How to write eye catchy headlines –The headline define itself that’s what makes sense if you write transparent headline it will attract more visitors.

You spend hours on creating content for your blog but if I ask you “how much time you spend on headlines” — The answer might be nothing or few minutes.


Most the bloggers think like that headlines can’t do anything for them but they don’t know that they are living in the fake world.

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

As Brian Clark said 80% of your readers will see only your headlines and if they don’t find anything interesting in it then they will surely click on back button.

More than 1 million posts got published every day and billions of readers read them but your blog is still not getting many page views.

How is it possible?

Let me explain it with an example: – Suppose you want to buy a new car and you went to a car showroom.

Here is the list of things you want to know:-

  • Company
  • Features
  • Mileage
  • Cost

But if the salesperson is not telling anything about the car…., I mean features of that car and all other things.

Will you buy? …….No

Because the first approach and original information with beautiful stuff are necessary to sell your products.

So, I hope you understand that the capability of your first approach = headlines  

In this article, I’m going to share a step-by-step process to make your headline more attractive, powerful and useful.If you want to rank high on SERPs, then you must have to learn the basic concept of creating actionable headlines.

According to a recent survey, many marketers found that if you include hyphen or colon in your headlines, then it can increase you CTR {click through rate} by 9%.

So, you have to spend more time on your headlines and sometimes it would give you many ideas as you can post for upcoming two months.

There are many websites “who are receiving millions of visitors per month with the help of headlines.”

NOTE: – Don’t miss the bonus point at last 

Let’s dive in…….

# What Is Headline

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

Basic definition: – We write headlines in the starting of any article and they are known as irresistible part of your copy.

The basically headline is the shortest version of your article which is seen by every visitor but it’s not possible that everyone clicks on it.


Headlines are the 2nd soul of our blog which encourages your readers to open it.


Headlines are the most attractive part of your blog which generates sales for you.

There are many definitions of headlines.So, it’s not easy to explain headlines with simple words.

# Role Of Headlines

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

Headlines are the main reason behind your article’s success. If you think that your content does everything for you than you might be wrong because if you don’t write eye catchy headline, then no one will going to open your copy.

Headlines are the basic cream of your copy that will amaze your reader and force them to take immediate action.

As you all know the basic role of headlines is to generate more and more clicks and make it a shareable piece of content.

So, we use headlines as the main source to get into the mainstream.

# How To Create Viral Headlines

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

There are many points which support in creation of viral headlines:-

  • Use a viral headline structure can give you more positive results
  • A typical headline structure consists of 3-4 different factors like the content format, content type, topic, emotional words, etc.
  • Use any particular element as per need of your audience
  • Make a firm promise it will work along with virality factor

Here are few more points that will amaze you when you start working on headlines.

  • Structure: – Use a particular word that will make your headline go viral {something different}
  • Content format: – Research about it and include the format which works best with your audience ex: – list post, top 20 posts, etc.As per the research shows “how to ” and “list posts” works well with every niche.
  • Content type: – Research about it and find what amaze your audience. I mean which type of content your audience likes most ex: – Images, Quotes, tips, infographics, etc.”Tips” works well for every field.
  • Topic: – Search a topic which suits your audience and use buzz sumo for finding trends.You can also collaborate with a popular keyword like”SEO” it depends on you and your strategy.
  • Emotional words: – Use some emotional words which make a direct connection with your readers.We find that words like “surprising” works very well on Facebook and “Victorious” works well on LinkedIn.
  • Definite promise: – If your headlines are about cars and you are writing articles about “pizza” then it would be the worst day of your life.If you promise something to your readers, then don’t take back a step until your promise is fulfilled by you.
  • Promotion on social: – Write different content of the various social media platform and use those words which are popular on that particular channel.You can also promote your content by direct ads.

All viral site works for the same purpose and depends on social media.I have found five steps that will make it easy for viral content producing sites to make it viral every time they publish a new article.

Here is my list:-

  • Quality Content
  • Great Topic
  • Regular Format
  • exact Promise
  • emotional element

If you include 2-3 points in your article, then you will be able to fulfil demands of viral content.

