What is True Happiness?

Maybe what people are looking for in pursuing true happiness is the state of bliss that is impossible to find in the external world? The joy that we can see in children, which is our natural state of being.

Yogic philosophy calls it Sat Chit Ananda, meaning unchangeable consciousness that never suffers or bliss our innate state of joy. We can get glimpses of this state of being if we are in silence. We may feel it if we see beautiful nature or the birth of a child or in meditation. But it is always there if we realize it.

Let us see what our friend Ryan tells us about his experiences with Happiness.

Thank you, Ryan

real happiness

Ego plays a sneaky little sinister game.

It does a good job convincing you that happiness is outside-in. Outside-in, fake happiness is not happiness at all because outside conditions change constantly. As conditions change, so does your alleged happiness.

Being happy based on conditions like getting a paycheck, landing a job, or being in the room with a happy spouse is not real happiness because outside-in happiness is a causal mirror fleeting in nature. Paychecks vanish, jobs disappear, and happy spouses become unhappy spouses. 

Ego observes a cause for happiness. Perhaps you feel happy after the root cause of receiving a paycheck. But the cause vanishes quickly. Illusory, causal happiness vanishes just as fast. Depression sets in the moment $1500 of your paycheck feeds your mortgage payment. Ouch! Terrible feeling! After devoting $300 to your monthly car payment, your check looks meager.

Happiness in things or people is a quick mirror reflected back to you via a cause that vanishes quickly along with faux happiness. Sadness follows, intermixed with a dose of mediocrity because everything in the world changes. Conditions change. Happiness turns to sadness as conditions causing happiness to change into different conditions.

real happiness

The Only Source of Real Happiness

Mind is the only source of real, lasting happiness because mind happiness is inside-out. If outer conditions change, the inner mind remains happy. And if people change, the mind remains happy. If things change, the mind remains happy. As long as you delve deep into your mind to root out fears, you will become increasingly happy in mind, promoting a lasting source of happiness from within.

Since you are likely accustomed to faux outside-in happiness, mind training feels quite uncomfortable at first. I wrote this guest post for Erika because giving is happiness. I received an idea to write the guest post from Spirit and gave the idea happily via these 600 plus words. First, I desired to feel happy in mind. A happy belief followed. Happy thoughts and feelings goaded me to perceive life happily. Feeling happy in mind allowed me to receive and give the idea for this post.

Desire true happiness in mind

First, desire happiness in mind. Then, believe in your happiness. Being happy is your natural state, but ego tends to program you and I to be happy based on conditions, circumstances, or conditions. People often need to retrain mind to be happy through desire to experience real, lasting happiness. Once you feel happy in mind the people, conditions, things, and circumstances you see become bathed in happiness no matter the state of each. Happy minds feel happy seeing $10,000 or $0 because happiness sees happiness, not good or bad, a lot or a little or other dualities. I feel happy in mind now, so I see happiness even if illusions of fear and sadness appear around me. Being happy is in mind and being unhappy is in conditions, people and circumstances.

Note; being happy in mind to create lasting happiness hinges not on layering happiness over fear, darkness, and shadow. One never becomes happy trying to bring light to darkness as if trying to brighten the Mariana Trench with a single matchstick. Happy minds bring darkness to light by facing, feeling, and releasing fears creating the illusion of unhappiness. 

Search in your mind for fears attaching to people, things, and any condition fueling conditional faux happiness. Feel these fears to be rid of attachments, conditional happiness, and sadness, melancholy, or other unhappy states. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Framing happiness as an inside job requires diligence but experiencing lasting happiness is worth the effort.

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