Why is SiteGround Review so important?

SiteGround review is critical because many people need to know more about this excellent company. Here, I have tried to identify and assess the different quality features of SiteGround that make it stand out and rank as one of the best web hosting services.

Also, I did examine the importance of web hosting for businesses. I looked at how SiteGround web hosting can proffer a lasting solution. What SiteGround is all about is discussed, into how it excels in uptime percentage. Also, customer support, unique tools, cloud hosting, and the affordability and pricing of the different packages that SiteGround offers. Like shared hosting and the members’ areas alongside the ease of use and simplicity of the design.
Overall, the characteristics of SiteGround as a web hosting service its pros and cons, we examined and arrived at the conclusion that it is the best web hosting service.

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Why a review of SiteGround has become necessary

SiteGround review is what everyone is asking for all over the web. Because SiteGround is starting to attract a tremendous amount of clients and customers. Some people are moving from other web hosts that are not doing badly themselves and making a move to SiteGround. I think this is not far-fetched, as SiteGround has shown, as you would see to be better than the rest. 

SiteGround is a lot better than the usual web host on a budget. Some areas where it excels include its uptime being above average, the target market being private users and small businesses, responsive and skilled support, shared unlimited resources, and a lot more.

Developing an idea for a website is not something easy; many people forget it takes more than the idea, which is nothing more than just an initial step. The setup and operation of a website can be a huge deal. A lot hangs on websites in the world we live in today; huge businesses can even fail if they do not handle this aspect with care. 

How are you doing to tackle marketing on social media? You have to decide many things, like choosing if you want to include a store, a forum, or a blog on your site.

All of these culminate in choosing a service provider for your web hosting that is perfect for you. It is one thing for you to know that you want a provider that gives web hosting that you can develop with. Choosing one of the numerous options available (considering uptime and disk space) is another thing entirely. SiteGround is, without dispute, one of the best quality options available when it comes to web hosting, and we want to examine it thoroughly.

SiteGround hosting review: What really is SiteGround?

As if everyone in the tech world is saying something about SiteGround, and there are SiteGround cloud reviews, SiteGround reviews, SiteGround e-commerce reviews, SiteGround website builder reviews, SiteGround WordPress hosting reviews, SiteGround web hosting reviews, and SiteGround cloud hosting reviews, other reviews online. Because of this, the question of what SiteGround really is and what they are all about is essential.

SiteGround came to be in 2004, and it is the brainchild of three friends in the university – Nikolay Todorov, Reneta Tsankova, and Tenko Nikolaev. These friends were desperate to move web hosting onto a higher level. What they had in mind was a top hosting service that was a lot faster and safer.  It also featured support that is superior to all the options that already exist. What they got as a result of the immense hard work was SiteGround.

Today, SiteGround can boast of many pleased users, and it increasingly looks like it is doing great and meeting expectations and potential. We can see this with the number of domains hosted- more than one million. Therefore, SiteGround is getting a lot of praise from customers for the intense attention paid to the safety of the site, site speed, and keeping up with current technologies in hosting. SiteGround also stands out from the rest and is loved as a result of the extremely affordable prices they offer their services when compared to other web hosting services.

SiteGround web hosting review: Percentage of up Time

One thing that almost all website owners tend to complain about is uptime issues. And this SiteGround handles excellent; time is very critical. When you have a site in place, you do so, hoping that you get traffic all the time. However, if the web hosting service you are using does not provide high uptime on the priority list, you can find out when visitors begin to complain about not accessing your site when they visited it last time.

SiteGround Review

Some companies offer a guarantee of 100% uptime, but this is usually very scarce. Also, it still does not mean you are going to get up time of 100%. What it means is that if there is downtime and you notice, they reimburse you. What I am trying to pass across is that even with top web hosts, downtime still happens, and I do not say that SiteGround won’t experience downtime, but from the uptime records I was able to gather, uptime was 100% for months.

The guys at SiteGround are very confident about their performance. As a result of this confidence, they are willing to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.99 %. There is also compensation for customers anytime the guarantee cannot be kept in the space of a year.

