A Poem to thank for all the support

I would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed my writing. I had never thought that the poem would garner such responses from people who are into writing for so many years.

Satyananda Sarangi

Satyananda Sarangi

Life is never straight because it’s always a learning curve. Learning from your own experience as well as from the experienced lot around you smoothens one’s endeavour. Thanks to all of you for your kind
words and heaps of praise once again…

Here is the poem

Learning how to learn

A heart so ignorant, so idle,
away from learning, it strays,
for life’s a box of unsolved riddle,
a darkness kept away from piercing rays.

The bees hum, tracking a honey bloom,
learn they do, when they sweat,
to survive a scare of gloom,
needs each of us, a happiness gate.

To learn, a lifetime won’t suffice,
for a mortal, who lives too small,
and a good one it does entice,
with a force of the nature’s call.

Born they are, the real men,
when the dusk meets the dawn,
the lustre their souls retain,
for ages after they are gone.

Thank you, Satyananda for your Poem
I am happy that I could introduce you, a talented young poet, here and hope you will continue
to write poems and stories. Always be you!

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