Do you grow through life or just play it safe?

Many people do not grow through life and live the way society wants them to be. Some even after a challenge in life get hopeless in resignation, trying to keep the standard of life pretending to live the good life. Personal growth is a choice. But: “To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”– Deepak Chopra

Let us see what story our friend Ryan Biddulph tells us about mindlessly go or mindfully grow through Life.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Ryan


Do You Mindlessly Go through Life or Mindfully Grow through Life?

I recall working with a man who spent about 16 hours daily dividing time between 2 jobs.

He worked at Walmart in the morning and as a security guard in the evening.

Every day, he worked from 6 AM to 10 PM or even midnight, in some cases.

Rest assured, he spent 16-18 hours working every Monday through Friday before enjoying the weekend with his family.

Before he began working at Walmart and as a security guard, he owned a factory. My former co-worker modestly led on to the fact that he was a millionaire a few times over. But he lost some of his fortunes during a downturn in the stock market. Going through that experience taught him a lesson: do not invest big money in stocks, or you will lose almost everything!

Alas, a former multi-millionaire who likely still had a fortune found himself working 16 to 18 hour days doing basic stuff. He enjoyed both jobs to some extent but also seemed out of place, a bit depressed, and also worked partially to distract himself from the boredom of being at home.

He found himself going through life, but he did not grow through life.

Imagine someone with a hefty net worth working 2 basic jobs for 16 hours a day, mostly to make some dough but partially to get health benefits and to keep busy. But he lived such a life because even though he went through losing big bucks during the stock market, he did not GROW through the experience to generate greater wealth.

No one rewards you for GOING through a difficult experience. Either you GROW through rough circumstances to learn lessons, to free yourself, and to prosper abundantly, or you GO through tough experiences, learn no positive lessons, bind yourself, and trend toward a poverty consciousness as you suffer through hardship again and again, in an endless loop.

Grow through life by learning positive lessons from all experiences. Losing a decent chunk of change in the stock market seems like a nightmare to avoid in the future for someone who goes through life but imagine the avoidance leading to you working 18 hour days at rough jobs, too? Do you really want to trade the last few decades of your life for sitting in Walmart and a shipping terminal?

How about growing through the experience by learning what to do in order to prosper. Losing your shirt during market downturns teaches a growth-minded individual a few lessons. Invest more conservatively. Hire a savvy analyst. Make your $500,000 or $1,000,000 investment work for you by earning $10,000 to $20,000 each quarter. Earning $20K quarterly nets $80K per year. Earning $80K per year nets $800,000 over one year. Someone with $800,000 in the bank can live a modest yet fulfilling life without needing to spend 18 hours a day in Walmart and the shipping terminal.

Growing through life benefits you

Growing through life benefits you by freeing you. Going through life hurts you by enslaving you to fear, situations and circumstances. People often complain about going through some rough circumstances, but if you go through the difficulties and do not grow and learn through the situations, you will keep going through the same problems until you learn lessons. 

Stop going through endless loops of misery! Start growing through each experience to break the loop.

No one wins any rewards for going through tough spots because we all suffer through life sometimes. Growing through difficult experiences by facing fear, learning about your mind, and letting go of destructive mental patterns frees you from the nightmares. From there, you can live your dreams.


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