Here is a recipe for homemade chocolate ,which I think is better
and more healthy than Nutella. I avoid as much as I can to buy
processed food . I need to know the ingredients and what
we eat . This is a favorite of my grandkids .
I usually double the ingredients because it does not last long.DSCF1025
I also use sometimes the 70% raw chocolate chips because it is
impossible to eat too much of it ,this 70% chocolate fills up.
I also use mixed nuts ,half Almonds ,half Hazelnuts . You can use
what you like most . For milk I used in this case unsweet Almond milk.
I use sometimes Butter instead of Coconut oil.


100 ml milk ,cream ,or almond milk
100g chocolate chips
( 50g of it I use 70%organic raw chocolate chips)
1 vanilla pod
1tbs raw cacao
1tbs butter or organic coconut oilDSCF1003
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of cinnamon
50g fresh ground nuts (Haselnuts or Almonds )
I use mixed

Put the milk in a pot and add chocolate chips
and let melt ,do not let it be too hot only let it
melt slowly.








Add raw cacao ,vanilla, butter or oil salt and cinnamon stir occasionally
take care and do not let it get too hot.
If too hot it will get oily.










If the chocolate is melted add
the freshly ground nuts to the mixture
I like the nuts not too fine ground.


DSCF1011 (2)








Stir it in and it is finish












Let it cool down ,can be kept in fridge
for a few days if it lasts that long 🙂