How to Start Writing Great Blog Posts: Tips for Bloggers

                    Emily Johnson

Here, we have another young talent telling us how to start writing great blog posts.

I would like to introduce young, ambitious people here; as you all saw, this time, it is a young lady who did an amazing infographic and is very good at writing. I wish I could write like her.:)

Read her short bio below and see her infographic; the title is:

How To Bake A Texty Cake?

Is this not a creative Idea?

See the innovatively designed infographic.

Let us learn how to “bake a texty cake” from her  🙂

How do you like the infographic?

Please leave a comment if you liked her Cake.

Here is my short bio: Emily Johnson is a blogger behind OmniPapers, a website about the writing life of students and everyone who creates content for the Web. You can always find more works of hers on G+ and Twitter.

How to Start Writing Great Blog Posts: Tips for Bloggers

Nowadays, there are many bloggers on the web as most people want to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Some people do it for fun, and others do it to earn money. However, no matter what the reason is, it’s important to run an interesting and useful blog to capture your audience’s interest.


 If you want to keep your readers interested, you need to start writing great blog posts.


Here’s a handy infographic about blog writing by OmniPapers to help you understand the basic elements of a great blog post. If you want to master your writing skills, you need to discover more at their website and keep reading this article.


Of course, there are many essential ingredients of a good blog post, but we want to focus on the most important ones.


So, each blog post should have:


  1. Thoughtful Topic: Try to give your readers what they want. If you know their needs, you can make up a good and thoughtful topic. Don’t forget to add tips and pieces of advice.


  1. Catchy Headlines: As it is the first thing your readers pay attention to, it should be eye-catching and unique. Disclose the topic, interest them, and prove that it is going to be an interesting piece of writing to read.


  1. Media Content: People perceive visuals better, so try to use media content. While there are many types of visual content, try to pick up the most relevant ones.


  1. Relevant Links: To build authority and your online reputation, you should rely on trustful resources only. So, don’t hesitate to insert relevant links to help your audience understand the theme more deeply.


  1. Enhanced Readability: Most people don’t like spending much time reading. Thus, you need to make your texts as comfortable as you can. Think about your readers and enhance readability with the help of subheadings, lists, and short paragraphs.


Do you try to include all these elements in your blog post?                Please leave a comment; thank you How to Start Writing Great Blog Posts: Tips for Bloggers