Dreams become reality and unexpected even more beautiful.

How dreams become reality I did already write about in the first part. We should never expect the dreams to become true the way we want it.  We only need to know the why while the how is the work and the part of the universe.

Now back to my trip. After the meetings and my treatments, the dentists said now you are free to travel, but be here 10 days before your flight home. I had talked to Mihir Gadhvi to meet him Prakhar and Satyansh, the 3nion-team, and Rohan Chaubey in Mumbai. Rohan  is known for his kindness and one of The Top inspiring men bloggers

I wanted to stay with my Friend Anant and his wife Rachna in Mumbai for a while. Anant and I are friends since the time I started to learn about IM. We are partners in belief always ready to learn and grow. He is an awesome friend and taught me a lot about India. He is the cause that I have many Indian friends.

A surprise in dreams become reality

When Anant heard I am free to come, he sent me an mail with a link:” Go there and register”. It was a registration for the Mahashivratri event in the Isha foundation. He said:” I just booked the train ticket for us three to Coimbatore”. All of a sudden I was in Sat Chit Ananda, which means total bliss. This awesome friend of mine had made our dream come true. For me, it was a surprise because I knew he just had moved and lots of work to do.

I thought he too like I, had forgotten about. But he said: No worry, my office is mobile, let’s go.” A year before we had watched part of the event on the internet and talked about the beautiful music and how amazing the energy must be there. We said let’s dream to go there.  And now he had taken action to make the dream become reality. His focus on the dream was stronger and I am grateful for this. I did message Sathish  Arumugam in Coimbatore and he wanted to pick us up from the train.

Meeting in Mumbai

Altamash Shaikh from the travel desk in Hotel Indo did arrange my flights and hotel for me because I got there late and wanted to have time to adjust myself to the temperature and look around. The next afternoon Mihir, Prakhar, Satyansh, and Rohan came to the hotel and we had a beautiful meeting,How Dreams Become Reality And Create Beautiful Memories 2 it was another highlight It was a wonderful energy in the room. Later we did a walk around together and found that all did live near each other and even Anant’s place was not far away.

Another unforgettable beautiful memory was created and I really enjoyed meeting all these talented young men, in reality. I wish all success and happiness, looking forward to meeting again.It was a pleasure to meet.

See what the 3nion team did write:

“Hello, Ma’am. We would like to thank you for visiting us in Mumbai. It was a pleasure spending the quality time and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and advice, it is really helpful. We hardly attend any bloggers meet in Mumbai or anywhere else. But this was one of our best meetings, which inspired us a lot. You are such a nice and kind human being. All the best for your future plans. Cheers! Regards, Team 3nions.

Another dream and positive vibes

This is what Mihir said: “I was wondering what we’ll happen when we met. It was like a dream coming true to meet you and Rohan together. I still feel the positive vibes. If you remember when I interviewed you I have requested to come to meet us in India. You said I DNT have any plans but then all things get in the direction we met. I and my teammates always talk about you as Mom. You also make it possible for us to meet Rohan. We live in the same place but don’t have much time but you made it. You are wonderful ma’am after listening to your story we were amazed. We have learned the way of living for you”

And Rohan: “I’ve known Erika ma’am since last three years. What we have in common is… we are visionaries and consider ourselves ‘Kindness Ambassadors’. It was wonderful meeting her in person.”;

For me, it was a wonderful experience to see 4 young enthusiastic men together for the first time. Really Rohan, let’s be  ‘Kindness Ambassadors’.

Being with awesome friends

Rachna and Anant came to pick me up and we had a beautiful time together I was at ease and enjoyed our talks, visiting the market, drinking fresh sugarcane juice and visiting local stores. Rachna likes to cook and did take care of our food. Monica a friend from the neighborhood came and did bring two Sari for me to try and Rachna decorated me with the traditional accessories.  Not easy to wear a Sari and I adore the Indian ladies who can walk so gracefully in a Sari. Monica invited us for a tasty Gujarati dinner. Monica was in tears when the time to say goodbye came we really enjoyed each other’s company.

The Train to Coimbatore

The train ride took 32 hours, but we had fun. The more we came to the south, the landscape changed. Everything became greener, full of palm trees and warmer. Anant was after reading the Story of our talented friend  Sathish  Arumugam eager to see him.

How Dreams Become Reality And Create Beautiful Memories 2

In Coimbatore

And Sathish was at the train station with his friend Gowrish to pick us up. I was so grateful to see these young people and connecting and getting friends. Satish and Gowrish helped us to get to Isha which was not easy many people came from all over India and even from other countries to attend this event.

The Mahashivratri event at Isha Foundation

The Prime MinisterNarendra Modi came to unveil the Adiyogi Symbol which is for many like a begin of a new time. The symbol of Adiyogi is meant to be an inspiration for people to turn inward and unite this is what Yoga means. It has nothing to do with religion as many think but more with seeking awareness. The event was organized by volunteers, the music and the performance of the artist incredible, the energy uplifting. Altogether a one in a lifetime event an exceptional night. The next day all these 100 thousands of people started to go home and it was not possible to find a taxi or car. We are grateful that Sathish could finally find a way to bring us back to Coimbatore and get us a nice hotel.

Together in Coimbatore

After a good rest, we met and went to visit the city and we have a nice talk over a tasty dinner. Our multi-talented friend Satish showed us his new office and we connected with all his friends there. It was a pleasure to see all these young people connect. Finally, we said goodbye to Gowrish and Sathish and ended another remarkable day. this is what he said: “The day which we spent together was very good. and I am also very excited about the time we spent on ISHA. And it is also very glad on getting new best dudes like Anant, Rachna and you. Your visit to my office and that small walk is very memorable and exciting. The information we discussed in the office was very useful!!” Thank you, Sathish, we will never forget your kindness.

The next day afternoon was my flight to Delhi and in the morning we went to visit a museum and the zoo, made pictures, had fun and did eat food on a banana leaf. Anant and Rachna stayed the night and took the train home to Mumbai the next day. It was not easy to say goodbye.

For me, the most beautiful and important is to know all these awesome young friends which represent for me the future generation of this world and make hopeful. It makes me feel blessed and I will cherish every minute I could be with them.

Back in Delhi

Now the time seemed to run. I could not stay longer as planned because my husband had planned travel when I am back.

We had listed our farm for sale because it got too much work and we decided to travel more. Because of the revolution and war, all friends and family are all over the world and we would like to visit them. Even our own small family is not in one country. The realtor wanted me to come there was an offer and the buyers seemed to be in a hurry.

The last days in India went by. I got ready to go and say goodbye. I had planted a lot of seeds for my next visit.

One of them already has roots. A friend of mine asked me to accompany her next February in Chennai, where she is going for knee surgery. Medical tourism to India is getting more, whoever was there before is pleased with the care of these friendly and warm-hearted people.

Just back home another dream became reality. We had people coming to see and buy the farm before I went to India. I was not happy with most of them and wanted to give the farm to people who care for the environment and know what organic means. There was only a young couple which I thought, this is the right ones and have experience in organic farming and sustainable energy. And guess who made the offer? It was this young couple and I sold the farm to them.

Soon we found another place, to the delight of my exercise group not very far away. They did not like that I sold the Farm and thought it is the end of the exercises, but I have the same way only from another direction.

Now I am looking forward to new adventures and getting closer to the big dream.

There is a proven system to make dreams become reality. Good to have partners in belief and it does not work without awareness and the help of a higher power.

I hope you enjoyed the story of dreams become reality. What are your experiences with dreams?