How should you BE to live your dream?

It is essential to learn how to BE in your dream life. I know this is what many have difficulties in understanding. Maybe you heard the phrase “act as if”?

This is a Guestpost of our friend Ryan Biddulph who already lives his dream life and he asks:

Who did you BE today to live your dreams?

I wrote and published 4 guest posts. Also, I published 5 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise.

I networked generously.

This is what I was BEING today to live my dreams.

I spent over 3 and a half hours managing my energy through Kriya yoga, yin yoga, meditating and power walking. I BE’ed the person who lives my dreams by making fun, freeing, and sometimes, uncomfortable choices, to be where I am now. Making uncomfortable choices feels scary sometimes. Other times, exhausting.

I feel tired as it is 12:30 AM here. But other times, making uncomfortable choices leads to squirming because your ego wishes you to take care of self before taking care of others. My ego wants me to watch Netflix for 10 minutes, pass out and go to sleep. Wow my bed looks inviting to ego. But BEING the person who lives my dreams goads me to think about you before me. I write this post. I will send it to Erika shortly.

Who Did You Be Today To Live Your Dreams?

Being in your dream is about managing your energy

This is being the person energetically, to live your dreams. Being is not solely about doing specific things. Being is about managing your energy to hold a prime intent of having fun, helping people generously, nudging into fears and trusting in Spirit and trusting in yourself.

Me noting I published 9 posts today means nothing, in and of itself, because the Universe is energy, not action, oriented. But the generous, calm vibe I maintained – predominantly – as I wrote and published 9 posts means everything. I was being the person who succeeds by maintaining a generous vibe and by being prolific.

Few get what genuinely being prolific means; giving so freely because you do not fear you will not get enough, based on your generous giving. Bloggers have every opportunity daily to BE the person who succeeds but few raise their vibe to a calm, stable, abundant, generous level, to live their dreams.

Being the person who lives your dreams

Being the person who lives your dreams involves following your passion, nudging into fear, being uncomfortable and generously helping people. Not being the person involves doing stuff solely for money, dodging fear,  staying inside of your comfort zone, and being stingy with people, caring only about meeting your needs. 

I am thinking about you guys right now. And I know some of you need to hear this message. I would love to be in bed sleeping but can remain awake for an extra 15 minutes to meet your needs before I meet my needs. See how success finds you when you position and inspire other human beings to succeed? Putting other folk’s needs about your own – sometimes at least – helps you be the person who lives your dreams.

Being generous, patient and abundant-acting helps you make a beeline for your dreams because generous servants gain the skills, exposure, and trust in self to stand out from everybody else.

Enhance your light of love and generosity

Have you noticed how some folks seem to emanate a bright light? These people are not so much enlightened but do BE the person who lives their dreams, on a daily basis. Seeing a bright energetic light of love and generosity in a largely fear-filled, stingy world who looks out only for self makes that light shine even more brightly. Enhance that light.

Keep being the person who lives your dreams by making fun, freeing, uncomfortable and sometimes scary choices. Start being this person to honestly assess how you spent this past 24 hours. Did you help people generously all day long? And did you position yourself to befriend top folks in your niche? Did you learn humbly from top pros in your niche?

Be straight with yourself; the truth sets you free but annoys you, first. Be honest with yourself and you can see how you need to change to BE the person who lives your dreams.

Beings leads to doings.

 You simply do stuff to live your dreams and charge these actions with abundant, generous, trusting energies, even if the journey feels frightening sometimes. Every person who lives their dreams makes fun, freeing, uncomfortable choices on a daily basis. Keep being the person by owning your day and by redirecting your energies to live your dreams, if necessary.


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Ryan is BEING in his dream life, and he maintains his generous calm vibes with the help of yoga and meditation as well.

“Act as if” We need to be able to feel and BE the life we want to have.  This means Being in it in the present not only envision it in the future. Not easy at the begin. There is an invisible force that helps and guides us to get to the dream. If we maintain BEING in the state and feeling of what we desire, this invisible force will guide us with ideas and opportunities, and if we are aware of it and take action, it brings us what we want. But there is a lack of belief or trust in this invisible force. This is why many keep stuck and are not able to overcome fear.

The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.- Wayne Dyer

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About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and paperbacks at Blogging From Paradise.

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your knowledge and experience about BEING in the dream life and what it takes to maintain it.

What is your answer to the question: What did you Be today to live your dreams?

Start to practice BEING in your dream life. Are you ready? Share your story with us.

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