Customer support

The customer support at SiteGround is quite phenomenal; any SiteGround review would be incomplete without a mention of this. When choosing a service provider for web hosting, most people do not consider tech support. It is when they try to speak to someone about an issue on the phone that they realize the mistake they have made.

SiteGround Review

Of all the web hosts that we have today, the fastest response that I have seen is SiteGround. It is almost impossible to overstate this. Sadly, some providers are full of promises and smiles while they are still trying to get you to do business with them.  But once they have gotten your business, they stop caring and do not deal with issues as they arise.

The support at SiteGround is exceptional, even during off-hours. It is safe to say that the support offered by SiteGround is unbeatable. They are indeed outstanding and consistent when answering all the questions you have before purchasing a plan with them. However, they remain very responsive and with the same passion when you become a customer of theirs. 

The department for customer support is open all the days of the week and 24 hours every day. There is a guarantee for support anytime you need it.

Also, there is nothing like hold time with SiteGround. The guys at SiteGround are very much aware of the frustration that sometimes comes with calling support and then having to wait for ages while on hold before speaking to someone. Because of this, there is a guarantee of no hold time for both live chat and phone support. 

It is even possible for you to send an email and receive your response in less than ten minutes; it usually does not exceed ten minutes. There is a guarantee that you are going to be talking to someone real every time, as there are no automated systems or annoying robots.


SiteGround has tools that are unique for popular applications, and we considered these tools in this SiteGround review. A lot of us are adept users of WordPress and will run all of our projects and work on WordPress; we do this even when it is not a blog. The guys at SiteGround know we all have our favorite tools, and they have factored that into SiteGround.

SiteGround Review

What SiteGround did is take all the tools that are very popular and create numerous specialized tools that are handy specifically for the platforms. Whether you are a user of WordPress or Joomla, you discover that you are happier with having SiteGround as your web host. Both platforms are supported by auto-installers to make the start-up easy. 

Another feature emphasized in this SiteGround review is automatic updates on both platforms to help ensure that your site stays very secure all the time.

WordPress and Joomla super-cachers ensure that your speeds remain very high. There is also GIT support and staging for geeky users who prefer a hands-on approach.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review: Cloud Hosting

In this SiteGround review, we examined cloud hosting. If you are someone who has been around websites for some time now, you should know all about cloud hosting. Today, SiteGround offers almost all the very best services available in cloud hosting. Some features that are specific to SiteGround include multi-platform support and storage for ample content.

SiteGround Review

You are going to get all your data anytime you need them and anywhere you need them. SiteGround offers free regular backups. It is because very experienced webmasters can make mistakes.  Without recent backups, it would mean having to restore the website manually through a recent cache. 

With SiteGround, there is no need for you always have to carry out the backups frequently yourself. SiteGround automatically helps you to back up databases belonging to you every day.

SiteGround also offers advanced monitoring, just that the service you get is flawless and reliable. There is support 24/7 for all the cloud data that belongs to you.

Members’ area

The members’ area of SiteGround is excellent. Not all web hosts can boast of offering a members’ area that is terrific for members to explore the service they offer, but SiteGround offers that. The guys at SiteGround understand the utmost importance of convenience to the consumers of today. 

There is absolutely no one with the patience or time to spend hunting and looking for the things they need. This is precisely why the user area of SiteGround impressed me greatly. You can access your account with ease. Also, you get all the information you might need without any form of hassle or stress. 

You can do many things like monitoring your personal domain, check the billing status at the moment, and follow up on any ticket without stress. A SiteGround review without this would be incomplete.

The design of SiteGround is very sleek-looking and pleasing to the eyes while staying extremely simple to navigate. It is quite handy anytime there is a need for you to check something specific on your account quickly.


When you are running, managing, and building your website, the quality of service is not all you have to consider or be concerned about. What you need is a service that is of high performance and reliability while also remaining affordable on a limited budget. We also address affordability in this SiteGround review.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to your choice of web hosts based on your needs, but SiteGround guarantees you affordability while still providing you with quality service. They have packages for independent bloggers, owners of small businesses, start-ups, and large corporations.

Shared Hosting 

Value: SiteGround is at the top of the class. At the moment, three service packages are offered by them to meet a plethora of needs. What can we expect from a SiteGround review, if not the different packages?