I could have chosen thousands of example of similar headlines but these TWOs are the best one.

If we break down those headlines in detail, we can see that they contain all five elements of the viral post.

As you can see “beautiful” word is there in the first headline. It pulls the trigger for you

More you do research more ideas you will find for writing epic posts.

Be sure to make content according to your headlines.

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# Superlative Words In Headlines

As you know, superlative words work well but still want to test them that’s why we did a research and found some extraordinary results.

We take few highly competitive words and after that, we did excellent research on them.

We found that in many cases people share articles on the basis of the website, author, topic & structure of headline.

Here is an example of research done my buzz sumo on “superlative words.”

They have analyzed more than 10,000 articles to found that significant data.

We can see that headline with superlatives like “amazing” works well on Facebook.

This also indicates that you have to choose words wisely while creating headlines and before writing do research for the keyword that can resonate in your field.

# Type Of Content In Headlines

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

It’s another major topic to discuss and it prevents you from misguiding your user.

If someone is clicking on your headlines, it means he/she will be provided what you promised in the headline.

Types of content:-

  • Pictures
  • Quotes
  • Facts
  • Tips & tricks
  • Habit
  • Mistakes

Here are the results of recent study done by buzz sumo team

As we can see pictures as content works well on Facebook but not on Twitter & LinkedIn.

There are many content formats as you can see in the infographics.As you can see that Top 10 (list) content format works well on Facebook.

Types of content format:-

  • Top 10
  • How to
  • Quiz
  • Four steps to do this/that

As we discussed earlier that there are many topics which discussed online and shared on many social media platforms

At present, Donald Trump is trending on the internet.So, he is receiving more shares on social media platforms.

Topics like “dog” is more popular on Facebook than LinkedIn.

The importance of trending topics is that we can use them in headlines to leverage interest on various networks that’s why we focus on trending topics.

# Use Data & Numbers

Yes, it is a good strategy to use figures and data in the headline.

I don’t want you to use the full report in the main headline.Just use some serious issues to make great content and use a number to catch attention.

# Call For Attention

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

Here call-to-action means the proper placing of words.

Use your words wisely it will generate you more sales.

# Headline Formulae

Emotional word + adjective + keyword + promise 

# A/B testing

As you all know that if you want to learn then, you have to try new things every day.

It is a process of getting success : – Try …….try….fail…..try….fail… on

One day you will master that particular thing and no can beat you in that specific area.

So, feel free to try new things……Start testing your working and non-working methods.

# Attach Something Interesting

How To Write Eye Catchy Headlines : Beginners Guide

If you implement something new in your next article and got success then don’t take back step

Try to produce something new that can attract a large number of audience.

# Sharp Your Sword

Improve your performance day-by-day.

Try to be Mr.perfect in your field and learn new things daily.

Don’t forget to sharpen your sword. I mean don’t forget to improve your already specialized part.

# Tools to create compelling headlines

Here is the name of the tools which you can use while crafting headlines.

> buzz sumo

> Co-schedule

> Portent

# Bonus tips & tricks

You can use these tips in your headlines if you want to use them

  • Take half of your time to craft impressive headlines
  • Make your headline short & sweet
  • Maximum character 65 or 6 words
  • Use interesting adjectives
  • Use negative words
  • Use more numbers in your headlines
  • Choose numbers wisely….even numbers works well as compared to odd numbers
  • use a special character in your headlines
  • Formulae:- Emotional word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

# Conclusion

The difference between creating a great headline and playing poker is huge.

When I started with blogging, I write an article and expect that it will create history but sadly every time it sucks and at that point I didn’t understand that.

But now, I understand the concept of major headlines and these days many people use to share my blog post even without reading it.

It is just because of actionable headlines.

If you want to generate massive traffic, then start spending time on your headlines.

It’s true that headlines are an integral part of your article and don’t forget to craft eye catchy headlines

What strategy do you use while writing headlines for your blog post & landing pages?

I would love to know about your headline formula.

Share it if you like it — sharing is sexy :p