How to deal with your feeling of doubt and insecurity

Do you struggle with doubt and insecurity?

Who does not know it, the voice which comments and evaluates everything? Sometimes it criticizes and insults and tells us what we should do or not. It makes us think that the interests of others are more important. It causes us to struggle with doubt and worry about the next day, pretending to know right and wrong, good and bad.

It reminds of the rules of life that you learned from childhood. You grew up with the belief that there are rules you have to follow to have control and safety in life.

We are talking about our monkey mind, the mind chatter that brings up our belief systems, not to confuse with the real inner voice.

These are your blocking and limiting thought patterns, which have nothing to do with reality. Whenever you want to do something but do not dare when you stay in relationships or jobs that are not pleasant and hinder you. You look for the well-being of others and forget yourself.

Rules do not allow you to live your dream life because you are worried and your mind is spinning around a future disaster. These rules make you doubt and restrict you and your possibilities.

How does it happen? We are the creator of our world, and everyone lives on their own.“

Everything you know today you learned through experience. So you learned to crawl, walk and talk, your name, and what your parents do. You remember how and when the environment reacts and how it functions.

That results in your self-image and your worldview. All of this is stored in your subconscious mind with the perceived emotion and a resulting pattern of thought, behavior, and habits. Also called paradigms.

Memories and the subconscious mind not only enable us to accomplish recurring tasks automatically, without consciously having to think about it but also make us able to know how to react to certain situations. This ability of the subconscious mind makes us able to master the demands of daily life and survive safely in the world.

It is our survival program.

On the other hand, our life or experience is always overshadowed by the memories of the past. Often, new experiences stir up feelings and reactions in us that are uncomfortable and inappropriate to the situation.

Conflicts appear; we feel disappointed, anxious, guilty, or not enough. We are not able to move on in life. We live below our capabilities because deep-seated fears, emotional resistance, or limiting beliefs block us.

The fear is simply because you are not living with life; you are living in your mind― Sadhguru

We are often unaware of these beliefs buried in our subconscious minds. Our life is a mirror of our perception; we are what we think.

We always see the world in the way our paradigms make us believe it is with all the thinking and feelings we have from our self-image.

It means we see not reality.

You do not want to think these thoughts in reality, but you do it anyway.
Your thinking does not obey your will! It is the monkey mind playing games if you let it. You are not able to stop it, especially in moments of anxiety. Fear and worried thoughts come and repeat so often that it turns in circles.

Your mind is not your own. It is a complex amalgamation of all kinds of influences.-Sadhguru

Of course, we also can have conscious thoughts on purpose. For example, if we are learning, reading or dealing with solving a problem. We can control our thinking at will. Now, the only question is, how many of your daily thoughts are generated by you and how many happen automatically?

What about you ? are you like most people whose thoughts rattle without end?
You not only create all of our thoughts, with your mind, but you also create your life. So your world is not out there but in you. You need to get aware of this.

Learn to be the ruler of your mind; you can choose and change your thoughts.
You can change your thoughts in an instant.

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their mind and their attitude.- Oprah

Think about what you want more in life and what you want less in life. If you are aware, ask yourself what you can do now.

You do not have to think about it for long, right?

A thought does not take you anywhere, but it can set the course of your life.

You mostly know what you could do, but you do not, even if you know that more contentment and well-being can happen for you.

You have infinite possibilities.

“The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instruction from the outside rather than the inside.” 
― Sadhguru

Ask yourself what is stopping you? Get aware of your limiting beliefs.
You can also ask yourself: What do you think about yourself and life?
About relationships, money, success, and….

It is best to write down these beliefs and consider whether you are improving or limiting them. Then reformulate the limiting ones into liberating beliefs. You can write and spread notes with the new beliefs anywhere in your home to places you can easily see, such as mirrors and refrigerators, above your desk. Read your list for a while each night before going to sleep.

Make yourself aware of your life rules and your “should and should not.”
Consider: What were you always blamed for, or what are you praised for? Maybe write it down.

You will find out what your limiting beliefs are that hold you back. Get rid of them if they do not help you.

Live in the now and take steps in the direction of your desired outcome. Leave the old rules and decide how you want to proceed in any new situation.

Often, beliefs become conscious by becoming aware of your power. Understanding why you are always acting or responding in the same way, can make you conscious, and you will do it differently in the future.

Consciousness is not an act, not an idea, not even a quality – it is the very basis of creation.-Sadhguru

Stop thoughts that hold you back.

Pay attention to what you think. Become aware of what is keeping you away from your goal. Maybe take a small booklet with you and write down all your limiting and negative thoughts.
As soon as an unwanted thought emerges, immediately stop it and change it.

Get aware that this is no longer true for you. You can consciously realize the thought and reverse or ignore it.
Try to do this without judging, so you do not get into conflict with yourself, which would mean again only negativity.

Find your true inner voice, which is there to protect and guide you.
This voice is your intuition. It helps you to find the right way. Pay attention to a good and pleasant feeling after a decision. It never feels bad; your inner voice means well to you. With its help, you will reach your goals quickly and easily.

If you notice limiting thoughts, focus your attention first on your inhaling and exhaling, then focus on the feeling in your feet as they touch the floor. Feel the grounding. Next, focus on both your breath and grounding in your feet. Your brain is unable to concentrate on the two physical perceptions and thinks at the same time. The mind chatter will stop.


Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. No more is needed. Being still, looking and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.-Eckhart Tolle.

Find yourself a place where you can relax, even if you only imagine it.
Feel yourself in this place as negative thoughts come. Close your eyes and go in your imagination to your personal power place; enjoy it with all your senses.

Remember how it felt when you were happy, inspired, and motivated in stressful situations. With that feeling, you will be able to get rid of negativity. Or see yourself in this situation from the outside as a witness; watch yourself. Just be a neutral observer of your thoughts.

Be with people who support you and your purpose and do not influence you with their own negative beliefs. Reduce the confrontation with disasters, like reading the newspaper and watching TV.


Practice mindfulness, for example, and go for walks in nature or meditate. Make everything you do a kind of mindfulness meditation. It will keep your brain from thinking automatically.
Listen to music, turn it as loud as possible and sing along with it.

Become the ruler of your mind and create your world. Know only you are responsible for your life and find the freedom to live your life as you wish and love it.

Do what you love, don’t wait; just start.

Surround yourself with people who are motivating. Adopt a mindset that makes you expand and grow. Have a positive attitude.

Have much fun and success in releasing your doubt and limiting beliefs. Be confident and have the courage to accomplish your goals and live your dream.

I wish you a successful life.

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