Your dreams become reality if you believe and take action

Dreams become reality I experienced it more than one time. Today I will tell about my dream which did bring me to India. I did write about the first time I visited India in this post about Processed Food

The first time was different, I did not know how it looks and feels like where I go. This time I knew and could imagine the places where I go. When I started to go for the dream I did not know if it can happen, but I applied for my visa when I had the feeling the time is right.

My Husband was not well at this time and I wanted to wait and be sure he is healthy and prepared to be alone for a while. We need always take care that our dream is for the good of others involved as well.

When he asked me if I had booked my ticket, I knew he agrees with my plan to have my dentist treatment and vacation in India to the same price as the treatment alone would be here. Medical tourism is on the rise and I did write an article about for a friend here Medical tourism in India.

Dreams become reality

To make the story short, I booked my flight to Dehli where I stayed like before in Hotel Indo Continental which is managed by Krishna, Tikka, and my Friend Anil.  Dreams become reality for him, read his story here Dream Man  All happy to meet again and I visited the families and often played with Anils son baby Krishna.  They also helped me to find the right dentist for me.

One was in walking distance to the hotel and on the opposite site of my favorite cafe where I every day enjoyed fresh brewed coffee and cake. I did choose Dr. Abhinav Gupta because I saw how much he cares for his patients and takes his time to explain everything to them.He has a helper ,his name is Sanjay, he was like an angel taking care of me. Dr.Abhinav Gupta teamed up with Dr.Vikas Jha for my treatment and these young men do amazing work as you can see here and on the Foundation Dentist website. The team even treats some of their people for free.

Beautiful Memories

how dreams become reality

Vashishtha Kapoor wanted to come 400+ km from Kanpur to Delhi and I was thinking to organize a meeting with my Delhi Blogger friends, but I was so busy with finding the dentist and getting ready for the treatment. I was really happy when Umesh Singh messaged me and took action to make a meeting happen, I did message some other friends but some have been out of town and Sonal Talwar had a family event. But finally, the meeting took place.

Meeting Virtual Friends in Reality

It was the first highlight of my India trip an unforgettable experience and shows that dreams become reality. Read more about our meeting and the beautiful feelings here > When Virtual Friends come real | Recap of Blogger Meetup 2017   I did mot know all, it was the first time with Shubhanshi and I liked her right away and Jagdish Kashyap as well. He took us for dinner to a beautiful place which reminded me of the time I lived in Iran. It was great to see the talented Ravi Chahar and Saurabh Tiwari always around and helpful in real. Rohit Agarwal is a gentle young man and he left the blogosphere in between. As a surprise the well-known blogger Kulwant Nagi showed up and made the meeting even more memorable. I hope the Delhi Bloggers will repeat the meeting and maybe others join in.

how dreams become reality how dreams become realityI knew Rahul Sihmar was in Indore to have a few motivating days in the Wittyfeed office. Read about here Wittyfeed and see Jitendra Vaswani’s great interview . Rahul and I wanted to meet on his way home and it was a pleasure for me to see him. We talked about another meeting when he wanted to come for the Blogx event in Delhi.

Meeting at Blogx in Delhi

And we did meet in the hotel where Blogx took place. I looked for Rahul and found also Naveen Kumar, Iftekhar AhmedVinay Katiyar which I knew and many other new people.  It was nice to learn to know new people most of them bloggers and experiences were exchanged and Ideas did flow.

I had a long talk with Subhajit Biwas and his friend who have been talking about adventure travels and I had the idea to combine this with medical tourism. We could have talked for hours, but it was dinnertime and we said goodbye. This is what Iftikhar said:”It was very nice meeting you. I was amazed to see loads of energy and excitement in you for traveling and meeting new people of India. Thanks a lot for meeting and visiting our country”. I want to say it was a pleasure for me to meet all the ambitious and talented young people. An awesome experience which creates beautiful memories.

Besides all this, I had visits from friends who came from Kolkata, Anoop Shahr, Bulandshahr, and Noida. I met also a very special friend Santhoshkumar Kolkunda in the Ramakrishna foundation. He is a young lawyer and politician, and the National Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress. He has a big heart and passion for the Indian people and youth. I am sure his dreams become reality and I help to hold the vision. We had some travel dreams together which this time we could not take action to make them become reality. Maybe next time.

But the unexpected peak of this Indian trip was that a dream in this dream became reality. I will write about in my next post.

I hope you enjoyed the story