What benefits has the right Blog Commenting for you?

Why Blog Commenting? The last time I saw discussions about blog commenting. In many groups, I saw there is blog sharing, but most of the members-only share the links on social media.
I am not blogging for business on my blog, but I did learn right from the beginning commenting is essential for traffic, branding, getting visitors to a blog, and connecting to others.

Blog comments are often neglected by bloggers, which is entirely wrong, I think. Blog comments on your blogs are a great appreciation of you and your content.

Why the right blog commenting is essential

right blog commenting

Comments in your blog articles have three significant benefits: they are an appreciation from your readers, they provide “social proof,” which means readers are aware that you have connections and more people may discuss your content, and comments also are content that you do not have to write yourself.

Comments are visitor-generated content, content that your readers deliver. Also, comments on your blog are more valuable than comments on Facebook, for example., they stay with your blog article count as content and can be indexed by Google  See here in a post written by Harsh Agrawal: Your post’s comments are also calculated as a part of your post’s content!  

There are some reasons against blog commenting.

Some people try to place their URL or place their product name. Comments with the wrong name or the Internet address are just as annoying as obvious spam. One-liners, something like “cool article.” Such comments are only for the backlink, which they either place in the comment or the URL field. I usually delete them.

WordPress comments are uncertain. A big security hole in a long time has been the comments. There is always the danger of malicious codes that makes comments a potential security hole. Comments need a strong spam defense.

blog commenting

Commenting is work and takes time when you want to do it right. You have to answer comments and respond to feedback. You also should reciprocate, which helps to connect. This means you have to read content and post meaningful comments and share in social media to give the favor back.
Also, spam must be filtered out, and you need to modify the links and false names mentioned above.

Reasons that speak for commenting

For example, a blog may have very high numbers of visitors, but if nobody writes a comment. It makes the blog empty and lifeless, and it may not be a pleasant experience for readers.

Comments make an article attractive. The discussion about a topic is sometimes more exciting than the actual content. Even if a post is not so good, the comments can significantly enhance it and bring ideas for better new content.

Learn from comments and get ideas for new content.

Also, comments often bring with them new perspectives. Other points of view can bring you further, and responding makes a community emerge and stick together. Whoever is allowed to have a say feels involved. It is great for any blog.

Let’s not forget the point of search engine optimization (SEO). I think that Google is intelligent enough to evaluate comments. They do not matter as much as the actual content, but the comment content is indexed and read. It is especially valuable if readers compare because exactly these may also make others to come across your article via Google. So comments also have an SEO value.

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right blog commenting

Blog comments are useful for any blog, be it a business, lawyer, therapist, handyman, or local business. It is because of the feedback that can be helpful.

Many bloggers are successful and well-known through blog commenting.

To mention only a few, I learned to know through blog commenting: First of all, I want to say Lesly Federici who taught me about blogging and commenting. Also, Donna Merill, Harleena Sing, the blog commenting Queen, here is an interview with her on Swadhin Agrawal s blog., Philip V.Ariel, and Enstine Muki. to mention only a few.

Here is a guest post from another connection through blog commenting 5 Reasons Why You Should Bank On The Internet to Make Money

Some I even met in person, like Saurabh Tiwari, Umesh Singh, Sathish Arumugam, Ravi Chahar, and many more.

And, of course, Ryan Biddulph, the well-known blogger from Paradise. I asked him to write or talk about the subject.

Do not rely only on my opinion about blog commenting; here is  Ryan Biddulph’s particular post for you all.

Blogging and Commenting – How to Create Traffic  Driving Blog Comments

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