Choose your Hosting Plan

The service packages are:



  1. Start-up: just like the name, this package is a package that is basic but also very comprehensive, and it is for the people who have just started on their site. It is a match made in heaven for beginners, and it also stays very compatible with standard traffic volumes — 10,000 visits per month.

It is exceptionally affordable when you consider the value you get back in return. The start-up packages start at $3.95 monthly, which is a lot less than the average person spends on a coffee cup in the morning. 

Some features of this package include web space of 10GB, cloud flare CDN that is free, 4 server locations, full panel, and customer support access. Also, support for a website that includes all the hosting elements that are essential.

This package also comes along with a guarantee of money back for 30 days. Which is perfect for people who are just beginning and do not fully understand what they need. They can also choose a Domain or use an existing one.

Grow Big

  1. Grow Big: This is the next package available, and it is one I would advise everyone to get as it is with what I went. This package is suitable for website owners who are looking to economically and successfully host a plethora of websites. And this without having to pay or subscribe for more than one account. It also includes free website transfer.

This package allows for about 25,000 visits every month, and the pricing is quite reasonable, beginning at $7.95 every month. Some features of this package include web space of 20GB, a lightning-fast speed, free HTTP/2, an SSL certificate, and streamlined support available for both WordPress and Joomla. WordPress and Joomla super-cachers ensure that your speeds remain very high. There is also GIT support and staging for geeky users who prefer a hands-on approach.

Go, Geek,

Go Geek: this is the go-to solution for hosting by SiteGround. It allows you to host numerous websites at an affordable rate without any worry about slow load time, downtime, and other issues that are common. It can handle about 100,000 visits every month, and the pricing begins at $11.95 every month. Go Geek includes free website transfer as well.

Step 2 Choosing Domain

Choose to buy a new domain or sign up with an existing domain. There is also a free website transfer included for GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Step 3. Review and Complete

The advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign-up process, and the low price is for the initial one-year period. Other hosting providers usually do this only when buying the longest hosting period.


Additional premium features

There are also a host of discounts that are available on this package. There are additional features that are premium and explicitly designed for webmasters. Including performance tools, e-commerce tools, and access to different innovative features that can give superior control. 

Other features include servers that are PCI compliant, WordPress staging, a webspace of 30GB, and all the features of the two packages before this one. Some people are just beginning to run e-commerce sites, business websites, or large-scale blogs. 

Others are trying to get alternatives that are affordable to the current services they are on. By both advanced users and beginners about the reliability, efficiency, and value of this package Immense satisfaction has been expressed.

People who have made the transition and moved from another web hosting service have found this transition exceptionally easy and seamless to make, mainly due to the free transfer of the site available. This SiteGround review should help you make the transition, too. Check it out here.

New client area

SiteGround is ever-evolving and developing to give its customers the very best. It is this that prompted them to develop a new set of interfaces that helps the customers manage and build websites and also host on SiteGround. New clients who sign up on SiteGround can start experiencing this new interface, and existing customers should expect to be switched gradually from September 2019.

The new client area comes with more advanced technologies and a top-notch UX. The interfaces go a very long way in making the management of sites a lot more efficient and more comfortable. Aside from the new client experience, SiteGround is now 100% mobile-friendly and faster, which allows you to host and manage a site using any device.

Some of the improvements the new client area has brought about in the experience of the user include easier creation of a site, easier site access, more accessible site management, and many more.

Merits and Demerits

  • What I enjoyed the most about SiteGround in this SiteGround review is the uptime performance that is 100%. How downtime causes harm to web presence; this is why the fantastic uptime performance of SiteGround is an excellent thing.
  • Something that is just as important as uptime is good speed. It is because a slow website gives an impression that is less professional instantly. 

Microseconds can be the difference between losing and winning business. And this goes a very long way to show how important speed is. The site, when using SiteGround, loads very easily and quickly without any form of problem.

