Does listening to your divine guidance help you with shifting to happiness?

Another guest post of our friend Ryan Biddulph. He made the experience that listening to our intuition our divine guidance brings blissfulness. You can overcome fear easily in this state of being. See what he tells us about shifting to happiness and letting go of personal preferences.

Replacing personal preferences with Divine instruction.

Choosing to make this shift elicits great happiness in your being because focusing on God and listening to Divine guidance instantly dissolves fears and replaces the energies with love.

Of course all; we want to make this shift more regularly and, perhaps, habitually, but only the enlightened altruists of the world replace personal preferences with Divine guidance 100% of the time. We just want to change our momentum a bit in this regard, one day at a time.

Shifting to happiness listening to divine instructions

Now guys; I am no enlightened being as you obviously know. I have some preferences and desires, for sure. But I am largely happy, at peace, calm and relaxed in most of what I do because I prefer little and listen, more and more. I do not NEED things to be a certain way. And I do not particularly want things to be a specific way. I have few preferences. But I do listen to Divine instruction more each day. Doing so multiplied my happiness exponentially because when your ego stops calling the shots virtually all of your problems disappear and happiness appears.

For example, I am writing these words at 3:30 AM. My ego prefers to be sleeping now. But since I feel wide awake, I replaced my ego pinings and whinings with Divine guidance, or, Heavenly instruction. I asked a question, “What should I do?” Instantly I heard, “Walk to your work desk and write.” So I did it. I feel happy because I am thinking about how I can help you guys versus what I want.

Thinking about others and serving others produces love and happiness in your being because the Divine created you to serve. Thinking about only yourself and serving only yourself leads to unhappiness, misery, depression and a general chaotic mind because we were not created just to serve ourselves.

Shift To Happiness? What Shift Makes You Happy?

Shifting to happiness out of depression

Have you noticed how depressed people focus inward, on themselves, virtually 100% of the time? All of these people deeply want and strongly prefer their lives were different. But if they nudged these desires, preferences, and pinings to the side just a little bit, and asked the Divine how they can help other people, the steps God gives them would create a predominant vibe of happiness in their being because you cannot feel depressed when you are lost in others. How? Being lost in others is love and love is the opposite of fear and as Kriya Master Sri Yukteswar said, “Remember that finding God will mean the funeral of all sorrows.” Love is God, and God is helping other people without expecting anything in return.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Heck; even when I promote one of my eBooks I do not expect anything other than promoting the thing. I put it out there, for you. And I do not prefer you buy it. I just promote it and allow God to prosper me however the Divine sees fit.


This brings us to the eBook I wish to promote today.

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About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks, paperbacks, and blog at Blogging From Paradise.


Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your view and experience. Many people miss this connection to divine guidance. Time to be inspired to discover it.

There are a lot of misconceptions, paradigms, and egos. But all want change. Maybe the series “The Missing Link” by Gregg Braden, which is to be seen on FMTV/Gaia, will help our younger people discover that there is a lot of information out there that is no longer true. Get inspired to know about the new science which can help to discover the connection to the divine.

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What about you? What shift makes you happy?

Please tell us your story.

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