Fresh Cheese the easy way

Often I have been asked how I make my fresh raw goat cheese. Here is the easiest way, I learned it from my Grandma.

She made usually with 1-2 liters, I have here 5 liters which was in my fridge. because of this I have to warm it up . My grandma only left it on the countertop until it was sour. I warm my Goatmilk up to 30-38 c and let it cool down to 25 c usually and I add sour milk which I kept frozen from the time before, then I let it get sour .this way the milk will be sour faster,specially in warm weather. when good sour I drain it in a cheesecloth. Now it could be Quark.

This cheese or quark can be frozen .Quark we call in Germany this drained sourmilk, Quark is softer and more moist ,it is the sour milk ,only not moulded and pressed. Quark can be eaten with herbs together with new potato or it can be made sweet with fruits. In Germany we make a cheese cake with quark.

I made a mould for myself from a empty Icecream container ,I cut the bottom and I put it in and colander which lets the whey drain out. On top I put a smaller lid and a heavy bottle. Over night usualy it is nicely moulded.

Now I remove the cheese ,salt it and let it dry a bit more for 2-3 days. I can be eaten this way ,but it will taste better after it was a few days in saltwater. This is how to make raw fresh cheese and everybody likes it .

This is the most natural and easy way.

I tried it with cow milk and it works too ,but it has to be fresh and unpasteurized milk because the pasteurized milk tasted bitter when sour. If you have the chance to get fresh raw milk ,you may like to try it .

Its Harvest time


Right now is a very beautiful time, it’s harvest time.

A lot of vegetables are ready and there are lots to prepare for the winter.

This is what I am doing right now,

see the video.

Preparing food and harvesting can be hard work sometimes and it can bring back pain. Usually, I  treat this with my natural remedies, which I prepare myself and they are working, but when I apply them I have to take care and can not continue working.