  • Unlike other providers of web hosting services, SiteGround tries to limit storage space. Disk space limited can both be a disadvantage and an advantage. If your site is one that consumes disk space, then this is bad news for you. They do not oversell and overrate their servers, which means that the sites are going to load a lot faster.
  • Sites that are ultra-large and have many visits every month might need the level of resources that even the Go Geek package cannot cover adequately. It is crucial that you fully understand the real scope and scale of what you need when you are evaluating your available options.
  • SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate and CDN. It might not sound imperative, but Google Chrome, which is the web browser that is most popular by a wide margin, has begun to warn people actively about the site that they are trying to access not having the SSL certificate.

Free SSL certificate

The SSL certificate helps to protect information that is private and sent between the website and your device, including details that are personal, like the IP address. It is what makes the SSL certificate an essential requirement for websites, and SiteGround offers it for free.

SiteGround has something for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. Bloggers and beginners can enjoy the fact that they can install website builders that are popular with very few clicks. 

 You can install the apps that are available for beginners painlessly and quickly. You do need not any developer to help you install them. 

If you are an advanced user or a developer, you are not left out too. GIT comes preinstalled on the bigger plans with phpMyAdmin, SFTP, WP-CLI, and SSH. There are multiple versions of PHP available for use, and all of these features make the SiteGround experience.

SG Plugin from SiteGround:

The SG plugin is a game-changer and elevates your WordPress and site performance. This plugin connects WordPress with the server and has unique features like managing HTTPS and PHP scripts. You get better control over your website and can efficiently optimize the content. Here are the top features offered by the SG plugin from SiteGround.

1 Brilliant Dynamic

With the SG plugin, powerful caching is possible if you get a new comment on your blog; the robust plugin purges the cache when there are any critical changes; this way, the website speed does not get affected. The fewer caches are purged, the less time it will take to reload the website.

2. Excellent Image Optimization

The SG plugin offers additional features like automatic image optimization, fast image loading, GZIP compression, removal of query strings, disabling emoji, etc.

3. Boost HTTPS traffic Redirection

The new plugin improves HTTPS traffic redirection and reconfirms the site to work with SSL certification. The overall site loading time is fast and safe. Additionally, the plugin scans for insecure content and rewrites it for you.

4. Sleek Interface

The SG plugin is simple, clean, and sleek as compared to the previous version. The interface is redirection and improves the processing and website performance without consuming too many resources.

5. Responsive Support

The SG plugin offers Memcached support; it is super smooth and supports all the PHP versions. You can see the statistics and can visualize them with the Debug Bar plugin.

NEW client area and site tools

The interface is brand new and enhances the overall management of the website, hosted on SiteGround. The interface has a lot to offer. These are some top features which we should not miss.

1. Improvised UX with Trending Technologies

Managing the site is super easy and effortless. They are super fast and mobile-friendly; you can now effortlessly manage your website from any device of your choice. Almost all the site tools perform each task in just one click and a few seconds.

2. Effortless Site Creation

The creation and onboarding process is super easy; it works great for small businesses, start-ups, professionals, bloggers, and even e-commerce websites. The site is more intuitive than before, and setting up the site is fast. You can install WordPress, Magneto, or any other app of your choice.

3. White Label Access To Client

If your business requires providing access to the client, you can give site tool access conveniently. You can create a client’s website under your hosting account; once you have done it, you can provide them access and ship it with just a click.
The built-in option enables smooth ownership transfer, and there are package deals that offer site management and hosting in one place. The client can access your website’s Site Tool and post without login.

4. Security

NEW clients can be assured about the scalability and security; everything is API-based, and the damage scope is almost zero. The page loading speed is incredibly high; all credit goes to less data manipulation at the back end.


This SiteGround review has tried to elucidate and better understand SiteGround and how it works. We live in a world today where there are a lot of people complaining about frequent issues. For example, excessive downtime, bandwidth problems, and slow load times. This is why it is very refreshing when a setup like the guys at SiteGround is delivering quality when it comes to web hosting.
They have set new standards for flexibility, customer service, and features; other web hosts now look up to them to be able to match their quality. SiteGround is now on everyone’s lips. There are a lot of website owners who are now switching to SiteGround.

It is now five years that my websites are hosted on SiteGround.  I always was satisfied with the service, especially with the support, and I saw it improve immensely over the years.

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