3 Enligthening Lines from a Genius Writer

Are these enlightening lines supposed to wake up the mind?
How can we wake up the mind?  Are we living in an illusion?

In this guest post, our friend Ryan Biddulph reflects on Shakespeare’s three enlightening lines that are supposed to wake up humanity from an illusion.

It reminds me of Maya in the Indian philosophy, which also […]

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How To Enjoy Life Better Without Expectations

Without Expectations, your life will be more enjoyable 
What if you let go of expectations and enjoy life better?
In the last time the subject Expectation came up for me several times and I realized there is not much awareness about this habit.I thought to write about, to increase awareness and maybe help to make your life more enjoyable.
How […]

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The Law Of Vibration The Base Of All Universal Laws

 The Base Of All Universal Laws
The law of Vibration is a primary law; it is the base of all-natural laws. There is a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction, but without knowing the Law of Vibration, it will not work for us in a positive way.
The Law Of Vibration The Base Of All […]

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Where Do Our Ideas Come From -The Universal Mind

What is the universal mind?
The universal mind contains the essence of all that ever was, is, and will be.
All that happened and will happen, all perceptible and imperceptible included are controlled by the universal mind.
All things exist in the universal mind as ideas. These ideas take shape and become the objects and events in our […]

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Is It Possible To Live The Life We Dream About?

Can we live the life we dream about?
Do you live the life you dreamed about?

What about life according to your dreams and imagination?

Are you already living it, or is it still in your head?

Do you live in a beautiful home? Do you have a great partner, perhaps children?

What do you do in your free time? […]

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