The word “ The Power of Blogging” was created by my amazing friend  Sathish Arumugam.

He came up with the phrase power of blogging when we met in Coimbatore. Blogging is powerful in many ways not only for business and it is possible to work wherever there is an internet connection.

It is really fascinating how the power of blogging made it possible for me to connect with awesome friends and to realize my dream to travel to India. Near five-month this time, I have been there. After a long time here I tell you all a short version of my journey.

Alwar, Rajasthan a traditional Indian wedding

This time it was my Blogger friend Vishal Bohara who invited me to his wedding. It was a real beautiful, traditional Indian dream wedding near Alwar Rajasthan. A beautiful experience for me to meet wonderful people and I had the opportunity to discover villages, castles, and the Sariska forest were some of the last tigers of Rajasthan live.  All were colorful, especially all the ladies in Sarees. Vishal and  Manisha are a beautiful couple.

After the wedding, I had an adventurous scooter ride with Rajan Kishan. Rajan had enthusiastically asked me for a visit to his students. He is the most ambitious, caring teacher I ever met and a social activist. I talked to the terrific brilliant kids in his village school. The principle and the other teachers were not less enthusiastic about their work with the kids. Something every parent would wish for.


Back in Delhi, I stayed in Indo Continental Hotel. My Friend Anil, the dream man and in between a dream dad. He said, “I asked God a best friend he sent me my son”. Now Anil is one of the mangers of the hotel. He knows dream building works. His story is here on my blog and it inspired many, not to give up.

New Year in Rohtak, Haryana with Rahul and family

Together with  Rahul Sihmars family, I celebrated New Year, a joy to see the progress of this young man. Together with his brother Rankit and Praveen Dalal they are managing   Dynasty Digital Network and DDN India and provide great service to clients and successfully help to improve their businesses.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

With the really lovely parents, we visited other members in a village and I felt really welcome everywhere. All wanted to feed me with the best food. Good that I never gain weight in India.

Vashishtha Kapoor came for a visit and we went for lunch together, he is blogging as well and is moving happily forward on the way to his dream.

Mumbai Maharashtra

Finally, I went to Mumbai to stay with my most beautiful friends Anant and Rachna. We wanted to make our dream of going to Coimbatore, Ooty, and Conoor together a reality.

But before we met with our blogger friends the 3nions, Mihir Gadhvi, Satyansh Tiwai, and Prakhar Shrivastrav and Rohan Chaubey. This time Sandeep Kumar joined us as well he is also a blogger., We had met at the wedding in Rajasthan and had a trip to a haunted castle together.


We met at the new llustrake office of the 3nions, happy to see the success. Beautiful memories again 🙂

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

With Anant, Rachna and her mother, we had a beautiful day trip and boat ride to the Elephanta caves near Mumbai.  And after this a long way back home through the insane traffic of Mumbai.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

Subhajit Biswas was for a visit to Mumbai it was unexpected but we had a great spontaneous, meeting together with his friend Anil Solanki. Did an unplanned interview together and feeling all motivated and inspired. It was really a meeting of like-minded friends.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

Coimbatore,  Ooty, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Finally, it was time for our travel to South India, Tamil Nadu. A 32-hour train ride can be fun. Together with friends, it seems not that long. In Coimbatore, we took a driver who took us to Ooty and Coonoor. He was a skillful driver and took us to the most beautiful places.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

It was incredible. Breathtaking outlooks, magical Forrests, lush green tea plantation,  fantastic places with lakes and waterfalls, the fragrant smell of eucalyptus trees.

A spectacular landscape with stunning vegetation. Plants which I try here to keep alive are there blooming and growing like weeds. And the air is crips, cool and clean and after the heat in Mumbai it was refreshing and all felt wonderful. We had a fantastic time together.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

Back in Coimbatore, we met with Sathish Amurumgan and friends. He is a real multi-talented, successful entrepreneur, he is an inspiration. Together we spent a day at the Isha foundation. Later met the lovely families. We visited Sathish’s office where he creates his content for Traffic Crow and offers service to his clients. Recently he started another service, which is high in demand, offering Guest posts.  We all know, these days, good content is most important for the websites and a successful business.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

We had dinner together with friends and exchanged a lot of Ideas. Like-minded people having fun together a memorable time.

After a few days, it was time for me to move on. At the airport for a flight to Chennai, I said good bye to my friends.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

In Chennai, I accompanied a friend for knee surgery. This is a separate story and I will write about separate. It is something which may help people looking for pain relief and surgery in an affordable way. Medical tourism to India is getting more and more popular. Altogether it was an amazing experience.

Another great get-together with Abishiekh Jain founder of Hackers Den and AJ took place in Chennai.

The Fascinating Power Of Blogging And Awesome Friends

The only 17-year-old Abishiek is a real inspiration for the youth of not only India. He was featured not only in Huffpost, HavardUniversity and just had his first TED-talk. He is well known in the blogger scene.  It seems we will hear more from him in the future. AJ Ajay is writing heartful poems and his poem in the form of a beautiful song just was published. The name is Daffodil and we will hopefully hear more of these songs. Listen to it below

All these meetings with like-minded awesome and inspiring young people were possible through the Power of Blogging.  Sathish found the right words “The Power of Blogging” creates infinite possibilities.

It was a pleasure meeting all these friends, I am grateful to know them. To the success of all.

This is my Indian travel story, in short, more to come. I hope you liked it.

To the Bloggers:  Do you realize and embrace the power of blogging and meeting with like-minded people?