How can you overcome failure?

What do you think is the biggest failure in life?  It is the fear of failure! Mistakes and failures are crucial for learning and the growth in our life.

If you are afraid of mistakes, it will have an extremely negative impact on your life and, in the worst case, lead to a complete inability to act. If you are constantly afraid of doing something wrong, you will not dare and have the courage to follow your dreams.

We want to make everything perfect, but that is not possible. Here is another guest post by my young friend Romil Rambhad. He will tell you how you can overcome failure in life.

Thank you, Romil

How to overcome failure in life?

There isn’t a single individual in the entire world that hasn’t faced failure in their life; I would rather say more successful a person is more failures he faces. While why is it some are growing from it, and some remain stuck?
Failure is a strong indication you are doing something new and trying things out of your comfort zone. While there is always a possibility of success and failure in anything you pursue, these failures might sometimes create obstacles in our journey, how to overcome this obstacle becomes essential for us.

Here are 5 things I discovered and how I overcome failure in my life:

1. Perspective:

Whenever things are fine, you might get caught up in our activities and even get a bit off track. When you fail, you have to reconsider many factors in your life. This is a great chance to revalue what is important to you. You can switch your focus from the things that you don’t care about to those that actually matter.

When one develops the ability to see the failures as an opportunity to grow than obstacles, you demonstrate real strength. When you shift your perception, you will see everything as an opportunity.

5 Hacks On How To Overcome Failure In Your Life

2. Failure is a Feedback:

You are bound to make mistakes along the process of learning new skills or working towards a goal. It’s just part of the process of getting better. So if failure is inevitable, then it’s best to expect and plan for it. Anticipate where and when things may go wrong. Listen to other’s experiences and your own to see what you can do differently next time.
If we habitually think there is no such thing as failure, eventually, we cease to fail. If we persistently accept supposedly defeat as feedback that benefits us in our quest for success, success will indeed be accomplished with relative ease.

overcome failure

3. Take responsibility for your failures:

Blaming others is the easy way out, and it is a trap that we all fall into. But, when you blame others, what you are really doing is stating that you are incapable of rectifying the situation. When something goes wrong, blaming others strips you of your power, but when you take responsibility, your primary focus is to identify what went wrong so that you can rectify it.
To rectify a problem, you need to take responsibility, identify what went wrong, determine what you can do next time and, put your plan into action.
“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” ~ Dalai Lama

4. Failures be a Blessing

I have encountered many failures on my journey till now; I wasn’t able to trace out at that moment why it happened with me. While down the line, clarity strikes, and I am so thankful that it didn’t work out at that time. Because what I am doing now is much bigger and more fulfilling.
Even after trying with the best of your skills and knowledge, you are not succeeding, and then something better is on the way. Focus on the next step which you need to take, as the journey progresses, everything will make sense. Failure reminds you to focus on the journey, and you open yourself up to something even better down the road.

5 Hacks On How To Overcome Failure In Your Life

5. What is your WHY?

This is one aspect most people misinterpret while this is a crucial one. When you have a strong purpose for doing something, no matter how many obstacles you face, you will persist and stay until the very end. To have such strong determination, one should have a strong reason to do things.
Mahatma Gandhi fought until the very end for the independence of the country even after facing numerous obstacles. Thomas Edison, while working on his invention of the electric bulb, found success after failing 1000 times, and many such examples are there.

To learn to overcome failure in life:

Start by asking yourself WHY I do want to do it, how it will serve others, impact others. Your WHY holds enormous strength.

5 Hacks On How To Overcome Failure In Your Life

Romil Rambhad is a Self-improvement Author and Life Strategist. A certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Reiki (Energy Healer). I coach and mentor people to reach their fullest potential and overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling & successful life.

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