Do you know about the sense of urgency?

Without a sense of urgency, again, another week has passed. What did you accomplish? And what is your next goal? Have you ever thought about your next most urgent challenge? What is your next goal?  

Do you regularly face challenges to progress? But how do you determine for yourself which is the right and, therefore, the next challenge for you? 

Do you have plans to improve your business or your life?

sense of urgency

Don’t wait; get started!

What will change in your life if you continue to live like this and only dream? There is no doubt that there will be no change.

Nothing changes; only if you take action can change happen.

Take the important things that are supposed to be of urgency.

Do you think the things you want will happen to you? Things always happen, but always only by chance if you do not have a vision and a plan.

Understand that you are the one who has to take the necessary action. Nobody else can do this for you, and nobody will be interested in it. Therefore, why wait if you want to get further?

If you have a goal and a dream and want to make it come true, you will usually feel that something pulls you forward. Take this feeling important it teaches you to develop a sense of urgency.

If you are ambitious about something, want to work on it and make it happen, a sense of urgency and discipline will help. Sometimes it comes naturally, and it is good to be aware of this feeling and cultivate it.Click To Tweet

This feeling comes from inside and is not the “you have to” urgency from the head that makes people stressed. It is a feeling of hope to accomplish something that you have a clear vision of it. It pulls you in the direction of your goal or dream.

“Everyone should have a sense of urgency – It is getting a lot done in a short period of time in a calm, confident manner.” Bob Proctor

Develop a sense of urgency

Let us look at an example:

A lot of changes happen to all of us. There are many ways to go digital in our time. It is the digital transformation time for entrepreneurs, businesses, and bloggers.

Because of the lockdown, many local businesses, stores, coaches, and gyms are in trouble. Going online could help many to continue to serve their customers. Some already did take the opportunity.

Even if they had the idea long in advance, the task is not the most exciting to find the right way for their particular business. Therefore, some did postpone the implementation. What to do now? Precisely, the problem which they face is undeniable. It needs urgency to implement it. And only they can take the initiative.

 If they wait for something to happen, they will sit at home forever and maybe lose all their customers. Only if they are passionate about it and take action will it work out.

If going online with your business is the goal, a sense of urgency is needed to make it happen.

So, what can they do specifically? For example, they could find somebody who knows how to build an online store. To do this, he could search the internet and contact an Agentur. 

Even better would be if they learn to create a website and an Onlineshop themselves. It is all doable using a sense of urgency. 

Recently, a friend told me about a fantastic program he started that is right and helpful for the future. He is full of enthusiasm that it has step-by-step tutorials. He takes action with a sense of urgency. There is even a group where the students of this program help each other. Some of them already have a lot of experience. 

I hope with his sense of urgency, he can make things happen. 

Here is what Sandy Gallagher from Proctor Gallagher Institute writes:  

Work with a Sense of Urgency

One factor that distinguishes people who make things happen from those who don’t is the way they do their work each day.

Most people are always busy but rarely accomplish much of real value.

However, people who make things happen are focused on a specific target. They know where they’re going and what they need to do to get there. They have intensity, a focal point, a purpose. So, they work with a sense of urgency—getting a lot done in a short period of time.

When you work with a sense of urgency, you’re thinking 10 times bigger than everyone else. You don’t have to work harder—you just work more efficiently through systematic thought instead of random action.

Learn to make your work count by developing a principal purpose and a systematic plan to achieve it. In so doing, you’ll emerge from the rabble of “watchers” to that of achiever and leader.”   Are you giving your best?

A link to Bob Proctor’s talks on this subject you can download.

Make it a habit.

Making sense of urgency a habit is not only useful for people like in our example. It also helps every day in your life to accomplish your most important tasks. And it also helps to be less distracted in your activities. It is easier to focus if you have a sense of urgency; it will let your creativity flow, and you will even forget about time.

What about you? Do you feel a sense of urgency?

Do you have experience with it? Please share it here.

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