We Are What We Think-Abundance

Abundance is everywhere – We only need to see it. Nature is abundant, there is a wealth of energy and there are plenty of possibilities.

The Law of Abundance states that there is an unlimited source of everything we need or want, available to us at any time in the Universe.

We need to let go of our thinking of lack. The universe follows the Law of Abundance, and this law states that we can have whatever we want. But we will get exactly what we really believe we can have.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our world and this is exactly what will be our truth. What we think about our self and our possibilities will become our truth. For example, if we worry about survival we act out of scarcity, This thought patterns will determine your life.

Unfortunately, we often come in an attitude of lack.
“I do not have enough…”, “I’m not… enough.”, “If only I had …”.

And with this attitude, we limit ourselves and our possibilities. Have not our parents and grandparents told us that there is not enough for everyone, that there is a shortage in this world? And is there not a lot of evidence for this thought? They said we should be happy with what we have.
It is not true, our parents and grandparents were wrong.

5000 years ago it was written in the Upanishads :
From Abundance we scooped abundance and still, abundance remained.

We live in a Universe of Plenty!

Scarcity thinking makes us tired, exhausted, and drained, which diminishes our ability to attract good. Therefore, we should be grateful for what we have, but there is nothing wrong to want better and more, It is natural that if we reach one goal, we go for the next and better one.

Raymond Holliwell in his book Working with the Law” said:

MAN is never satisfied. This fact is deplored by many, but God did not intend that man should be forever satisfied.
The law of his being is a perpetual increase, progress, and growth; so, when one good is realized, another desire for greater goodwill develop;

What if everything we need is already here – even if we may not always see it?

We have to change our way of thinking and see that there is plenty.

And we can ask for more.
Jesus said:
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened
unto you.
Matt. 7:7

With Peace of mind, we can realize everything we seek is already inside us and it is never separate from us. With every desire, we get the idea of how we can reach it If we bring our attention inside we realize that collective and individual thought patterns determine our life.

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” – Epicurus

What do you think about it?

Should we allow our self to ask for more?

Or should we be satisfied with what we have?

What are your beliefs?

The Law of Abundance is a Universal Law 

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