What about your business website and presence online?

Many small businesses have not yet a website and online presence. For counselors, therapists, dentists, lawyers, yoga teachers, and… the number of website-less is even higher. The reasons are almost always two deficiencies: money, time, or both.  Even with a small business, you can attract customers online with a website.

Reasons Why Even A Small Business Needs To Be Present Online

Here are good reasons for a business website:

Present your offer correctly

An Internet presence requires that you first think intensively about the goods or services you want to offer. And that is sometimes more profound than the customers realize: For example, the local customers of a shoe store learn on the homepage that there are not only children’s shoes in the shop but also women’s shoes and accessories.

Reasons Why Even A Small Business Needs To Be Present Online

Advertise more effectively

What do you currently advertise? Do you include flyers or direct mailings? These media rarely catch the customer at the right time. If your customers find your small business online through Google, the chances are good that they have a specific request and hope to find a solution.

You can hardly advertise cheaper: Visitors who come through the average organic search, will not cost you a penny. Sure, setting up, running, and optimizing a customer attracting website requires an investment – but, it may be the best investment, see the next Reason.

Could you create the website or homepage yourself?

With the right software, a skilled person can create a website. There are website builders, and with content management systems, an experienced person who copes well with Word and Powerpoint can also create a homepage.

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But you may not be skilled enough, and it is crucial to have a professional-looking website. It makes sense, in any case, to hire a trained web designer. Best is to inform yourself or ask colleagues for recommendations. Today, many relatively unskilled web designers are up to mischief, which at best do not cost much, but do not bring great results.

But you want to stand out with a professional-looking functional website which is the most powerful asset for your business.  A website that attracts more customers.

Your customers can easily recommend you to others

If your product is right, your customers also will recommend you to others. In the online age, this increasingly happens via media such as e-mail, Facebook, or other social networks such as the classic forums. Without a website, nobody can link to you, and you renounce this rapidly growing and favorite recommendation channels.

Your customers will find you

If you regularly receive customers in your store or office, driving directions is extremely helpful. You can integrate Google Maps, which you can implement into your website and social media pages.

Answer frequent customer inquiries directly on the homepage

Presumably, you will spontaneously come up with two or three questions that you often hear from customers. Of course, it is helpful to talk to your customers, but you can probably better use your time than answer the same questions over and over again.

Simply answer these questions on the website, the Frequently Asked Questions section, For all other inquiries, you can provide a contact form. If you like to make phone calls, add your phone number.

Sell ​​your products online

If you sell a product that can be shipped, there is often nothing wrong with offering it in an online shop. So you suddenly expand the number of your potential customers to the whole of your country or even worldwide if you want.

Also setting up an online store today is no more complicated than setting up an eBay auction. Of course, there are legal and logistical issues that you need to consider, but there is also some help available.

Reasons Why Even A Small Business Needs To Be Present Online

You can establish a dialogue with your customers

To retain your customers, it makes sense to communicate with them. And that does not have to be 1:1, but can also be done by newsletter, blog, Twitter or Facebook. Especially for freelancers it can be beneficial to run a blog and to position themselves as experts of the respective field. For example, in social media, or it may make sense to run a blog for branding.

It may be quite beneficial to overthink all the arguments again and get present in the online world. In our time, customers first use the internet to get information and find goods and services.

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