Do you follow the news?

Do you let the news influence your life and your perception? Can you believe what they tell you?

Know that none of what they tell is really true and that they are owned and paid to only show what their owners want the people to know so they can be manipulated and divided on demand.  They say: “The herd must be led.”

Most free media is banned or works undercover. Recently I saw some being arrested here in Canada during the peaceful protest in Ottawa for filming the truth.

In the middle of a revolution 44 years ago, I saw with my own eyes how they do it.  They tell on TV ridiculous news stories, you know, and see it’s wrong,  not the truth and people even on the other side of a big city can be fooled and believe what they say. And I heard what lies the media reported about the same on the other side of the world. At that time, there was even no internet yet. It brings division, but it was only until a certain point and all collapsed. But still, most people did not learn from it. Today still, the same people are behind it. May the truth reveal itself.

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But we can go out of this game and not let it affect our life. Do not participate in the madness because whoever controls the media also controls your mind. Take care and be the master of your mind. Let yourself be guided by your Heart and intuition, which is your divine guidance.

The Weaponization of Psychology

Be careful!

Our friend Ryan Biddulph will tell us his view and experience about the news.

Thank you, Ryan

Have You Ever Thought of the News in this Particular Fashion?

I have not actively followed the news in 23 years.

I have barely scanned a headline in 6 months.

And I only see headlines because I open Twitter a few times daily to connect with blogging tips hungry readers. But I never click through to read articles.

For the intents and purposes of this post, I want to grab a few news headlines to help you think of the news in an eye-opening fashion.

“Russia Has Seized Control of Airport in Ukraine”

“Woman Serves Time for Storming the Capitol”

“Lebron James Wanted Trade to Happen, but It Did Not”

Psychopaths run the news. Proof is in the fact that one, two, or ten beings with worldly access to billions of human beings decided right now that the best thing to do to bring humans together, to solve world problems, to spread love, to empower humanity, to promote One-ness and to advance our civilization out of war and madness into peace and wholeness, is to drill into the minds of billions that Russia declared war on Ukraine and seized control of the airport, that a woman will go to jail for storming the Capitol and that Lebron James threw a private hissy-fit because his team did not trade for someone.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.– Malcolm X

Have you ever thought in your mind how much a psychopath one or two or ten beings must be to deliberately, intentionally, mindfully repeat these stories millions upon millions of times every single day, being completely aware that these stories create war, madness, separation, rank fear, rage, horror, terror, guilt, and grief in the insane, deluded, fear-filled minds of billions of human beings?

Since I chose to make the highly uncomfortable but liberating decision to begin training my mind 20 years ago, I woke up today and thought: “How can I have fun helping people?”

20 plus years ago, before I decided to train my mind, my mind was so filled with fear, insanity, and delusion that I woke up, an impulse to check the news sat in my mind because I feared the consequences of NOT checking the news, and I would watch headlines of human beings murdering each other, broke people suffering, racism, guilt, shaming and other forms of insanity.


My mind was so weak, warped, and deluded, that I actually believed that being informed on fear, death, racism, guilt, grief, poverty, and all news storylines were: “important,” “what was going on in the world,” “the first step in solving problems,” “not keeping my head in the sand,” and “being an informed citizen.”

Based on the insane, mad views of a fear-infested world, me not being aware of mass murders, rapings, or the mad opinions of 1 or 2 beings, by choosing not to follow the news, makes me irresponsible, uninformed, ignorant, and flat out stupid. Do you now see how insane you need to be to follow the news, to believe the news, to be scared of the news, and to actually think that consuming images of fear, death, and despair is being informed, up to date, and a responsible citizen?


The only news to follow is your inner dialog flowing from the heart to the world. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut. Help people. Do things to bring the world together. Do things to promote our One-ness. Spread love. Be kind to people. In truth, even the select few psychopaths deserve compassion for these beings act from fear. The beings who choose to disseminate these stories to billions fear losing power over billions, in addition to financial loss.

But as we shift toward One-ness, love, and harmony, the traditional news is becoming old news. 

Even formerly matrix-dominated online platforms are spawning tens of millions of users who understand that the only realities are love, unity, generous service, peace of mind, and our collective power as One.

Conquer the fears in your mind to turn off the news for good.

Listen to the news in your heart as soon as you wake up daily.

That story will always be uplifting because the only news-maker in your heart is God.

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