How training body and mind can help to achieve your desires

Training your body and mind is crucial to stay healthy and spirited.
Why are training body and mind important? We live in a time of significant changes; if we want to be in flow with them and reach our desired goals, it is more than ever necessary to take care of ourselves. We need the right […]

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2 Steps to Free The World

Are you ready to take the steps?
What are these two steps to free the world?  Number one is maybe the most important for every human being: meditating, doing yoga, developing spiritually, and BE. Everybody can do it; it is not even difficult and can be pleasant. Who does not want to be more conscious and […]

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2 Often Overlooked Energizers

Do you lack Energizers?
There are two often overlooked energizers and in his guest post, our Friend Ryan Biddulph will tell you the secret.

2 Often Overlooked Energizers
I meditate for 20-30 minutes daily.
I do 30 minutes of Kriya yoga.
I do 90 minutes of yin yoga.
I power walk for 90 minutes.
Each practice energizes me quite nicely. But I […]

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How to News Proof Yourself

Do you know how to news-proof yourself?
In our time, we need to news-proof ourselves more than ever to be able to live a peaceful life. Many people believe everything that the media puts out, get confused, and are in stress mode.  But stress is a silent killer and shuts down our immune system. Better to […]

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Discovering The Inner Self – Ways To Know Your True Self Fully

Indian ways of discovering  the inner self 
There is a lot of energy that the universe has given every human being. But we do not use it fully and often we are acquiring more negative feelings than positive ones.

We all are mentally trained to put on a special mask when dealing with other people and […]

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