Interview and story of Pravakar Singh

A week ago, I got a message with the request for an interview. It was Pravakar asking me. I told him that I am not into SEO and technics. He asked me if I have Anil Agrawal’s new book, and he said to me that he is 13 years old and would like to write a review about it.

I like ambitious kids, and because I did not have the book, I got it for him as a gift. Excited, he started to read and write right away.

Interview and story of Pravakar Singh

It seems he has the right attitude for a blogger because I saw him connect and share other bloggers’ content in the groups, and is helpful.
While chatting, I found out that he lives in Mahendranagar, Dhanusha, Nepal, and speaks Hindi, Nepali, Maithali, and English. He found in the time of lockdown his passion, likes to write, but as he said: I don’t focus on income, my focus is on quality content. Blogging is my passion……I do blogging full time on holidays, he said.

He has friends, but they are not interested in Blogging and do not understand what it is. He is not often going out to play:  my favorite games are: Ludo, Carrom, Football, he said. I am a kid and doing Blogging…my friends don’t know the power of Blogging so they don’t value me.

He is not a shy kid and is doing great in reaching out and connecting to like-minded people.
He asked me to join his Blogging group

So I said, why not, instead of you interviewing me, I write your story?
And here we are. I hope you like the story of Pravakar and support him in reaching his Dream.

Interview and story of Pravakar Singh

Tell us a little bit about you, Pravakar

Hey Guys,

I am Pravakar Singh, A Part-Time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, And A Full-Time Student living in Nepal.  I am in blogging for the past 6-9 months and now do funnels

How Did You Get To Blogging?

So, Let’s Go Back To 2020 May Month. I was Bored Due To LockDown. Then I thought, Why Not Do Something Cool. Then I Got An Idea Of Start a Website. 

But At That Time, I don’t know much about How To Start a Blog. Then I saw a Video On Youtube. That Video Was Interview Video Of Umer Qureshi By Satish Kushwaha Sir. 

Then I Know About What is Blogging. Then, I researched more about Blogging. And then, as a result, I learned about Blogger & WordPress. Starting, I started my blog with Blogger. I also got Adsense approval for it. 

But from that time, the spamming on my Blog increased daily. So, I decided to sell that Blog and start another at WordPress. I met a person online. He said that he would buy my blogger blog. Then I said Yes. But unfortunately, I got cheated. 

Then I decided to start a Blog on WordPress & that’s how my Blogging Journey started.

Now my Dream is to achieve more success in the future and be a Professional Blogger.

How did you get to the Facebook groups and learned to know Chayan and others?

When I was new to the blogging industry, I watched too many blogging-related videos on youtube. Then slowly, slowly, I learned about some pro bloggers. Then I start contacting them. Because of this, now, I am connected with many top bloggers.

Do you have hobbies besides the internet and Blogging? 

Blogging Is My Passion. I like to write articles. But sometimes, I don’t write articles or work on blogs because, at that time, I need entertainment; then, I see movies on youtube for being fresh. After that, I start working on my Blog again. 

Do your parents support what you do?

Yeah, My Parents Support me in Blogging and affiliate marketing, and one piece of advice they gave me is ” Do what you want, but don’t forget to study,” and I think they said right because although I am a student, my main focus is on the study.

Do you like to go to school? Do you want to study later? Did you even think about it?

Yeah, I daily go to school. But I don’t forget about my study and do homework. 

Thank you, Pravakar

Do we have here a future ProBlogger? Let’s support him to make his dream come true.

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