Think or Panic!!

What is the reason that people either think or panic? Observing people’s reactions in this crisis time, I can feel and see the why. There are people who do the inner work and are calm and able to think. But the majority, in my opinion, lost the connection to the nature of life. And also faith?

Fearlessness comes not by the absence of fear, but by the awareness of a presence that dwarfs fear. Bhagavat Gita Chapter 16, Text 01

There are two kinds of situations fear comes in, one is the natural reaction to danger, the fight or flight response, which does not need much thinking, you run. But in our time this kind of danger is rare. In the other situation, fear comes, but if somebody has a clear mind, he knows what to do. It is also a natural god-given state of being. Several times I could experience it myself.

Our Friend Ryan Biddulph will share his view and experience with us here.

Thank you, Ryan

Do You Think or Panic?

Picture two people inside of a burning building.

Imagine a Buddhist monk and Rhodes scholar attempting to flee the wreck.

The Buddhist monk calmly exits the building because he has no fear; he clearly sees and travels the way out. The Rhodes scholar acquired vast sums of knowledge but has deep fears in mind, panics, and burns to a crisp.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” ~ Mike Tyson

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Thinkers think, see clearly and remain calm. Panickers stop thinking, see chaos and whip themselves up into a frenzy.

A few weeks ago, I met up with my cousin. We enjoy playing little pranks on each other. After he left one room I jumped at him and scared him a little bit as a goof. He returned the favor a few hours later. At that moment, both he and I felt fear and jumped a little bit; neither could solve a complex problem mentally involving deep thought because feeling a surge of fear suspends thinking. If you ain’t thinking you are in fight or flight mode because fear screams for ego survival. Run! Or throw ‘em up! No in between!

Closely observe humanity. Do people think? Or do people panic? Thinkers seem rare because thinkers face many deep fears to cease panicking and to begin thinking. The Buddhist monk noted in the burning building gave his life to mastering his mind by facing fears, feeling fears, releasing the habit of panic, and clearly thinking through any situation, being void of fear.

However, the ego and its panic seem to infect humanity largely NOT thinking but:

  • Reacting
  • Fighting
  • Running

How can you think if you panic? Panicking suspend logic, rational thought, and flat-out pure, clear thinking.

For example, clear, rational thinkers little infected by fear understand scientifically that 2 million years of human mental, bodily and immune system evolution trumps 18 months or diaper evolution or 6 months of fluid evolution. Thinking scientifically reveals Mother Nature perfected a machine called the human being over 2 million years of mental, bodily, and immune system growth. We are a marvel! Many inter-stellar species value our bodies specifically for their durability, hardiness, and overall largely indestructible nature. However, fear in the mind induces panic. Panicked, scared minds cease thinking and react wildly to anyone who thinks clearly while completely trusting any person or entity that allows the ego to evade fear, even if the belief sounds ludicrous to a clear-thinking person.

Fear sitting in the mind of a perfectly evolved 2 million-year-old human-machine turns the mind, body, and immune system to the most delicate, fine china that can be shattered, destroyed, and completely obliterated at the mildest touch of manipulation. Fear is an illusion, fear is not true, and the mind and body are genuinely marvels, but scared enough, manipulative people tell you lies often enough you will believe the lies-illusion and will rail against the truth.

For example, believing that Mother Nature in its eternal genius would deeply value the 18-month science of diapers or the 6-month science of fluids over the 2 million-year-old science of a being that not only molds its reality with its mind but possesses an almost completely indestructible body and a miraculous immune system, makes you fit to be committed. No sane person believes in diapers and fluids over Nature’s Scientific Perfection.

However, FEAR IN THE MIND makes you insane. Insane people who do not think clearly trust people who lie to them and disbelieve people who tell them the truth. Imagine a world of upside-down thinking. If you fear, you panic and will do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING to avoid the fear you fear feeling, even if it means believing deeply in 18-month diaper science, 6-month fluid science, or spacing nearly indestructible bodies apart to prevent co-murder. The ego does not so deeply believe in these things; it just wants no f*cking part of facing its horror of death and discomfort. Give me a diaper! I do not want to die!

think or panic

But facing, feeling, and releasing the fears of death, discomfort, and any other terror slowly but surely allows you to think and see clearly. The Rhodes scholar burns to a crisp because he is so darn smart but is terrified in mind, and the masses willingly march to slaughter because they are so darn smart but secretly just want the shepherds to put them out of their misery because of their fear of life and living is even greater than their fear of death.

Face your fears. Think clearly. Stop panicking. Seize life. Enjoy living. Live your dreams.

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Fear boiled down to its barest is the absence of God

Our extraordinary abilities -We are born with the capacity to self-heal, to self-regulate longevity, to activate an enhanced immune response, and to experience deep intuition, sympathy, empathy, and, ultimately, compassion-and to do each of these on demand.- Gregg Braden – The New Human story 

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