The Poor Boy to Dream Man Story

A Story - From Poor Boy to Dream Man

I know everybody loves stories; I am going to tell you the Story of a young man who thought he does not have a chance for a good life and did not dare to dream, but with a mind shift, he went for

Poor Boy to Dream Man.
He is the dream man for sure for his wife Jyoti.

When I first met Anil, it was one year ago, he was a young man working only night shifts at a hotel in Delhi. He said that he has to do this job because he supports his family. He came from beautiful Nainital to Delhi for work.

Working the whole night and sleeping during the day, he did not see or know many friends. He felt lonely and depressed and dreamed of a better life and a partner in life.
But there is no way out, he thought, being caught with no possibilities to change his situation.
He said: Because I am a poor boy, nobody wants me. I have no chance.
I told him this is not true; you are rich, your richness is in your heart and soul, and everything is possible; you only have to change your thinking. We are what we think; If you think of no chance it will be like this, you hold yourself back you do not even try if you have no faith.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it.
On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
Mahatma Gandhi

No Job, no Hope

We talked about searching for another job, but he was only thinking of his vacation.
He said he is happiest when he can go home to Nainital, and he had soon after a vacation.
He sent pictures on the way home to a beautiful region in India.
Happy after meeting his family, he came back and found he was jobless, had no job, no hope, and totally down.

We talked about belief and thinking more positively, and having faith.
But after a week of searching, he was in despair and said I do not believe in anything anymore. We talked about the principles of dream building.
Stay positive, believe everything is possible, you are much greater and richer than you think, have faith, and there is help, god, the universe helps.
Believe in yourself; you are good at your job and like it, and be confident.
He had a few interviews, which made him more hopeful, and the 3rth did work out.

Employment in a new hotel.A Story - From Poor Boy to Dream Man

He found employment in a new hotel. He was now more than ever grateful, more confident
and in positive energy, the right frequency for Dream building.
Life can change in a heartbeat.
Soon after he quit this job, a better opportunity was in sight.
There were a group of people running three hotels, a big one and two smaller ones.
A group of friends working together and supporting each other from his home region, Nainital.

He was really happy and ambitious about working and building the business together.
Is it easy? No, there are many obstacles and difficulties on the way, but with the right mindset,
these are opportunities to learn and grow.
One of my dreams came true as well, and I could visit India and have been with Anil and his friends and could experience working together and how ambitious they are to care for the guests.

They run these hotels, make good food, and organize travel for the guests; organize tickets for planes or trains and pick them up from the airport or train station; they do a great job.

A Dream becomes true.

Now one dream of Anil had come true, and he was grateful working may be harder than before, but with ambition and together with supportive friends, it was much more pleasant. He was happy and loved his job. And he has some of the most important attributes for dream building naturally. He started his day with a Pooja, giving thanks, and I witnessed he is giving. Not only took he care of me there, nobody left his place empty-handed or without a good word. He also cared for the personnel.

A Story - From Poor Boy to Dream Man

A Story – From Poor Boy to Dream Man

And for a life partner, if there is the right girl for you, love does not know rich or poor.
When I was there, Anil went to meet the first time, Jyoti. We have been talking about how he
should tell her his dreams to make sure she will share and support him and like them too.
And they did talk, now Anil was often in the chat with Jyoti 🙂  He started to care better for himself, did exercise, got a new haircut, and became a good-looking young man.
Anil and Jyoti married on April 23rd. A year after his time full of despair.

From Poor Boy to Dream Man  🙂

Now he can go for the next dream. He had a special dream for his future. Will it be the same?
Will they adjust it? All is possible. There can be obstacles there can be drawbacks, and failures.

But like D.H Thoreau said,
” If one advances confidently in direction of his dream, all sorts of things begin to occur. One begins to meet with a success unexpected  in common hours.”

Everybody’s dreams can come true, it needs the right mindset,
the belief, and tuning in to the right frequency connecting to the universal mind.

Even a small shift in thinking can bring us to a totally different place.

“We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe.”
David Blaine

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

This is Anil’s story; I hope you liked it and can see the difference in his appearance too.

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