Did you ever attempt to validate your fears?

If you try to validate your fears instead of facing and releasing them you can get into a vicious circle that repeats itself the more you think about it.  Meditation can help you to cope with your fears. Read How To Benefit From Meditation Against Fear

Our friend Ryan Biddulph will share his thoughts about what happens if you are attempting to validate your fears.

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Why Attempting to Validate Your Fears Increases Your Fears

Picture a scenario of a seeming global dis-ease.

A collection of human beings who cling to fears buried deep in the individual minds of these folks profess: “It is dangerous out there; the proof is in all the dis-ease, death, numbers and stats out there.”

However, the individual only proves how the person projects fear in mind onto the world, manifesting as a sick, bizarre focus on insane concepts of death, dis-ease, and general madness. 

“It is dangerous out there!” means “Fear sits in the mind of the person perceiving danger.”

Imagine your mind being a movie projector. People who see a dangerous world choose to watch a scary movie based on the fear-projector sitting solely in the mind of the individual. People who see a peaceful world choose to watch a happy movie based on the love-projector sitting solely in the mind of the individual.

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Facing, feeling, and releasing fear

Facing, feeling, and releasing fear in your mind removes the danger and replaces the danger with safety, peace of mind, health, and serenity. Life begins and ends in mind. Life belongs to the mind. How you see the world is based solely on the state of your mind. Attempting to validate your fears increases your fears through the effect of amplification. First, you fear death and dis-ease in your mind, and in your mind alone. Secondly, you project the fear onto the world through validation, choosing to focus on fear reflected back to you through the illusions of death, dis-ease, stats, numbers, and any other concepts consistent with appearances and fear.

Burying fear deeper in mind increases the fear two-fold. First, you feel afraid in your mind. Then, you feel even more afraid by projecting the fear into your mind onto the world, through suffering attempts of validation. Doubling your fear makes you feel more afraid. Feeling more afraid influences you to spread the fear to other human minds infected with the sickness of fear. Other minds influenced by the sickness of fear become more afraid and goaded to spread fear’s mental illness to more human minds. 

What disrupts the fear-amplifying and fear-spreading process? 

Your decision to face fears sitting solely in your mind, to feel the fears sitting solely in your mind, and releasing the fears sitting solely in your mind, allows you to see a more peaceful, healthy, abundant, serene world. Not only did you avoid doubling your fears, but you also halved your fears, then quartered your fears, then cut your fears down to 1/8th. But even better; your largely loving, healthy, peaceful mind influences fellow human minds to be largely loving, serene, healthy, and peaceful, who spread love, serenity, health, and peace into an increasingly loving, serene, healthy, peaceful, and abundant world.

Changing your mind changes your world. Not changing your mind does not change your world. Attempting to prove the validity of your fears makes your world more scary, sick, ill, and dangerous because you did not cure the source of that scary world, the fears sitting in your mind. Purge the fears to see a happy, healthy world. Bury the fears of seeing the world become even more nightmarish and engaging in genuinely bizarre, strange, and odd practices. The more you avoid, duck, and resist fears in your mind, you will do anything you can in the world to avoid, duck and resisting fears in your mind, affixing diapers to your mouth and nose, plastic to your face, pushing fluid in your veins and locking yourself inside of your home.

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Guess what?

Pushing fluid in your veins does not dissolve the fear in your mind. Some other life events will trigger the fear in your mind consistent with death and dis-ease. It is waiting for you because it is in your mind; it ain’t going anywhere until you face the fear in your mind. When you hide out in your home because of the fears of death and dis-ease in your mind, each of these fears sits in your mind, no matter how long you hide, and waits for you the split second you open your front door and walk outside.

Not facing fear makes you increasingly insane, and the only human minds which agree with the insanity are the equally terrified human minds of the world. Just because billions of terrified, insane humans burying fear in their minds agree does not make their insanity sane, true, or real.

Every scary life circumstance is fear in your mind 100% of the time. Otherwise, the circumstances would not be so scary. Face fear in your mind to step into a more peaceful, healthy, abundant world and influence other human minds to follow your serene steps.

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