.Habibou, is he a scam? A few weeks ago, I posted a conversation in different groups and asked some African friends. A young African had contacted me asking for help. He said he was in a senior secondary school and can not finish it because his father died. Therefore, he can not pay for it to continue, but he knows education is the key to success.



He asked for help and I asked him a lot of question. And he said he is Muslim and I know the prayer in Arabic and wrote him down a piece of it.  I know no Muslim kid would dare to lie reading this part.

He said he knows and he is not a betrayer. After this, I asked him to write a special part of the prayer down. And he did. I asked him for the mail of his school and I wrote a letter to his principle and him. Mr.Marong from Sifoe Senior Secondary School wrote me back.

He wrote, Habibou is a good boy and has good skills. I told Habibou to write down about himself and his life.

Here is what he tells us :


I Habibou Bojang from the Gambia WEST AFRICA. Living with my family here in a town called Brikama.

I have 3 brothers 2 sisters, with my ill mother living in a bad and poor situation. No one seems to care.  Since we lost our father we were living with our mum facing hardship and poverty in the society and no one seems to care.

I Habibou stand, die and live for my family to survive but fortunately, we live with good neighbors who use to give us some food to eat. But they also have a big family.

Sometimes we do not eat, we try to manage and put faith to God above everything.

We live in a house where we used to pay rent when my father was alive. But now the landlord gives us a chance to pay for the rents, but since father died he never ask us for house rent.  Indeed, for that cash, I stand and fight for my family to succeed in life.

We live in a house of pain which means if you see the house pictures tears will come into your eyes.

My sisters are never in school.  I hope and wish for them to have a good future and live in good condition as well.

We are living in a terrible life here.

During the day after helping my mum with some domestic works, I normally clean the internet cafe.  So I can have free time to chat as I am not able to afford the fee at the Internet,

And the only cafe I get access to clean and gain time is Kanyi’s Internet cafe. She is the only one who gave me a chance to sweep the cafe and gain time from her to chat.

Life in the Gambia is going tricky and hard I am facing here as well as others.  My father was a farmer and a fisherman, we had a big family as well,

Now I live with my 3sisters and 2 brothers with mum. One of my sisters died and 2 of my cousin,

My father was a fisherman we gain our living in this when he sells the fish or the plants he cultivated at his farm,(not his own land). Many Years back, old ages ago, People here normally made their living on farming and some normally survived with wood selling,

Since my father died, I used to go down to the forest to cut down some woods and sell them and get our survival in this. And now this is not allowed for anyone to cut down woods in the forest. This became so hard on us if they catch us for this they jail you all day long.

I am at home after the cafe to help my mummy and have a chat with her as I have no close friend since I stopped schooling which is my greatest ambition but I stopped it sadly because of the financial problem we have here as no one is concerned to take this pain away from us.

The majority of the country is poor while the minority does not care about the poor how harder they are living, and even though that the Organisation give AID to the needy when help comes, that help never comes directly to the needy as we have corrupted Leaders here who doesn’t want us to survive either to make concern about us.

Many families here cry for hunger and starve every day, people crying of hunger as well.” The last thing I know from him is that the kids did not have to eat for two day’s and are crying.

What is your opinion, does he lie?

I asked him , why I and he said because I saw you and trust you. Also, I think maybe he saw the pictures of my African friends. I asked if he had contacted anybody else he said, no

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this case.

Thank you

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