Build your Business Tribe with Generosity and Gratitude.

Generosity and Gratitude will create the right vibes to build a tribe for your business.

Many start a business or blog with the wrong mindset. Never start with only the profit in mind; to start a successful business also needs Generosity and the right vibes to attract the right clients or customers.
If you sell a product or service, then it should be the highest priority for you, sincerely helping people instead of just selling them.

With each new client, you should first ask yourself what you can do for the person well. If you always learn to give first and with a pure heart, then the mutual benefit inevitably comes, and both persons can only profit.

My experience

I experienced it myself when I opened my first shop long years ago.
Everybody thought this never would work because it was in my backyard and not visible from the street. It even was a side street, and I only had a little sign. But I did an ad in the local newspaper with the offer of help.
It was a wool shop, and I did write: “Do not be scared; it is not that difficult to accomplish knitting something. Here you will get help and advice from beginning till end.” And it worked.
Mainly because it was something unusual for the people at that time.

Everybody was in the attitude, “What’s in it for me.” But I helped them, and they were proud of their accomplishments. Sometimes customers even did bring me little gifts. Soon I had my customer tribe who did bring their friends, and I also had a weekly gathering giving advice. The vibes were right for my tribe. 🙂
It works not only offline but it can also work online.

The Art of Giving

The art of giving also has its laws; find the most important principles here:

Don’t be greedy!

This does not just mean only the money but also do not spare tips, emotions, time, love, compliments, smiles, or hospitality. Make friends, do things for other people, if you can, and live every moment of your life. With every opportunity, every relationship, or partnership, ask yourself what you can do to help or to get further. As long as you try to keep back knowledge, friendship, and energy, your opportunities remain relatively limited. As soon as you start to be generous, you will get much more in return, which will enrich your life.

generosity and gratitude

Listen carefully

It’s not hard at all to be generous and help when you know your audience, their needs, and their desires. From the beginning, you should write down all the information that might be important. Useful to pay attention to what interests them or what challenges they face. You can also ask questions or do surveys to get to know the audience or clients better. Note unique things, write about them, and make nice compliments; in return, you will surely gain loyal followers.

Give value

It does not mean that it has to be expensive. It would be best if you gave something to your audience that is especially valuable for the people. If it is your client, or you want the one to become your client, give him your product or service. Also, do not forget to consider the effect of personalization; give something specially created, something personal.

The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, GIVE more! – Bob Proctor

Help people 

If someone needs your help, especially if one has a challenge, support them as best you can and provide your service for free. Fix what is required, find a needed specialist, make the right calls, and make sure the person gets help. If you can help without asking for something in return, you win new friendships, trust, and gratitude from the people.


Give more than expected.

It is a great rule that is easy to follow. Everyone loves bonuses and gifts, especially those that you do not have to pay. Give your clients and customers some freebies, so they will come back to you and bring their friends. Always give your best and exceed expectations.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.- Richard Branson

Cooperation instead of competition.

Turn your competitors into friends. Support them in difficult times, and share your resources for free. If, for some reason, you can not accept orders, pass them on. Such relationships with competitors will help you survive, even in difficult situations.

Cooperation, Which Is The Thing We Must Strive For Today, Begins Where Competition Leaves Off. – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Share your knowledge

Many think that their knowledge is a competitive advantage. However, if you begin to share your experience, you will receive a tremendous amount of gratitude, and you will be able to develop and grow stronger. You will also think more, learn more, and therefore gain new knowledge. So you benefit from the fact that you have passed on the old experience.

generosity and gratitude

Share your ideas

Do not be afraid of plagiarism. When someone copies your ideas, it means you’ve become an example, and that’s a good sign. If someone can easily copy you, then there is a reason to improve your skills and create masterpieces that make it difficult to replicate.

Besides, while other people may steal your ideas, they can never look into your mind. Of course, if you can protect your ideas and sell technology, then this is a great way to increase your finances. However, if it is not doable, then share your ideas and create something new.
Remember, whatever you give will come back; ideas are the currency of the universe.

Say “Thank you” as often as you can.

Show your gratitude everywhere. Thank everyone who helps you in this life. Never forget to say “thank you,” and always take your time. Write messages on the social network.

GRATITUDE. Expressing gratitude keeps us connected to the source from which all good originates.-Bob Proctor.

Impression of Increase

In the Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles says that we should leave everyone with the impression of increase. Simply put, to convey the impression of increase, you must want the same for everybody that you want for yourself. It’s leaving others feeling better than before they met you.


Find something that touches you. Pledge for the environment, homeless animals, for example, there are many needs around us. Choose a topic that’s important to you, think about how you can change the situation, and start doing something right now. As each of us begins to take small and big steps, the world will become a much better place very quickly!

generosity gratitude


And Finally – Be You

Be authentic, and do not pretend. Not everyone may resonate with your vibes, but the right people will find you. With these people who trust you and like your vibes, it is possible to build your business tribe.  We live in an abundant universe, and there is enough for everyone.

To your success!

What is your experience? Are you into competition or cooperation?

Did you find your business tribe? Or maybe you should start to create one?

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