Vaccination – yes or no?

Hardly any other health topic is discussed as controversially as vaccination. An overpowering alliance of orthodox doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and supervisory authorities, politicians, and journalists pretend that skeptics urgently need “scientific clarification”, are stupid and irresponsible. Between the two fronts, unsettled parents grapple with the question of conscience as to how they expose themselves and their child to more significant risks: by vaccinating or not?

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This is an update of my post from November 2013. I thought it is the right time to post it again with link to more information about kids vaccination.

This is the story of my little friend Ana who is a victim of vaccination.

It was a few years ago, and I did not know Ana is a victim of vaccination.  I have been in town to bring salads to Penny’s Pantry our Health food store. On my way to the car, I heard somebody calling my name.

I looked around and saw a lady coming. I did not know her, but she said Penny told her that I may have what she needs and is looking for.

She told me, that she is here in the county in an Ability Camp with a kid and she is searching for organic food because the kid is sick and needs special food. She has been looking for food but she could not find what she needed and was worried about how to feed the kid.

I told her to come to the farm, I have what she needs.

A Story About my Little Friend Ana a victim of vaccination

She came to the farm with another mother they each had a kid in the car, both of them were sleeping and not well.

This was the first time I heard about the Ability Camp here. The Ladies told me there are people from all over the world coming here to seek help. The kids get their treatment during the day and the caregiver like mothers, or dads or grandmas are able to stay there for free and can make their own meals.

Anas condition improved slowly

The next time they came and the girls were awake and my grandkids were here as well. Whenever I saw little Ana she was better, we took her to play with the goats, she liked it. My grandkids liked Ana. After 5 weeks Ana was able to stay, she was excited about the butterfly’s frogs, beetles. It was amazing how her condition improved.

She is a beautiful little girl. In the last week, I did work in my friend’s wool shop. I was thinking that they might be gone, but a surprise. Penny told them where I am and Ana and her grandma came to visit me in the shop to say goodbye. Ana looked so much better and could stay a bit and make a few steps. Big hugs and I said next time we see each other we are going to walk together down to the barn to see the goats.

I really would like to see this day and it is one of my dreams.

After a while, I got mails from Ana’s mother and we are in touch through Facebook and sometimes her grandma sends me an email. I think we will be friends for life, even if we can’t visit each other easily.

Ana got disabled because of vaccination, she is a victim of vaccination.

The other girl came from Mexico and she and all the other kids got better as well.
After two more treatments in the camp, she can walk now with a walker.

What happened to the Ability Camp?

I thought of visiting the Ability Camp sometimes, but never got there and even forgot the address, because there is no talk about it here and not many people seem to know about it. Until a few days, later Ana’s mom did tell me that the Camp is in trouble and needs support. It is strange, everywhere people here write about donations for pets shelters and other things, but nobody pays attention to this amazing Ability Camp, which helps not only children. Adults who suffered a stroke will find help here as well.

But now the Ability Camp is closed and not anymore.

The question arises:

Why do the governments not support places like this?

And > Why is there no open discussion and information about vaccines?

Why are people who want answers about vaccines called Anti-Vaxxers?

Why do the Governments not forbid GMO and RoundUp if they are concerned about our future generation?

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