Finding God in us – Today I came across a really beautiful story. My intention was to write about Elephants 🙂
But I leave it for next time because this is a heartwarming story, and I thought my comment authors might like it.

Did we not all experience a time when we felt the god within? Often, it does not need much; it can be a smile, a chat, or kindness.
A little gift, like my Grandkids, did write me a letter in summer a “thank you,” or paint a picture for us and are happy
if we like it and praise them. It does not need much.
Here is the story of an old man and a boy, both searching and looking for god and they found him in a park 🙂

God Is In Us - Finding God In The Park

Finding God In The Park

Abe was fiercely independent, even at age 85, but after a mild stroke, his son insisted he move in with him. Abe missed going to the park near his old apartment, and one Saturday, he set out to find it.

When he became disoriented, he asked a young boy named Timmy where the park was. Timmy said he’d like to take him there, but he didn’t have time because he was looking for God. He said he needed to talk to Him about why his parents were getting a divorce.

“Maybe God’s in the park,” the old man said. “I’d like to talk to Him, too, about why He’s made me useless.” And so they set off together to find God.

At the park, Timmy began to cry about the divorce, and Abe lovingly held his face in both hands and looked him straight in the eyes. “Timmy, I don’t know why bad things happen, but I know it wasn’t because of you. I know you’re a good boy, and your parents love you, and you’ll be okay.”

Timmy gave Abe a big hug and said, “I’m so glad I met you. Thanks. I think I can go now.”

From across the street, Timmy’s mother saw them hug and approached her son in a worried voice. “Who was that old man?”

“I think he’s God,” Timmy said.

“Did he say that?” she demanded.

“No, but when he touched me and told me I’m going to be okay, I felt really better. Only God can do that.”

When Abe got home, his son asked in a scolding voice, “Where were you?”

“I was in the park with God.”

“Really? What makes you think you were with God?”

“Because He sent me a boy who needed me, and when the boy hugged me, I felt God telling me I wasn’t useless anymore.”

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He lives in me; he lives in you

I hope you liked the story. Is it not beautiful how these two found god in each

Is it not beautiful how these two found god in each other?

Thanks to my comment authors. I appreciate your visits and comments on my blog.