Do you have Self- discipline?

Discipline – how can you master the art of self-discipline?  Our friend and coach Romil Rambhad will explain and share his experience that can help you to reach your goals and have a successful life.

Master the Art of Self-Discipline

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest – Warren Buffet.”

Is there a lack of resources for you to gain knowledge?
No, there are numerous sources of knowledge available to us, from the Internet to books, which are at our fingertips. We can access any information we need. But does the information or knowledge equals implementation?
Self-Discipline plays a vital role here; without discipline, we can’t implement it in our life, in our routine. It is not possible to gain results without self-discipline.
I was fascinated to learn about Japan’s discipline. An adult is trained from childhood to be more disciplined. The children in Japan are not training their technical skills or their memory, but for their discipline.
A person who mastered his discipline can gain any skill, implement it in his life, and become the leader of his life. He can achieve any goal he wants.

So what exactly is self-discipline?

Self-discipline is a simple process of taking consistent action over time to help you achieve your desired outcome. We are all working towards getting a specific result that we want to achieve our goals.
Your goal can be anything: For example, you want to the best employee of the company, you want to be the CEO of the company, or maybe you’re working on your startup. If you’re going to build a habit to achieve any of these goals, you need discipline. You have to be highly disciplined to accomplish any of these goals.

So in every way, discipline is impacting your performance; it is affecting your productivity. Also, it shows your dedication to achieve any of these goals. It shows your commitment; it shows your character how involved you are doing what you are doing. 

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most – Abraham Lincoln.

Can you think of any individual who can achieve greatness in their life without being disciplined? You can think of Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, any of those great individuals. Any great athletes or celebrities who were outstanding in their respective fields can’t achieve without been disciplined. 

We will talk about the four steps which will help you to be more disciplined towards your goals, and these steps are not the shallow things which you will get on the Internet, but these are the things which I have tried and tested, and this has worked for me, this will indeed work for you.


While working on something significant but having no discipline, you give more importance to another task. It may be your thoughts or thinking of different jobs.
But it is impacting your tasks in your hand right now.
The best thing to make your present task more critical is by attaching a strong emotion to it. We, humans, operate by emotions. Every decision we make involves some feelings.

Assume there is a deadline you need to meet for completing a task. If not done in that duration, you might lose your job, might lose your client, it might affect your reputation. So you will complete the task anyhow because there is the emotion of FEAR playing a significant role in this particular scenario.
This situation is putting stress on you, but that is good because that is helping you to complete that task on time. So now you have to see how you can use strong emotion to stay disciplined in your situation.

Strong human emotions are Fear, Joy, Happiness, and Anger. Attaching these emotions in your tasks will help you to stay disciplined and get work done.
You can think about how that task outcome will affect you. Maybe you will get incentives or Promotions. Take advantage of your emotions to get the best out of the situation.


Many people do a task because they “have to do it,” but the highly disciplined people do a job because they “want to do it.
There is a massive difference in the mindset when they say I have to do it; it shows they don’t have any choice, and will this mindset produce good results?
The other mindset that made a conscious choice of doing a task, who is an enthusiast and doing it will full dedication, will undoubtedly create excellent results.
Create a Mindset shift when you think of a Long term goal and align that with your present task. Your current study will take you there in the coming years. When you trace it out and connect the dots, you will see it requires the right mindset to stay disciplined.


Have you met people who say they don’t have enough time or enough resources? When anyone says this, monitor their body language, you will see powerlessness in them. They don’t feel they are in control of the situation.
Say this sentence to yourself “My Time is My Responsibility.”
When you say this, you will feel more responsible, more in control, more in power. To be disciplined in a task, one needs to be accountable for the time.
There is no lack of time or resources, just a lack of setting the right priorities or lack of skill to manage resources.


Writing your goals on paper, in a diary, or journal drastically increases your chances of achieving that particular goal.

There are 50k – 60k thousand thoughts in our minds per day; by writing these tasks on paper, you differentiate these tasks from our thoughts. It will also clarify what you want to achieve, and your mind will subconsciously think of making it a reality.

So it is crucial to write realistic goals you want to achieve so it is easier for you to stay disciplined. Also, reward yourself when you achieve those goals you have set to help you stay disciplined.

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