Can Affirmation and Subliminal help you in life?

Affirmation and subliminal are helpful spiritual tools. Subliminal is audio recordings with statements, which reach our subconscious mind even if we can not hear them consciously.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are empowering sentences that you can use as a spiritual tool. Usually, you have to repeat these sentences over at least 30 days. The purpose is to reprogram your subconscious mind. By changing the thoughts, you can also experience a change of negative feelings into the positive. Ultimately, this also influences your behavior.

Examples of affirmations

For example, if you are a person who is very insecure in society and desperately wishes to become more self-confident, affirming statements can help. For instance by pronouncing the following sentences: “My self-confidence is limitless.” “I am always safe and secure.” ” People love me right the way I am,” “I can face all the challenges of my life.” You then program your mind to become more self-confident. Because you replace negative thoughts and self-doubt with positive thoughts.

The right feeling is crucial

Notable is the feeling you have when speaking a particular sentence. If you have an uneasy, doubting emotion when pronouncing the affirmations, it is necessary to choose different formulations. You may feel uncomfortable with direct affirming, such as the phrase, “My self-confidence is limitless.” You might not believe it at all, but think that you are just fooling yourself. Then you better choose indirect, rather descriptive affirmations. “I can face the challenges of my life” would be a statement in this case. You should select affirmations that make you feel good in the heart. Only then is it the right one.

The change occurs at the quantum level

It makes sense to pronounce the affirmations as if the desired had already happened. Act as if, fake it until you make it is the new slogan. A change or transformation is not possible at the level of our thoughts, only in unconscious or subconscious areas of our mind. These correspond to the so-called quantum level or the zero-point field. Only here exists the level of reality.

“You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.”Brian Tracy

Problems need a positive alternative

The universe does not know our thoughts, our fears, and worries. Imagine a person suffering from severe pain. Affirmations like “I have no more pain” or “My pain is getting less and less by the day” can not do anything. To get rid of the problem it needs a desired alternative. What goal would I like to achieve with my affirmations? In this case, it would be to say: “I’m perfectly healthy” or “I feel good and well.”

You can not say affirmation for others.

An affirmation can only reach your realm of being, not those of another person. It would curtail tho other’s free will, and that does not work. Spiritual people know that free will exists. There is the possibility to manipulate other people, which happens everywhere. Fortunately, another’s consciousness cannot be changed.

What if affirmation do not work

Some people who have used affirmation say they did not work. But it just was maybe inappropriate or not harmonious with their emotional situation or the time practicing was less than 30 day

The conclusion

It is undoubtedly not enough only to say the sentences over and over again when you quickly fall back into the old thought patterns. Affirmation and subliminal can help. You will succeed in this method only if you allow no doubt or negative judgment in your thoughts about the desired goal. It only works if you make it a habit and always observe your thoughts. This method alone can be successful if you put your true self above these negative beliefs.


  “I’m not interested in your limiting beliefs; I’m interested in what makes you limitless.” – Brendon Burchard

The subliminal audios can help

The word subliminal means as much as below the threshold of consciousness.

The subliminal is audio recordings with affirmations. These audio recordings, however, are significantly changed in their frequency. The human ear can not hear the spoken words. The played over music, or natural tones further reduce it.

The producers of subliminal promote that they activate the self-healing powers, increase our creativity and our ability to concentrate and make us healthy, wealthy and happy. There are subliminal on various life topics. HOW CAN AFFIRMATION AND SUBLIMINAL HELP YOU IN LIFE?  

How do subliminal work?

Subliminals convey words and information that should not reach the conscious mind but the subconscious, unconscious levels. The audios will bypass the critical, judgmental mind. In this way, you can change old programming. Because mostly we are not consciously aware and do not realize the limiting beliefs we have in our subconscious mind. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”  ― Roy T. Bennett

The minds limiting beliefs trigger fears

Unconsciously, you may have limiting beliefs about wealth. For example, the thought that demanding material wealth is not right and immoral. The unconscious mind might think that you have to be modest and economical. The rich have always taken the money away from someone else. These beliefs are endless. With pure intention, with the will alone, the change of these beliefs is not so easy to accomplish. The mind often gets in the way if there is the intention to transform and change the subconscious.


  “You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition.” – W Clement Stone

Affirmation and subliminal can help but which one works better?

Both, affirmation and subliminal are helpful tools and help to get rid of paradigms and limiting beliefs that make us struggle in life. Subliminal has advantages over simple affirmation. But they can have different effects on each user. You should hear them several times a day and for at least 30 days. Notice the changes.

If you are interested and want to try it

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InnerTalk is a patented subliminal self-help technology InnerTalk is a patented subliminal self-help technology that has been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions and been demonstrated effective at priming how you speak to yourself.

Did you ever experience the benefit of subliminal?

Did you know - (1)

Here is a story I experienced.

I am teaching an exercise group, and it is now the eighteenth year. We do exercise two times a week, Monday gymnastics, and Thursday a meditative exercise. I created the “meditative exercise” years ago, even the group was not very reflective, and many said we do not need to meditate. But I had the feeling they do because often there was too much gossip during our meetings.

Slowly I added components of pilates, yoga, and kinesiology to address every part of the body and this while playing meditative music. I wanted them to focus on the breath and body movement and notice how the body feels. It was not an easy task because they tried to chat instead. 

It reminded me of a CD I have, a subliminal with the name serenity, which was attached to one of Eldon Taylor’s books. I played it during the exercise and to my surprise one of the ladies: “What a beautiful relaxing music.” I was surprised because she was the one who complained the most. I used the CD three times, and it worked.

It is a one hour exercise, and nobody talks only I say “and” to change the position. Everyone focuses on the breath and his body. One time even somebody came late and joined silently, and nobody even realized it. Usually, this would be an opportunity to start chatting. 

This meditative exercise got the favorite for all of my group. Everybody feels relaxed and happy after, and no one wanted to miss the Thursday exercise.

It was possible with the help of subliminal which I used three times,  and it helped to experience the feeling of a meditative state.  Later I replaced it because it is very slow music and it was not necessary anymore.

Experience it for yourself:

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Here a note by Ravinder Taylor on how to use the Inner talk Subliminals:

If you have negative feelings towards a particular positive affirmation, then that just tells you you need to work on this area. Oftentimes resistance to one of our programs is a sign that we are ‘hitting’ the right buttons.

Some people like to work through this resistance, I find it helpful to take a break from that program and then go back to it in a week or so – when I do that I generally find that the resistance has gone. Sometimes the subconscious mind just needs a little more time to adjust to the new way of thinking. And lastly, it can be more gentle to approach the issue from a different angle – perhaps deal with some of the underlying issues one by one.

Audible affirmations often don’t work because of our internal defense mechanisms. Our self-sabotaging strategies were put in place by our subconscious in order to assist us in avoiding future pain – but the effects can cross over into many areas and prevent us from growing.

That is what makes InnerTalk subliminal affirmations so effective – they bypass our internal defense mechanisms. We don’t argue against them, they simply prime our future self-talk/beliefs.

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