to be extremely easy to follow and highly effective.

Listen to a 10-minute guided meditation by Mary Morrissey

Get in harmony with the abundant universe you live in that’s always seeking greater expansion and expression through you.

Find powerful prosperity practices and start TODAY.

Feel connected to the power within you. You have the power to create your reality!  

How to use these meditation exercises to experience magical miracles and realize your dreams

These Meditations have tremendous potential and will work for you now. But of course, you have to do it! If you believe in it, you can achieve everything, absolutely everything,  according to my friend Mary Morrissey, one of the most sought-after experts in the “Invisible Side of Success.”

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Do you want to try these meditations?  Or maybe you already have experience?

Let us know, and comment below on how it worked for you.  


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